Thursday, July 31, 2014

Hamas Sings, Israelis Dance! Qasam Song Is A Hit In Israel (Video)

Hamas did not invent propaganda, they are learning from the Israelis and copying them....this is why when they military wing released a song in Hebrew with many threats to the people of Israel, the song became an instant hit inside Israel. The shares, likes and tweets are all over the place. It might be funny for some, but I think Hamas is showing off here.

Israelis have a sense of humor--no just an apatite to murdering defenseless Palestinians. In this conflict, we see Hamas the underdog schooling Israel in military operations and PR. The Israelis are top-dog on civilians, they killed close to 1400 (the counter still goes) This message hurts them and actually mocks them and reminds them of how Qassam brigade.

The good news, Israel ran out of bullets, they've used them all--so not to worry my country America, was there for them and gave them what they need in their way on civilians. Good job! I do not understand Hebrew, but the subtitle in Arabic  are there.

Bibi keeps on killing people in Gaza, telling his right-wing nuts that he is making progress, he is right if he only wanted to cleanse the people of Gaza.

انشودة زلزل أمن اسرائيل باللغة العبرية

The Retrun Of the Magic Man Georges Wassouf Live in Beirut Concert (Video)

He is the Sultan of Arab music, the man whose fans and non-fans celebrate him alike, the icon of Tarab, the man form Syria who has survived a series of health setbacks that took him years to recover. After stints in rehab in half a dozen countries he returns to perform live on stage in the city of Biuret.

His return was a huge deal, this is why a well-known Lebanese TV presenter was there to introduce him and honor him as his first public event that makes his  return. Lebanon showered him with love, and he took a bib step forward to entertain them and assure them that he is not going anywhere. He even gave a speech.

Bless this man for he has brought us many joys for over three decades. He is the guy who sang as a kit and continues to dazzle us.

Georges Wassouf Beirut Concert جورج وسوف في مهرجان أعياد بيروت 2014

Wednesday, July 30, 2014

WATCH: Jowa Alhara - Mahmoud Mohey | جوه الحاره - محمود محيي @MohmoudMohey

The young and dazzling winner of Star Academy Mohmoud Mohey just did the right thing by showing he does indeed have a big heart. In his heart there seems to be a soft spot for the defenseless people of Gaza being slaughtered by the masses by a ruthless army.

He did this song on in his own, it was a risky move, but the right move nevertheless, his big heart could not just sit there and watch the daily massacres. He is all emotions, and tears for Gaza and Palestine. It's a personal song from a guy who felt the scream of the people in Gaza.Mahmoud Mohey shows that he is a dreamer and there is no shame in that. I am certain all these big names who see the senseless butchering of Gaza and not document the moment with their music, are running in shame.

There are so many images that will leave a hole in your heart when you watch, Mahmoud Mohey documented the moment and managed to make a personal song that moves even these skeptics. I love his voice, and how he challenged himself here to show the big love, all the musicians with him deserve a big thank you. His song says, we only have you God..... I think the guitar allows him to show where the musician meets the activist. Then the song takes a bigger frame of the Arab cause, you see that Libyan and Tunisian flags and then the Egyptian struggle with the Syrian.

JOWA ALHARA - Mahmoud Mohey | جوه الحاره - محمود محيي | Official video

ISIS And Israel Are The Same, Says Iconic And Bold Julia Boutros @JuliaBoutros1

Julia Boutros is the original Arab singer-activist combo, she is Lebanese who bleeds Palestine and her heart is on Syria and Iraq. She never shies away from unifying Arab causes, she sees the larger picture. In this video she salutes, mothers families and seniors.

she talks Palestine and take pride in their resistance--the only cause that brings most Arabs together--not the fucking Saudi and Egyptian regime, but the people over there. "We are all Palestine" It's a bold stand she takes, it has become nice to watch how Gaza and the Israeli brutality in Gaza and Palestine has brought the people of Lebanon together.

I love Julia and I love how even in 2006 when some Arab regimes were against resistance in Lebanon--she released a moving song from a speech that put so many of these lazy Arabs to shame.

Julia Boutros Appeals: We are all Palestinian - ISIS, Israel One and the Same (Eng Subtitles)