Thursday, October 2, 2014

Waleed Al Shami Continues To Make Iraqi Music Awesome @Waleed_fans

The fresh prince of Iraqi pop is all smiles as she prepares for the soon release of his latest album. Waleed Shami who is an Iraqi musician to begin with took singing a while back and he keeps making Iraqi music better, and now I am convinced he is making it look good too.

Waleed who resides in Dubai sports a new look and there are tons of babes for his music video....I am thinking the filming took place in some non-Arabic speaking distant land. I am loving the bowtie and the dancers and whatever jumps at me from the screen. Now we have to wait for his upcoming album to see what other neat things he prepared for us.

The song has a sick beat, and it actually relaxes you and pumps you at the same time--it changes as with your mood. This is sort of a cool affect to have. Back to the bike, I think it's refreshing to see a singer riding a bike as he sings. There's a story to this song and it seems Waleed has found the one true love.

That Iraqi dialect is so hip right now and we crave it more and more, thanks to the many Iraqi talents, it's doing well and it has become a song of choice for many A listers. Unlike the Gulf song that has to constantly bribe people to sing in it. Also Waleed is one of the folks who are actually making it cool as he writes many compositions. He did compose the music for this track.

Waleed Al Shami ... Ahebah Kolesh - Video Clip | وليد الشامي ... أحبه كلش - فيديو كليب

Mirna Hisham's (ميرنا هشام ) Gentle Sweet Emotions and Innocence @MirnaNjMusic

Young Mirna appeared on the popular talent scouting program Arab Idol and she did a song. After she finished Nancy Ajram was in tears? It appears the Arab Idol judge felt that Mirna reminds her of her early days when she started to sing. Mirna chose to do a cover for an beloved song by Angham, it's a good song about wishing your ex well.

Now we know Mirna has been singing under the guidance of one of Egypt's top producers Hany Mahrous who just released a single he worked on with Mirna. Hany now tells the world he was the one who discovered Mirna when she was 15 years but he wanted to see her perform and interact with the audience.

Arab Idol - الفرصة الأخيرة - ميرنا هشام

The new single is pretty rad and allows the young artist to define her young career with what she is comfortable with. Mirna gets to sing the hard hitting lyrics of Ahmed Samy and they make the song. Needless to say, the production is second to none when you have the name like Hany Mahrous attached. The single puts the spot on the sweet emotion rather than the strong voice....but this style is popular among all the successful Egyptian pop stars.

Lyrics : Ahmed Samy
Composser : Mohamed El-nady
Music Arranger : Wessam Abd El muneem
Record&Mix : Hany Mahrous
Stuido M.Sound1
Master : Amir Mahrous
Studio M.Sound2
Video by : Akram Yousry
Photographer : Nouran Khalifa
Make Up Artist : Reham Khalifa
Coiffeur : Mohamed Said
Media Manager : Aziz Nour El-din
Media Consultant : Hisham Amin
Producted By Nj Music Production "Hany Mahrous".
Mirna Da'wet El Magrouh l ميرنا دعوة المجروح

Wednesday, October 1, 2014

Mhamad Iskandar New "Selfie" Song Is A Golden Hit (Video)

There's a sitcom show on ABC right now with the name Selfie...but Lebanese pop star Mhamad Iskander is hitting them hard those who take selfie. Snapping pictures is nothing new, but the obsession with taking photos of themselves.

It takes the coolest old man of pop to point out the obvious....and this is a charming song that shows how dangerous these pictures can be. So many of us are in danger as a result of irresponsible behavior. Mr. Iskandar just turned 54 and these are awesome years, the guy dances and moves like he is 20...this song is not grumpy like old men tend to be.

Fares, the hip lyricist wrote this pop culture art, and his father nailed its performance and this is why it travelled well. Obsession is what it is. Something about the Iskander household that makes them effortlessly cool. The song is riddled with pop culture references. It's awesome that the singer would play a taxi driver this goes to show his sense of humor.

Mhamad Iskandar - El Aalam Jannit (Official Music Video) / محمد إسكندر - العالم جنت

The Biggest Arab Idol Mohammed Assaf Retruns With A Big Bang!

I do not know if any Arab Idol would be as big of a deal as Assaf is, he was the guy who won everything and made Arab Idol in the global news all at once- everyone was talking about him. The album will have 11 tracks and I like what I am seeing.

Now he is ready for primetime again with the release of his upcoming album. We know it will have some big names attached and the timing is near. Assaf is going to sell his album like hotcakes, his loyal fans will buy the album around the world and propel it to Top one spot--you watch. This is an album people want to own, and it will stick around and sell.

The album's promo is very romantic and dreamy all at once. Assaf is spreading cheers, flowers and love is in the air. This is his debut and he knows it means good things and so does the companies that do business with him.

today the songs form the album can be downloaded via iTunes. But there are games, social media loves them...Assaf and Platinum Records put up a challenge asking fans to put the album songs in order to win a two night stay in Dubai.

The album promo is about Assaf, the artist and the celebrity, the songs are not even the attraction. but his smile, his hair and himself is what will make the album is a hit and a best-seller. Now, this is a fresh way of doing business and Assaf is a good entertainer and savvy businessman.