Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Who's Qammar Baby's Daddy?

Lebanese dazzling beauty singer Qammar has been caught in legal battle with her baby's daddy for months now and it seems that's not going anywhere as of this moment. it's a child out of wedlock in Arabia so no one wants to point fingers, of course the feisty singer not letting her case gets dropped and fighting in courts to proof the baby's daddy. Is it Gamal Marwan, the media titan? Or is it her business manager who argues he is the father?

But she has not given up the fight, Qammar did what she does best, she performed a song about her son, and telling him that they are not alone, as the lord is watching over them. She is telling the baby that she loves him so much and she has not way of making his father give him his name--as the person she calls him the baby's daddy is a powerful figure in Egypt. I know there a was a talk of paternity tests, but not sure where that went.

Again, this is a very touching song that we do not get to hear in many Arabic songs about a real problem that most people would rather not talk about. A great move by Qammar to take on this subject, no one else has the credibility to treat it the way she can. And I kinda of like this side of her, the powerful women who does not want to bend over.

قمر- انت قمري لأبنها حصري2011 - تصميم حليمه بولند

This Ramadan TV Shows

Two shows that have been hyped so much to the degree where they have to be outstanding or just be attacked. One is the biopic of legendary Lebanese diva Sabah and the other is a comdey from the mind of Ahmad Mekky about a small town larger than life mayor.

The Sabah bio is the work of Carole Samahe as she takes on the leading role, it seems like a giant production that moved between Egypt and Lebanon. the second is a hilarious comedy show, it's the followup for part one that was ended last Ramadan due to an accident with the lead actor.

Those two shows seem to be the lucky ones for having enough time to produce their own episodes, becasue most other shows have been hit with delays and troubles with filming and or wages. Some of those problems are due to the instability in some arab countries where filming was supported to take place.

The trails are now out so, you can see for yourself what's to come
اعلان مسلسل الكبير اوى الجزء الثاني _ رمضان

اعلان مسلسل الشحرورة

Monday, May 30, 2011

Murad Swaity First Single

One of the few Palestinian singers with a name recognition beyond Palestine is the young Murad Swaity, the one who has appeared on the Super Star music competition. While he has gone missing in the world of news of entertainment, he is now staging a comeback with a new single Aala Sho and will be the popular.

Check it out, I like it, but it's no epic

مراد السويطي على شو - Murad swaity 3ala sho - Aala Sho

Karem Mahmoud, The Radio's Golden Boy

The song to play to your grandpa, Karem Mahmoud, 1992-1995 was that famous over the radio, he was called the humming bird for his sweet and tender voice that put you at ease. He was a composer and singer as well. He was born in a small town Egypt, but moved to Cairo to launch her career.

Had is diploma in music in 1944. He was the leading voice over the radio in the 40s, 50s, and 60s. His band the golden tunes, Angham Dahabia. He became a household name in Egypt and big name singers would ask to sing with him. He kept on entertaining music fans for fifty years without ever losing his voice or his style. He also took part of 20 movies

كارم محمود عنابي

امانة عليك يا ليل طول
والنبى يا جميـــل حوش عنى هواك
على شــط بحر الهـــوى
سمره يا سمره
حوش عنى هواك
يا حلو ناديلى
داره قصاد دارى
امجاد ياعرب
ايدك في ايدى
يافايتني فحيرة
يا بو العيون السود
يانا يالعزال

Meet Soad Mohammad, The Underrated Diva

She was born in Lebanon for an Egyptian father and a Syrian mother in 1935. So she combined the best of Arabic art homes. Almost all great Arabic music comes from one of those three places. But for some reason, Soad lacks the name recognition of other Arab singers of her time, not sure why that is. I know she is well known for her songs that accompanied the movie, "AlShimaa".

Soad started her music career in Syria where she used to live in Damascus, she started on the radio performing the famous Mowasha'hat. Moving then to Halab, the Syrian city with great musical tradition where she was described as the best female voice ever heard in that part of the world. Composer Mohammad Mohsen took her under his wings.

Then she moved to Cairo to play a role in a movie titled "A Girl Women From Palestine" a drama about Palestine. She made a second movie "I am Alone". Then she focused on her singing career. She recorded 3 thousand songs in both the Syrian, Egyptian and Arab radios.

