Friday, August 28, 2015

Ozaina El-Ali , A Very Sad Syrian Man

This guy is the saddest man, you will ever meet. Or it might be that he enjoys the feeling one gets when they have been wronged. I only say that because in all his songs he seems to get screwed when he has been nothing but nice. I know certain people enjoy the victim and guy on the cross. He is Syrian singer Odeina from the city of Lathikia where is father is a physician and an art critic. Odiena composes music, singers and writes lyrics, he has been in the business since the late 90s, he does have many fans at home and abroad. I know songs like his strike all the right notes with the young and the frustrated. He has made it big in Jordan as well as with expats.

In very short time, Odeina has met a lot of success with his fans. It helps that he is working full-time on music and he always releases new tracks. The guy has the voice and the flavor to make it in this very crowded music scene.

أذينة العلي - سر مخبى | 2013 | Ozaina El-Ali - Ser Mkhba

Hatem Al Iraqi (And ISIS) Rips Game Of Thrones?

There is so much sex and violence in that popular hit show "Game of Thrones". Iraqi singer Hatem is a commoner who fell in love with the daughter of the king and it's all downhill from there. How original! Hatem is one of the iconic Iraqi singers--he is the soul father for many Iraqi singers. He does not need this trash. Leave it to ISIS to channel this show, maybe you can spend more time in the recording studio.

Even the plot does not work with his song, and pretty much all actors and models appear to be foreign. Sure, this is an Iraqi hit that will please the pay masters in the Khaleej. Can we talk about how much money was spend to make this music video? What about that tired princess story and the male running the show?

That money could probably feed a thousand orphaned Iraqi children. They do not spend money on poor people, but they would in a heartbeat spend it to make a music video about a love story set in a time that has been long gone. Even the narration is needless and distracts from this song. Hatem is this is your legacy?  He should be a trend-sitter not copy what it is out there.

Hatem Al Iraqi ... Houwa Hayati - Video Clip | حاتم العراقي ... هو حياتي - فيديو كليب

Thursday, August 27, 2015

The Timeless @NawalElZoghbi Sounds So Flirty In @azizelshaf3i Song @BouEidJoe

Nawal El Zoghby has been a star for a long time. Making her one of the smartest pop stars who have transitioned well in the new millennium. She did is by keeping her cool and working with the top-musicians and lyricists. One simple rule seems to work for the Lebanese pop diva is to go rto where the talent is. She does not have politics nor does she have a standard team. It seems she travels to where the trend is.

In Lebanon, she gets the best names and the same goes in Egypt. One recent hit song of hers that will be included in her upcoming album is the one she collaborated with Aziz El Shafei, a composer/singer who even wrote the lyrics for the lead song. It's a flirty song the kind that Nawal does well. I like to think it's a new style that allows Nawal to tab into a new market and a new generation. "Ya Gadaa" is easy to get stuck in one's head and it's so easy to sing along and repeat. That makes a hit instantly.

Her Egyptian is flawless and Aziz does a great job here. This is a different experience for Aziz as the chorus seems to feature some children. Could this song be a love song? Yes, could it be for one's kids? Sure. It's meant to be vague, allowing different people to relate to it. It's a different than songs we have heard in the past from Nawal.

 The yet to be released album will have 11 tracks. We have already heard about three of them and she passed three on three. Ya Gadfaa has already been filmed in Romania with Joe Bou Eid who is known for his use of colors and props that brings out the feminine looks.
Ya Gadaa - Nawal El Zoghby ياجدع - نوال الزغبى

Meet The Turkish Lady Making Music For Nawal El Zoghbi @YildizzTilbee

Lebanese golden pop girl Nawal El Zoghbi is about to release a hit album--her first since 2010. It will be good and it should be worthy of such a starlet. There will be big names attached to the album and a wide range of styles and dialects.

One surprise is that Nawal is getting a music from a Turkish musician. The Turkish talent is Yıldız Tilbe who is a well-known Turkish pop folk singer and one of the best selling musical artists in Turkey. Tilbe is mostly known especially for her eastern-infused ballads. I mean this is a hit-maker whose many of her songs have been performed by her in addition to her work with other artists.

Not sure how this connection happened, but I cannot wait to see its fruit. Nawal's new album will have a song composed by Tilbe--the same song was performed by a Turkish artist a while back. sem like a cool song that fits the Arab taste. I like how upbeat it comes across. I love Turkey and appreciate this collaboration.
Ebru Gündeş - Seninle Çok İşim Var