Wednesday, October 21, 2015

The New Pop Album By @MousaOfficial Does It For Me!

Egyptian Mousa (Moses of Egypt) is a new voice in Egyptian pop and he seems like a hard working modest singer who is trying to find his spot under the sun. I respect young artists  who go the distance work hard on their first album with little help from the world.

The sweet and handsome dude goes to war in his music video when he refuses to take calls from his ex. He just shuts he rout and tells her he is no longer gonna be Mr. nice guy. The dude walked away from a relationship and he is not coming back.

In his music video Mousa plays a believable DJ. And there is a model, and a nice car. Surely this is a nice music video that presents itself differently. The good news Mousa sounds different. That means her is not mimicking other pop stars. He is doing his own thing. I am pleased to see him making his own path and being himself and it seems to work.

I like how Mousa plays out the character every Arab guy has on his mind, he is Mr. popular who have choices and the lady not so much. But aside from that, this album deserves a listen. It's actually decent pop album. There are some bright talents that have attached themselves to the album, it just needs a bit more of marketing.  

Mousa - Zaman El heneya / موسى - زمن الحنية

Mousa - Ya Rait / موسى - ياريت


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