Saturday, May 23, 2015

Nabil Mekawy Directs Lady Menna In "Aiwa Enta"

Menna is an Egyptian name popular these days. It's the choice of a new up and coming singer from Egypt and she has a promo for he debut music video. The song is about a girl telling a guy that he is the one she likes, she has her eyes on him and she announces it.

We cannot judge a book by its cover by so far I like what I see and hear. I know the director Nabil Mekawy is editing the final product right this minute. It appears that we will have more than one location or at least one club scene and another outdoors. I am always worried when the director is more famous than the singer.

Promo Menna - Aiwa Enta

Friday, May 22, 2015

Must See! MAGIC! - Rude (Egyptian style cover) by Ahmad A. El Haggar @ahmadelhaggar

Ahmad El Haggar Is one of the most innovative Egyptian musicians. The US trained young artist who hails from a family that's a powerhouse in Egyptian music--father is world renowned vocalist Ali  El Haggar. Instead of resting at home and enjoying the perks that come with being the song of one the most celebrated vocalists in country, Ahmad El Haggar  had a plan.

He came to the States to expand his world of music and enrich his background in whatever musical world he comes across. And that way Ahmad El Haggar 's interest in music has grown and now does he do Arabic and Egyptian music so well, he also dabbled into American music with a twist. While in Boston he has performed alongside the likes of Carole King and Jason Mraz.

The young and exciting vocalist just introduced an Egyptian style cover of the smash hit "Rude" by MAGIC! The cover is influenced by the music of Nubia located in Southern Egypt as well as a few influences by rhythms from the Arab gulf. The video includes footage from the city of Aswan located in the South. So this is how one does brilliant work, put your own imprint on hit songs, make them local but get the attention of the international audience at the same time.

For few years I have followed the career of this young artists and ever since and I am mesmerized by his musical surprises. He is gentleman who gives credit to all his collaborators unlike many artists who deny their band the recognition. Keep trucking Ahmad, there's so much to do and you have already taken so many by storm.
MAGIC! - Rude (Egyptian style cover) by Ahmad A. El Haggar

Watch: Diana Karazon In "wayway" No Comment!

Diana Karazon would have been a fashion designer in a different life. But she is stuck with being a singer for now. This summer she returns with a new single meant for her fans in the Khaleej market. Good for her, she brought her gals along for the shoot. The title of the song is Way Way, random I am sure. I like her apron and her choice of outfits.

She is a savvy entertainer who does brilliantly in the social media. Her last hit came last year and it was a Moroccan son that she sang along with her sister. The new single is vague a bit and does not have the same energy. I do not know what to make of it, other than hope it will pick up this summer and bring more gigs for this super talented songstress whose real talent is being wasted in pop music.
I do not think the song has to be as long as Diana's eyelashes.

Diana Karazon - wayway Official Music-video 2015 HD ديانا كرزون - فيديوكليب وي وي النسخة الأصليه

(Video) Tamer Ashour Lifts One Of His Fans And Tosses Him LIVE

One of the most gifted and talented Egyptian musician has shown that he enjoys a great deal of humor. Tamer Ashour tends to do darker songs, the vengeful type when romance goes sour. But in real life he seems like a guy who likes to tease folks. I saw a clip of him at wedding concert where he was singing--some young fan was filming him with his camera....Tamer reached for the phone and pretended to throw it away....and then handed it back to the fan with a smile.

Once again, Tamer Ashour tops that video and gives us a good laugh. For skinny guy he is tough. A fan walks into the stage posing for picture for his idol. Tamer took the picture with him and leaned to grab the fan and carried him, that was really funny and a first. Usually you carry the singer not the other way around.

تامر عاشور يمزح و يلقي باحد من جمهوره من المسرح