Khaled Agag and Shima Al Shaib, two Egyptain singers that did covers of her older songs and made their careers and helped introduce me to this underrated Arab diva.

Souad Mohamed - Iradat alhayat سعاد محمد تغني الشابي - ارادة الحياة

وحشتني عدد نجوم السما - سعاد محمد

Shatha Hassoun, The All Iraq Album Sha3lha

She is a babe, but she is also a great singer with a very fine voice and a talented persona that draws people to her and her music. She came to be a star during a critical juncture, the war on Iraq that broke the country apart, and Shatha also cam,e to fame when the social media was just starting, she was an early adopter of the news social media outlets.

In her latest music video, she comes back to her roots and deliver a very Iraqi song, no one can say otherwise. The feel is Iraqi, the faces, the landscape and the lyrics are all from that great country. This is a love story, but it's trouble in paradise song when everything is not fine.

I bet you not to dance to this song, you cannot help, you want to dance along, she is great and this is a delightful song that sound original. Written by seasoned Iraqi poet Karim Al Iraqi, and the music composed by the ever pleasantly surprising Fayz Al Said. To proof she is as much as an Iraqi artist, Shatha gives the mawal--it has a different name in Iraq, that slow start with little music before the song pick up.

Clip Sha3lha - Shatha Hassoun - فيديو كليب " شاعلها " - شذى حسون

Elissa Takes On Taratata In A New Look

I think it's happening everyone, Elissa is covering up! This is big, this is breaking news....in her latest appearance on Taratata, the Lebanese singer and romance queen has made a conservative makeover. Maybe this is the affect of being called in Ambassador to the UNICIF.

While her songs had always gotten better, each album of hers smashes the one previous to it in terms of sales and performance. She has six albums and one best of album. It's like a curve, and I am predicting that her album that is due late this year, will be the best yet.

Elissa was on the show along side the Egyptian young musician Ramy Sabry for a show that was one of their finest, and perhaps one of the most watched

Elissa/ اليسا Taratata 2011-اليسا فى برنامج تاراتاتا

Elissa/ اليسا - Taratata 2011 Lola el Malama

Selling Arab Concert in French

I wish I can write this paragraph in French, but I cannot. Mawazine Music Festival in Morocco is a big tourist draw for the millions of Arab immigrants living in Europe, mainly in France, so to get those's attention, the organizers put ad spots on French TV.

But also, there are French tourists who make Morocco one of their vacation spots, that's why the Festival recruits Big names like Shakira and other international bands that have the appeal to non Arabs as well

Spot TV - concert les voix de la paix VF

Sunday, May 29, 2011

AIDS Arab Celebrities and Testing Message

UNICEF loves props and nothing serves better props than those guys. The go for celebrities and sport men and women to help them spread the message. This time they recruited a very large pool of Arab celebrities--mainly singers to get the world out on AIDS testing, off course the message goes that this is to protect the children.

From pop princess Nancy Ajram to Iraqi composer/singer Kadim Al Saher all gathered for one cause. I like that, the children are worth the work, people need to stop being selfish about AIDS and pretend it does not exist in their country. But again, there is not need to pretend it's a big problem if it's not.

Two Thumps for UNICEF for their great programs, their messaging and accomplishments around the world.

رسالة نجوم الفن حول حماية الأطفال من مرض الإيدز

Shakira Dance Instructer In Morroco

Par of her the sun comes out tour where the Columbia entertainer visited three Arab countries, the United Arab Emirates, Lebanon, and Morocco. But the Morocco concert was special just like any fun activity in that kingdom. During her stint at the Mawazine Music Festival Shakira called out a number of Moroccan young women to join her on the stage.

The purpose was to teach those women how to dance in front of thousands of Shakira fans. This offer was only to the ladies, no dudes no matter how great they are at dancing ere allowed to come on the stage. I know why.

This is was fun for the girls who appeared with Shakira, the video will make a nice addition to their Facebook page. They danced to the tunes of Whenever whenever.

Fun fact, Shakira delayed the concert to watch the Barcelona and Manchester United game.

