Tuesday, April 22, 2014

Party Like a Good-Looking Kurd With Parwaz Hussein And Husband Goran Salih @ParwazOfficial

She is not Arab, she hardly speaks Arabic, and she came withing inches form winning the title for Arab Idol. Parwaz Hussein shined on the stage and her amazing songs in both Arabic and Kurdish were memorable and have inspired so many Arabs and Kurd to dream of living in harmony. Parwaz shot to fame and ever since she stood and audition for that show and the music scene in Kurdistan has not been the same.

Now, she is a her among her people, who admire what she did and how popular she made the local song, as more and more Arabs should appreciation for her art and the culture. In her part the government of Iraq showered her with praises and the local government of her district showed up on the program to show support. Parwaz loves her people and she has been rewarded handsomely for her participation in the show. While there scores of Kurdish bombshells, she is one whose fame extends beyond people who speak her language.

Parwaz was well known for ability to communicate emotions not just words and lyrics. Her songs manged to get through to people who have understood nothing of what her mouth uttered, but understood everything her heart sang. Not only does she sings, but also her husband is a celebrity in his own right. He shares the stag with her and the duo make good music. See the couple perform a romantic duet and blaze the stage. The Arabic lyrics for their song is also included.

Parwaz Hussein Goran Salih KURDmax 2013

Arab Idol - الأداء - برواس حسين و زوجها - كوران

لا تعشق عیوني، فقلبي آنا منزل الهم و الاحزان
لا تخطو بخطواتک الی منزلي، فطریقي صحراء وملئ بالاشواک
لاتعطیني قلبک البرئ، لا تذبلي برعم حیاتکي
لا تبتسمي لي، و لا تفشي سر قلبک لي
آعذریني، آعذریني، لا آستطیع
آذا لا آستطیع الوصول الیک، فلن اسمح لنفسي بآن تحبني
فآنت لا تعلمین شيء عن آحزاني
آرجوک دعیني لوحدي، فالوحدة هي حیاتي

Somya Darwish Releases The Sassiest Egyptian Album

Despite the lack of production support, stable country, and despite all odds Somaya Darwish has released a pop album that delivers sass from the album cover to the last second in the 9th track....you are in for a treat from this chick of pop.

I first liked Somaya two years ago when I first heard her single "Itmaskin". So please understand my happiness over this new album from Somaya "Gededa" I like the quality voice here, it's like the ealier work of Sherine, same shade of brown and high level of cheeky fun.

Somaya releases her mixed taped and mixes funk with the blues, it's a great album given that the artist had to do it mostly alone without that big budget. Marketing was not even something to talk about...there is none. I felt that three of these songs spoke to me, but this is my taste, you may like more. I like the I am girl and proud track

Listen to this album here
01.M Elakher
04.Mashoftsh Keda
05.Kont Ayesh
06.Men Maslhty
07.Ayza A3esh
08.Ehlwt Elayam
09.Ekhtrt Tezeny

برومو البوم "جديدة" سمية درويش | Promo Album "Gdeda" Somaya Darwesh

سميه درويش | كليب انت حياتي - Somaya Darwish | Clip Enta Hayati

Monday, April 21, 2014

Top Best Arabic Songs This April Are...

According to some music chart in Lebanon, here's the rank of the hottest Arabic songs released in the month of April 2014. It's not a big list but it's inclusive of several new and old names, Lebanese and non alike. Male and Females, naturally these songs will gravitate toward the Lebanese taste

 Listen Arabic Top 10 Arabic Songs Chart 19 April 2014 أفضل اغاني عربية

Listen: The Selfie Song By The Wise And Lovable Mohamad Iskandar 2014

Every summer, the Arab world gets a fun single from Lebanese hit-maker Mohammed Iskander. The cool thing about this rocker is in that fact that these songs of his are the work of his creative and innovative son Faris Iskander. Life is changing get on with the program, Iskander sounds like an old soul-- a goat whose wisdom defies ages.

Iskander the elder maybe keeping on with technology, but his son is far more connected. The father has been blessed with a strong manly Lebanese voice that allows him to sing common sense. This time he is talking about people with cellphone, point, click and shot. He is a critical voice in this madness season. He is about the old times, before people were so obsessed with sharing and documenting every instant in their sorry lives.

The song is about modern-day problems, people preferring to be with their phones than with a real person. they would rather Facebook you and send you a smiley on Facebook than smile in your face in real life. I think this needs a larger discussion, but let's hope people will find time to check this song out on their smartphones.

Clever topic, a timely one indeed...and Mohammed Iskander sounds on fire. The song is already making waves online and on radio stations in Lebanon, soon enough it will be the song of the summer--made so by the viral social media.

Mohamad Iskandar - El 3alam Jannet 2014 / محمد اسكندر - العالم جنّت