Friday, September 17, 2010

The Hot Arabic Music Report

The best time to release an album is either the summer time or the holidays. For the majority of Arabs the Eid is the perfect time to sell records as people tend to have more cash and the mode is good so that translates to more sales and more concerts. This Eid, few Arab singers released their latest gems this holiday season. some delayed their albums till further notice which makes me wonder will the music market ever recover? I think the Arabic Music market needs an iTune like platform to help bring it back as fewer and fewer artists are releasing albums. Look no further than Raghib Alamah and Amer Diab; they have been holding back on releasing new material. I know in the Middle East Cellphones have been a good platform to sell ringtones, but now everyone has the ripping forward or knows someone who owns such software to generate ringtones. Here is the new stuff:

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Yara, the latest good looking female singer who actually can sing has much to celebrate these days. Her latest music video was well-received by viewers. For a Lebanese singer to sing a song in Gulf dialect can mean things are desperate, not with Yara. Sokar Zyada سكر زيادة (Extra Sweet) plays like a Western fairly Tale, happy people in dazzling dresses, cakes, colors and the whole nince years. I am please ro see the work of the leading female director Laila Kanaan deliver another great music video without having to show extra skin. Yara is one of the most sought after singer for royal weddings in the Gulf where is is as big of a star as she is in her native country Lebanon where she made her debut in the summer of 2005.

Nancy Ajram,the little girl has grown, has fallen in love and now she has delivered a dramatic song where she shows us that she can act. The marketing guru behind the most popular Arab star are really worth the money. first she was the cute next door girl whose looks charisma and charm made her a household name. that worked for Nancy up till 2007. Then she released this serious album where she received praises for covering the Arabic goldies. Then came 2008 when she released Bitfakier fi Eeh album that became on of the best selling albums (perhaps most downloaded one too) the same year she also has gotten married and now has a baby. The girl next door is not going to work not with the many copycats. Enter phase two, where Nancy is the pop star image, started in early this year with the Coke World Cup song "Wave Your Flag". Couple of singles later and this month came her latest album Eniy 3aleek عيني عليك I enjoyed the album a lot actually and I especially like the variety and the various styles Nancy keeps it fresh and moving. The Nancy Ajram brand will be around for a bit more.

Samo Zein, the funny (in a good way) Syrian singer has given the Arab world a new music album, but he gave more than that. His latest music video is perhaps the first Arabic music video to be rated as for grown ups only. Samo Zein directed his own music video where you essentially have a bachelor party where you get the dudes and the female dancer. Samo Zein has been singing for about 8 years now and he has manged to stay relevant. He also has a good style but most importantly he is business savvy and keeps his cool image to appeal to younger and younger generations. His album titled Dayman as in "Always" and has the typical dose of love song with an OK musical arrangements. A note for caution, the music video gets better toward the middle when the blonde dancer disappears.

WAMA, It's hard to imagine an Arab boy band, but this Egyptian all male band is the biggest success story for such bands. Started in 2004 and breaking up in 2007 then reuniting in 2010 comes their latest album after two singers who have gone solo returned to their band. رايحة جاية Ray7ah Gaya is the tittle of their album. Many of their fans wanted this album so the band took their sweet time making it, more than a year has passed since the announcement of their collaboration and this Eid they gave us a good album. You can find your average boy songs flirting with the gal and counting her virtues in so many creative ways. there are the more serious songs that tackle life and what's not. The band did a cover for ever popular Dalida song "Salma Ya Salamah" I happen to like the band and like their mellow style where the music is not used as a cover, but rather a support for the voices of the band members who all enjoy great distinguishable voices.

Marwa Nasr, gorgeous Egyptian singer that has been struggling to break into the mainstream Arabic music market is about to release her latest album, but she gives us a tease with her latest music album. Unlike many young female stars who come and go, Marwa has established her foot a bit and manged to come back with new material unlike many female singers who have a one hit and then disappear. Marwa remains largely an unknown outside Egypt, but more and more you read interviews with her. I think her style is closer to Alicia Key's than any other star. where she enjoys the good look, but also has a style and respect. Yes, she wants a bit of coverage and for that you have to do the bedroom shots like in this music video. I will be listening to her latest and hope she breaks into the convert business so she can continue to improve her style and entertain her fans. The song sounds a bit like an energizing club mix perhaps for upbeat kids

Wael Jassar , might just be my favorite Arab star who knows lot about exposure and diversity. In Ramadan he has the best selling religous themed album (that was quite good), and right after Ramadan he drops his latest music video for his hit single Milion Mara Ahebek مليون مرة أحبك and immediately his listeners and fans celebrate as he is too good to quit or take a break. His voice is unique and you can tell Wael has a great respect for all his listener as most of his music videos he is the romantic guy who lives up tot he words of the songs without being cheap or sleazy. He does a music video that appeal to women and men alike. The innocence of his music videos and his style, many Arab singers have that, but very few of them are still making records. I like this Wael and to be frank I have yet to remember one bad song he released, do you? He sings becasue he wants to, he already has a large following and from the looks of it it will only get bigger.

Angham, the most seasoned singer with the longest resume among the singers on this list releases a mini album, a sort of the new thing Arab singers use to sell records and avoid online theft. when I first look at the cover of Angham's album I loved the retro look and the funky impression is gives. Although some critics have called it a Lady Gaga rip off, I say you really cannot rip off a rip off. since Lady Gaga takes from everybody (Madonna, Elton John, David Bowie), it's only fair that some take from her if any. Back to the album, titled محدش يحسبني "Ma7adish Yi7asbny" I like the theme of the song which is about a woman trying to break free and life her life without people judging her. I like the funky and disco style, you can also hear some auto tone. It does not get better, great lyrics and good music cook up a good song. Other songs are remixed in a club version which makes a perfect dance album for retro Arab kids. The drumbeat in Angham's latest is a sample Micheal Jackson "Billie Jean" and Patrice Rushen "Forget Me Nots" Two thumbs up for Angham who continues to amaze critics and fans alike and seek to sample better music.

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