شاكيرا تعلم الرقص للجمهور shakira mawazine 2011

El Fajoumy Soundtrack Album

Egyptian filmmakers are not too familiar with the soundtrack business that goes along with any movie and helps make money for the movie and its related merchandise. I am sure they know the concept, but not too many have applied it in marketing. I know that they use music and footage from their recently released movies to help get the word out. But not many Arabic movies get their own soundtrack CD release.

That's when you know El Fajoumy is not your regular a movie, it's a movie about a lefty poet that has captured the hearts of his nation for decades with his true to life poems and rich in political and social zingers. Ahmad Foad Nijim is that poet and the movie about his life is out. Khalid Al Sawy, the lefty actor and most vocal supporter for the Egyptian revolution takes on the lead role.

As a poet, many of his poems turned into songs and that's why there is a full album to go along with the movie, the music was composer by the late Sheik Imam Issa, the blind musician. Popular Egyptian singer Ahmad Saad, the voice of man down on his luck in Egypt gives the vocals and judging from the title of the songs, this is going to be a wonderful journey in time through Egypt

1- Sab7 El Ward
2- Wah ya Abdow
3- Rag3ow El Talmza
4- Dystan
5- El Gad3 Gad3
6- Kol Ma ThL
7- 7a7ha
8- Ana Ro7t el 2l3a
9- Y3ish Ahl Baldy
10- Geifara

Tears of Khaled Agag

It was the late 90s and Egyptian singer Khaled Agag was an A list singing performer whose hits were a sure thing and all the dudes wanted a piece of him. His comeback was supposed to be good, he released an album late 2010, it was good. But nothing beats the old stuff, it just was his best work.

He had a mix of happy and sad songs and each time, he seems to have picked the right team for any given song of his. Of course he had few other sings that he had to compete against of bid to purchase the right to some lyrics and music.

Here I went back and found one of his old song, "No Tears" about the breakup with a beloved one that broke his heart, so Khaled takes a stand and says, "I won't be shedding no tears" for the one that sold us out. It was big and it seemed like a heartfelt song.

خالد عجاج ولا دمعة. Wala Dam3a Khaled Agag

Mauritania Music Legend Passes Away

Dimi Mint Abba is having health issues now, but she has been the voice of Mauritania for ages. She has a bleeding brain right now and in Morocco receiving medical attention. According to news reports she has fallen to the ground during one of her concerts at a private party, breaking her jaw and teeth. Due to her critical condition, she was transported by plane and her fans gathered in front of the hospital. She was declared dead yesterday in her Morocco hospital after a worsening condition.

In her native Mauritania, Dimi Mint Abba is revered as the Diva of the Desert, the small republic's best-loved female griot, who comes from a talented musical family (her father, Sidaty Ould Abba, wrote the Mauritanian national anthem).

The griot represents much more to Mauritanians than a singer or musician, as their songs convey history, social commentary, poetry, prophecy and tales about the beauty of love. a grandiose story taller of folks nature. After winning a prize at the Festival d'Oum Kelthoum in Tunisia in 1976, Dimi represented Mauritania at the Festival of Arabic Youth in Iraq (1977), Festival of Timgad in Algeria (1978) and the Festival of Agadir in Morocco in 1986.

In 1989, she embarked on a European tour, giving audiences a first taste of music from Mauritania, followed by the album Moorish Music from Mauritania, with her haunting vocals supported by ardin (similar to the kora), tidnit (a type of lute), tabal and electric guitar.

Although the music of neighboring Mali, Senegal, Algeria and Morocco are better known outside of Africa, the modern and traditional music of Mauritania boasts a unique fusion of African and Arabic cultures to produce a passionate, expressive singing style over complex rhythms - a powerful influence on other forms of music, including flamenco.

While she has made a name for herself in an Arabic country, the dialect spoken in Mauritania is different than most Arabic ones, so her stardom has not translated outside of her little country, but she was part of the Arabic musical landscape as you see from her active participation in Arabic music festivals.

Hope she feels better
YouTube - Mondomix présente _ Dimi Mint Abba

Sherine: The Best Female Voice in Egypt

She had some early music videos that she might not be proud of, but she made her name in pop, hip music and a funky early look of hers. But now that she has found her voice, she is more than pop, she can pretty much do any song she feels like doing. for covering oldies to making hit songs that stays with you. She is made for concerts and live entertainment.

