Saturday, August 30, 2014

The Many Faces of Lovable Balqees Ahmed Fathi

I do not know this, but I feel when Balqees Ahmed Fathi was growing up in Yemen as a little girl she had never she thought would be the number one selling artist in the entire Gulf region. The daughter of a respected lute-player and composer Ahmed Fathi sits on the throne of Gulf music and has so many passionate fans (and haters) all around the area.

I credit her for making Gulf music simple, accessible and hip. She makes self-deprecating music videos and engages her fans and often makes news for her social media interactions. Naturally, she sells well and the young ones love her and her many characters.

Balqees Ahmed Fathi can be often seen in large music festivals around Dubia, Qatar, Bahrain, Oman and in private events and wedding sin Saudi Arabia and Yemen. I love how unlike many of her peers in the Gulf region she is never afraid to have fun and to mock certain things. this is how you maintain your relevant being you, being goofy and all over the space. She is also known for her sport fandom and her commentary on spots and athletes. 

بلقيس - الـ دي جي

Friday, August 29, 2014

WATCH: شيرين - ومين إختار | Sherine Stuning Transformation In "We Meen Ekhtar"

Egyptian vocalist Sherine might have a combative personality and not get a long with too many people, but her music luckily for us agrees with more of us. Her talent is something we all agree on that she is a true force in delightful Arabic pop music.

She has the voice that allows her to do pretty much any song she chooses to do. We are lucky to have her be a hard working entertainer who makes a lot of good music, she is an active diva. Just watch her transformation for this music video where the club meets fancy hotel rooms. Keep on mind she is a mother for two and still has that breath-taking stunning look. I love her in the music video where class meets go girl.

Her voice is so good here and this is the right style of her voice, she had some these kind of songs in the past and we loved them, now she gets to act out what she has not been able to pull in a long time. We get to see some serious action here and some dazzling art direction. She seems to get along with her co-worker aka model. I love the light show--it reminds me of Western music videos but there is so much value in this music video. There are at least half a dozen looks here and they are all well for Sherine.

Finally here's a really good club song that works well for pretty much all people.

شيرين - ومين إختار | Sherine - We Meen Ekhtar | Official Music Video

Listen to "‪#‎Jana‬" sample, new song from ‪#‎AmrDIab‬'s new album (‪#‎Shoft_ElAyam‬ 2014) by Rotana

The Iconic Egyptian hit-maker Amr Diab promised to deliver his new and latest album next month. He has already delivered the masters to the producer Rotana. Rotana has to do few things, get the marketing ready, get the clearance from the Egyptian music commission and print/deliver copies to all their stores.

The album will have 11 tracks and the usual Amr Diab collaborators have already put their seal. I would love to see what Islam Zaki is doing with these many songs he is composing music for. Amr Diab is also composing the music for a track. Tamer Hussein got to write lyrics for eight of the songs--this is risky. The music production are split between two talents Adel Haki and Osama Al Hindi.

We do have a sample from Jana, a track that will be on the album....Amr Diab wrote the music here. The title of the song is about Amr Diab's daughter. Clever for a father to do that. Seriously, did we even miss Amr Diab? He had an album last year and the year before. Every year album is never a good sign to me. But when you sing a multi-million dollar contract, you have to produce for them.

Amr Diab - Jana (Sample عمرو دياب - چانا (برومو

حصرياً، التفاصيل الكاملة لألبوم الفنان #عمرو_دياب الجديد#شفت_الأيام:
سلم الفنان عمرو دياب لشركة روتانا ماستر ألبومه الجديد ٢٠١٤ "شُفت الأيام" المقرر طرحه خلال شهر سبتمبر القادم، ويتضمن الألبوم ١١ أغنية :

:۱­ شُفت الأيام
كلمات: تامر حسين، ألحان: شادي حسن، توزيع: عادل حقي

:۲­ جماله
كلمات: تامر حسين، ألحان: شادي حسن، توزيع أسامة الهندي

:۳­ وحتبتدي الحكايات
كلمات: تامر حسين، ألحان: تامر علي، توزيع: عادل حقي

:٤­ أنا مش أناني
كلمات: تامر حسين، ألحان: أسلام ذكي، توزيع: أسامة الهندي

:٥­ ونعيش
كلمات: تامر حسين، ألحان: أحمد حسين، توزيع: عادل حقي

:٦­ مش جديد
كلمات: مجدي النجار، ألحان: خليل مصطفي، توزيع: أسامة الهندي

:۷­ ساعة الفراق
كلمات: تامر حسين، ألحان: أسلام ذكي، توزيع: عادل حقي

:۸­ چانا
كلمات: تامر حسين، ألحان: عمرو دياب، توزيع: أسامة الهندي

:۹­ كان كل حاجة
كلمات: أحمد شتا، ألحان: أحمد الناصر، توزيع: أسامة الهندي

:۱۰­ أيوه أتغيرت
كلمات: تامر حسين، ألحان: أسلام ذكي، توزيع عادل حقي

:۱۱­ أهو ليل وعدي
كلمات: مجدي النجار، ألحان: خليل مصطفي، توزيع: عادل حقي

Listen: .. Rawad Saab - Majbour Safer 2014 / رواد صعب - مجبور سافر @RawadSaabSinger

Lebanese old soul singer Rawad Saab fresh off his tour in Australia released a new track about being forced to travel away form the motherland. It's a song that sits will most of Arab expats living around the glob in literary every corner.
The song curses poverty as it's the one number drive behind forcing someone to depart away with his other loved ones. This is a good song, but a great performance from charming Rawad who is making a bigger name for himself.  
The music feels tired, the lyrics are great, but also dated...however this song get a good release due to the madness we see in Arabia and the people becoming refugees due to Israel and radical and mysteriously funded religious factions. 
 .. Rawad Saab - Majbour Safer 2014 / رواد صعب - مجبور سافر