Friday, November 15, 2013

You Should Be EXCITED About Restless Leg Syndrome "Dabkeh"

I have shared the music of the Vienna (Austria) based three member band Restless Leg Syndrome with an American friend of mine who owns a number of gyms and works as a personal trainer. I have played the tracks "Ya Nass" "Dabkeh" to her, she was speechless. She took the music to her friends who are personal trainers and they have enjoyed playing the music while working out. A day later, I played the tracks to a musician who plays guitar and the drum, he asked me where he can buy the tracks, he was so intrigued and thought the music was fresh and really fun.

I also played the track in my office, and my colleagues heard the music and came "sounds like a party," and the started to dance" They too thought the music was fun and party favorite. I just played the music to a music appreciator from India, who asked to get the info on the band, she started looking on her phone and could not stop talking about how creative, smooth and upbeat the beats are. Similarly our intern who is from Peru thought it was groovy with funk. Now, this is how you really do fusion of Middle Eastern beats with more contemporary hiphop in the age of social media.

The focus is on the beats, while Arabic sampling is used as seasoning, those who know Arabic music will recognize some instruments, those who know hiphop are in for a treat. RLS has made a global album by using some creativity and the right Arabic music samples. The oldies they have incorporated have turned under their hands to awesome dance intense workouts.  


For More information and to purchase the album, please visit RLS Official Website  


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