Sherine, is a mother, but she is a legend in the making, with her warm and soft voice that does not rush though songs, she is very comfortable with her voice and her stardom. She can do romantic songs and sound like the girl that you can only see in your dreams. She can perform old songs and allow you to relive the moment.

I only wish she does more concerts, she has been missing in action lately as she family keeps her busy, but I am sure you will agree with me when I say, I look forward to getting her new album. Every album of hers makes the one before it seem like Shreine 101.

Sherine - Mate3tzersh / شيرين - ما تعتذرش

Ismahan, Always Good, Always Sad

One of the greatest tragic stories of Arab singers is the story of Ismahan, the Syrian singer who made a home in Egypt along with her brother Farid Al Atrach, they come from a royal family in Syria, that lost everything. While she never found real happiness in her personal life, she gave many the reason to be happy.

She was born in the sea and died in the water when her car fell in a river or was that an assassination plot? They accuse her of being a spy, but no one really knows much about that. She was worrying Oum Kalthoum who saw her as part of the competition.

If you are a follower of Ismahan, you can almost laways detect a sense of sadness in her songs, even her most famous song Layaly Al Onis Fi Vienna reveals much of that sentiment from this gifted singer that has a troubled life and more mysteries than a mystery novel. She is what she is..

There is always a hint of

أسمهان ليت للبراق عينا Asmahan

Saturday, May 28, 2011

Angham And Politcs At Star Acedemy

Egyptian diva Angham made a stop at the Star Academy and she performed three songs, two with contestants and one solo. The fans have asked Angham not to share the stage with one of the participates who some accuse of doing one the contestant wrong--he is Egyptian and rumored to be gay.

Angham performed this song with that annoying young singers from Palestine Lyan...see the performance, I am not too moved.

Also Tunisian pop singer and fashion dude Ahmed Cherif who came to fame through this show made an appearance there and performed with the students. Ahmed is a cool dude, one of the coolest Arab singers but being a Tunisian has has yet to improve his style and sing a song for his country--he might even have, but have not seen anything.

Star academy 8 HD Prime 10 part 5 - استار اكاديمي 8 البرايم 10 ج 5

Star academy 8 HD Prime 10 part 3 - استار اكاديمي 8 البرايم 10 ج 3

Move over Tamer, The New Arabian Pop Prince

Karim Mohsen is a name that you should know well, he will be around for some time. While he had what I consider to be the best Arabic pop album for 2010. His 2011 is looking even better. This Egyptian pop star who for years helped other Egyptian singers look good is back to make himself a household name.

Get this, in one month that's 30 days, this young and gifted musician turned singer has released 3 singles, all were awesome and equally fresh. While Tamer Hosny has lent him a hand and helped him promote his work, Karim in a way was the force behind many beloved Tamer Hosny hits.

Not sure if Tamer can ever recover and reclaim his status as the most popular pop boy in the Arab world due to his stands on the Egyptian revolution. But I am glad to see Karim Mohsen making a move for that status and his songs are quite entertaining. I have complied the three hits of Kareem's that were released in April/May and I must say he did a great job.

While Mohsen has been busy appearing in concerts in Egypt--most college students ask for his concerts because he knows how to get the people excited and in the party mode. He is not just a mere performer of songs, he is also a musician so he knows what it takes to make a song all around.

If all that is not enough Karim has put the music for one of the most popular rap songs for Egypt, "A New Dawn" and he was featured in the song along side his buddy Hoss, the rapper. Look up the song in our blog.

YaBn al_la3eBa || karim mohsen 2011

karim mohsen mesh hib2a kter // 2011 كريم محسن مش هيبقي كتير

كريم محسن - اهو ده اللي انا عايزاه

Friday, May 27, 2011

Hani Metwasi, Good Voice, Modest Success

There are so many good Arab singers that have yet to make it to the A list, maybe they just do not want to put the effort into it, perhaps they are shy and not great at talking about themselves and promoting their work....They might not take their careers into new territories, but their work travels in its own.

One of those Arab singers I can think of is Hani Metwasi, a guy who sings in a dialect between Lebanese, Syrian and modern standard Arabic...he is big on romance and has an album or two to his name. I have been told that he is Palestinian and living in Amman Jordan.

