Saturday, October 25, 2014

Elissa's Most Confusing Song EVER! And I Like It

This is one of Elissa's hits from hr July album. As far as a love song, this song is pretty on the money. A breakup song, where a woman gives another women advise, but she does not stop there. She tells her she knows the advise is not easy...easier said than done.

It's a conflicting song about the complexity of love, you love them and hate them both at the same time. You love the idea of them, but hate the idea of leaving them. It's the definition of bittersweet. I do like it a lot and relate to it, but some people who have never had a serious relationship may be confused by it's confusing advise.

The Halet Hob album was decent, all safe choices and stuff that feels you have heard before from Elissa, which is not terrible. People get burned in love, and this song is honest about the trials of romance and grownup world.
Elissa … Bataly Tehebeeh | اليسا … بطلي تحبيه

It's HERE! Watch: Nancy Ajram - Yalla (Official Video Clip) نانسي عجرم - فيديو كليب يلا

When she is not making stars on Arab Idol,Nancy Ajram is making new music and filming music vidoes that sell products. Everything she does in here new upcoming music video is for sale.  Nancy Ajram is getting paid to sell all kind of things--now she sells toothpaste.

This retro Nancy Ajram look, and pop diva stage concerts is pretty cool. Nancy Ajram ages backward, she pulls the high school look and if it works for her--it can work for anyone of us. I like the storyboard in here, she the main attraction ditches the stage to be with the one she has a crush on. There is so much happening in the music video, so much to pay attention to. She is center stage and is becoming better at the showmanship.

Fans adore her and she never lets them down. I like this side of her who works harder than most, and fights for everything. She keeps up with the trends and pop culture, helped by a huge team of advisers. Nancy sells a fantasy love story here and it still something she can do.  

Friday, October 24, 2014

This Califronia Style Song By Grace Deeb Makes Lebanon Irresistible

The best Lebanese party song is below, and thanks to Grace Deeb who made it happen. It was one of those singles released by Rotana on one of their collection albums for a young songstress. It's a sweet pop song where generations of people come together to celebrate and have a good time in their village. When I think about Lebanon, I find myself thinking of their Italian counterpart....where God, community, relaxed folks and great food meet.

The second album to be released was Ghinniyat Grace Deeb ... Aktar Min Gharam ("Grace Deeb's Songs ... More Than Love") on the 28th of February, 2006 and made great feedbacks all over the Arab world. Know this, Grace can beautifully sing in 8 languages.
Drinks, food, sharing, love and dance bring out the people in the sense of community. It's a new age song that incorporates old age style. It's a credit to Lebanese pop music and to the talented Grace Deep whose career has yet to peak.

Grace works now on many humanitarian issues mentioning; Associations that take care of elderly people, Abortion, AIDS (HIV) and Breast Cancer.

Grace finished a demo cd containing 8 songs in 8 languages to use it in her concerts around the world but not to be released in stores and with the end of 2009, Grace surprised everyone with her decision of leaving her production company Rotana and now she is working on her own.

Grace's recent works is a Christian CD called "Grace Deeb Singing From The Tent Of Praise" which included You Raise Me Up which is a re-make of Josh Groban's song. As for now Grace Deeb has found a lot of faith lately and has gone back to Christianity and Jesus.

Grace Deeb Ghinniyat غريس ديب - غنيات

Sabine "Stop" Album Launching Party

Sabine is trying to get extra publicity for the release of her breakout album "Stop" so her team put forward a party/event where she was the star. Dance, outfits, and energy. A lot of guys and gals turned out for this event. She did Lebanese and Egyptian songs--even the guy who hates Egyptian songs turned out.

Sabine is a popular young artist among those who know music in Lebanon. So far she has not travelled much outside Beirut. This seemed like a big bash, and there were at least three outfits for this special event.

I liked the album and think there is many fun songs and catchy ones there too. There is something for each music fans. Sabine is really going out of her way to launch her career and become an A list. Melhim Barkat seems to be a big believer in her talent and personality

Sabine - News Room Aghani Aghani / Launching Album Stop

سابين|Sabine | اطلاق البوم ستوب | Stop Launching Album