His album came more than a year ago titled "Sorry Dear", it's a heartfelt apologies about the wrongs of the past by someone who has finally realized that he has done someone wrong. His voice delivers this one and sort of walks you through your own life to remember similar moments.

هاني متواسي عذرا حبيبي .2010 hani metwasi 3ozran 7beebe .new

Hani Mitwasi - Ahwaly Matsorresh / هاني متواسي - أحوالي ماتسرش

Malek Jandali A Musician of History

Syria is the home of many great icons of Arabic music, but how about the home of someone who is taking the world music and playing it as if it was Arabic song, then he also takes other Arabic songs and plays them in Western instruments, just for fun. That's what Syrian composer, pianist Malek Jendali strives to do.

sharing his music one album/concert at a time.

Malek has been composing for years, and lately, he has been greatly inspired by the folk and ancient music of Syria. For Malek music is something people relate to on emotional, instinctive, intellectual and many other levels. It has affected him greatly as well. Thus the birth of his new album "Echoes from Ugarit" based on the oldest music notation in the world, discovered in the ancient city of Ugarit, Syria dating back to 3400 B.C.

speaking on his monumental project "This project is an attempt to present the rich musical heritage of Syria. I have always felt that music eloquently expresses the inherent connection between the past the the present. In all cultures throughout history it has served as a humanizing force, which is common to all."

This is the work of historian, a gifted musician of history is a true epic. I will be in a concert for Mr. Jandali in Washington DC as he is coming to town.

Malek Jandali - المؤلف الموسيقي السوري مالك جندلي

Laila Mourad Vs. Fadel Shaker Vs. Nawal

Laila Murad had many knockout hits throughout her career, many beloved songs till this day make the day of so many of us. Many of her gems also make the career of so many rising Arab stars becasue those very songs help the up and coming stars to show their true talent.

Since most of Layla Morad songs are memorized by the majority of Arabs, it becomes easy to tell if a singer has what it takes or not. Take for example, two great covers for one of Laila Mourad songs is delivered by two Lebanese singers who are mega stars in their own arena.

See Fadel Shaker do a heck of a job recreating the song and take you back to the moments when this song was first heard by you. and then there is Nawal Al Zoghby, the butterfly of Arabic pop also does well with the song in a rare an older appearance for her in one of her concerts she took one the song.

both stars stayed true to the song, the did not try to plug their own style into it, they kept is safe and kept it original and thus they were rewarded. The song is a true classic and no one even tried to push it, the song spoke for itself....ya sabab Ta3zeeby...we el ism 7abiby

Layla Mourad ليلى مراد اغنية سنتين وأنا أحايل فيك

نوال الزغبي تغني سنتين للسيدة ليلى مراد

فضل شاكر يغني ليلى مراد سنتين

Gene Simmons, Blathering Zionut

By Will from KABOBfest

Gene Simmons Slams President Obama's Israel Policy.

Gene Simmons of the American rock band Kiss opines on Obama’s Israel policy. Hilarious. There are many ingeniously idiotic lines.

He wins the skeptics over with his first brilliant point that Obama shouldn’t set policies about the moon without going to the moon. That’s a sensible principle. NASA would love that. I wonder if Simmons thinks that celebrities-turned-pundits should visit Palestinian refugee camps before speaking about them publicly.

Simmons goes on to say how Obama — unlike himself by implication — doesn’t know what it’s like to live in the real world. Rock stars are so in touch with the people, man.

The highlight is when Simmons talks about shooting someone who breaks into his house — without at all getting the obvious irony that for Palestinians, Israel’s pioneers were the burglars who stole the houses. He’s too uninformed to even know the Palestinian narrative or too dull to sense irony.

Forget the fact that the 1967 borders have been the basis of American foreign policy for the past few decades (minus the W. Bush administration, whose foreign and economic policies the country is still trying to recover from).

In short, Gene Simmons can be expressed by this equation:

Gene Simmons = Right-wing Zionism + Years of drug abuse + Scant historical knowledge + The uniquely undeserved podium provided by former celebrity status + Excessive cussing
If it wasn’t the drugs or booze, either the leather pants were too tight for too long or the face makeup had some sort of chemical that seeped into his pores, causing irreparable neurological damage.

Feel free to point out his other crazy lines in the comments section.

P.S. I have always thought he is a dick, now I know for fact he is one. He should stick to his shit music his has been status.

[tarboush tip: Maryam]

In Plain Hebrew, "Israel Gets No Love in Egypt"

There is a peace agreement between Egypt and Israel, but this is the kind of peace that means no war, but it means Israel gets no love from the people. Mubarak was Israel's man in Egypt and it seems that the people want to stop and perks and love Israel used to get from the government.

They have protested Israel on various occasions, even musicians indie musicians find no love in their music for Israel...this is not group think, this is rather historical sentiments. You do not see many victims falling for those who have done them harm.

Check out this new song by Eskenderella titled in "Plain Hebrew", it mocks the Israel's talking points and propaganda by spoofing it. It pulls no punches, it's funny and quite good. The song finishes on a serious note, about what to come and the past history of conflicts with Israel.

What do you think?

Eskenderella - Bel3ebry Elfasee7 اسكندريلا - بالعبرى الفصيح

Thursday, May 26, 2011

Claudia Hanna, Iraqi 100% All the Time

Call her Claudia Hanna, Klodia Hana, Iraqi Claudia or just كلوديا, she will probably not answer you because this finest Iraqi export, the former beauty pageant winner, switched gears last year and started her music career with the launch of her album that came few months after a number of singles for Klawdia made it.

So she made Cairo her home, she has concerts in London for the Iraqis living there, another one here in the States, and a Malaysian beach resort contracted with her fro a month to do concerts there. Malaysia is a popular spot with wealthy Arabs. Finaly, the Iraqis can get their own pop star who are also a great show girl. There is Shatha Hassoun, but you know she is not full Iraqi as some would say.

I say the more the merrier.

Go Remy, Come Remy, Funny Remy

Remy is among the funniest Arabs in North America, he is by far the most popular one on the internet, he is the hit maker and his channel views go in the millions and appeal to pretty much anyone anywhere. Yes, he reaches out to Arabs, Americans and the rest of the world.

He came out few years ago with a number of hit rap songs that were mocking a number of issues of social and political nature. He also does stand up comedy, but he is better known for his funny songs loaded with zingers and many servings of cultural observations. While some opinionated commentators take issues with him lampooning and stereotypical Arabic and Muslim culture, I think his jokes help a lot in making Arabs and Muslims look more human.

He has been featured on many world publications via video, audio and written media, he is that sensational, and he is a pleasant guy to hang around with. This Virginia kid who knows how to crack a joke, write a funny tune and play jingles on his guitar. He is performing around the country with his jokes and music hand in hand, and I see a lot more laughs in him. Just check his facebook page or his YouTube channel.

Abraham Lincoln: The Poem

Metro Song

That Elusive Impossible Love of Kazim

Few contemporary Arabic songs moves you and leave you with enough emotional baggage for days, that stuff seems to have come easy to the Arab singers in the 60s and 70s, but ti seems to have eluded many of them nowadays...just like the one love that you can never have no matter how hard you try.

That's when in the early 2000, a came song by Kazim Al Saher that was so good, an album about the impossible love and titled so, a poem by the mighty Syrian poet Nizar Qabany. I translated this song to one of my students who were studying Arabic at the time, and at an instant he became a life long appreciator of all things Nizar and Kazim.

Each concert Iraqi singer performs, this song is almost in the lineup and if it's not there will be a fight till this song gets performed. I think this album of his was one of the early albums to get an international distribution, you can find English covers of this album in many stores even the local Barnes and Noble. This is a sure gem for those who understand the Arabic langauge.

The highs and lows of this song tell of a tale of the helpless romantic unlike any other. I think Kadim Al Saher Gets into the song and tries to relive the story as he performs it...see how interacts with the fans....also the chorus adds another flavor to the song.

الحب المستحيل - موازين 2011

Diab Wants To Charge Your Phone

The dude that looks like Ahmad Al Saqqa, Diab, the singer who has a song with people barking had a great summer two years ago and now he is making another run for it with a new music video that looks like a comic book. I must confess, the song is so rad, but the music video is HOT.

It has yet to be released, but it looks like it will be a funky one with colors and action like they do in the hottest American movies where action and animation get blended it to a degree it becomes hard to tell what's real and what's not.

The song is about running out of battery, when your phone is out of power and you have to end a call, but then the person you hang up on thinks that you do not want to talk to them and so there will be a scene. Diab takes on this subject using humor, babes and comic books grade. I also think he did well with his style moving from business casual to casual.

Diab "Elsha7n Fasal" Soon / دياب "الشحن فصل" قريبا

Sara Al Hani & Ziad Bourji Jam Session

She was never able to make it to the A list, he almost made the A list only to lost his spot. But to their credit those two artists are true to their music and their voices can entertain you with minimal musical support. She had a good 2008, 2009 he also had a cool music video in 2009 but they are not making the news anymore.

To be honest, I am a fan of those artists and appreciate their art, they do not pushed themselves on us, that's great for us, but their music does not leave you, it sticks with you in a good way. There might be too many Arab performers/singers, but not all of them can deliver a sweet song like Sara can...she has also performed a number of Arabic oldies with her golden voice, they were too perfect. Yes, you can buy the CD, I owned it at some point.

Sara has the voice that can deliver any note out there--she is Asalah Nasry grade. Ziad, his likable personality and his warm voice that can put to you to sleep and give you sweet dreams, his has also dabbled into music, see he knows his way around a guitar. That's a very powerful duo and their voices are compatible.

Sara aL hani & Hanan Ziad Bourji - Ma Byestehou ♥

المطربة سارة الهاني-ليالي الأنس-صوت ولا بالإحلام

Heik Bta'mol - Sara Al Hani

Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Wedding Season For Egyptian Celebrities

  1. Egyptian soccer player Emad Mitab has finally gotten married to his Yara Naoom, Miss Egypt of few years ago. This was the wedding of the season and both entertainers and soccer players turned out for the event. They engagement took place in November of 2010 and the wedding took place on May 21, 2011
  2. Ramy Sabry, the young Egyptian all around musician just got hitched to a girl he has been seeing for the past for years. To be Wed July 9th 2011...he will be going to Europe for a honeymoon. And we got to say mabrook to Ramy.
  3. Mohammad Hamaki, one of Egypt's leading pop stars is to be married on November 11, 2011 to the girl that he has always dreamed about. The wedding will take place at a Four Season Cairo and you can bet it will be some party. The engagement was on March 25th of this year and Hamaki dedicated a love song for his bride to be.

الف ما شاء الله عليكRamy Sabry Alaf Mashallah

فرح متعب ويارا نعومى - المريلة الكحلى

Hamaki At Program '' Kalam Nawa3m '' Part 2 حماقى فى برنامج كلام نواعم

Nawal Al Zoghby Gets Her Own Night Mawazine

For 18th years Nawal has been entertaining you in Arabia with her princess like pop songs that more often than not have hit it big. The ever young, every energized Lebanese singer does not play second to no one. 2011 is the year where she made the biggest musical comeback in the Arab world.

To see this butterfly of Arabic pop interact with the fans and concert goers is like watching a magician in his finest act. She knows the people in and out and knows how to get them excited it...in Mawazine, she dropped couple of Moroccan phrases and those people went banana for her.

She owned that night where she was the sole act, no other act was booked for the evening so these people came to see Nawal and Nawal alone. At moments she was gracious, and sometimes funky...she rocked the traditional Moroccan dress which she fitted with her jeans giving her both the traditional look combing by the youthfulness.

Here, you get 33 minutes of uninterrupted Nawal magic

نوال الزغبي - Mawazine HD 720p

Carol Samaha Unleashed @ Sur Mawazine 2011

In her first appearance at the legendary music festival in Morocco, Carol Samaha, the Lebanese singer took the festival by storm where she brought her energy, charm and her best hits to share them with 80 thousand screaming fans and millions on TV. She was really good and her hits all were popular, of course having her own band there to back per up helps.

Ever since 2009 and Carole has been working around the clock back to back concerts, countless TV appearances, and now for the past 6 months she has been filing the Sabah biopic where the journalists seem to love.

Carole has always enjoyed the kind of voice that few can boast having, but she has covered all kind of Arabic songs and did so well so often. So the people of morocco were in for a treat with this complete Lebanese artist.

Carol Samaha 2011 Sur Mawazine كارول سماحة على مهرجان موازين 2011 - Part 2

Carol Samaha 2011 Sur Mawazine كارول سماحة على مهرجان موازين 2011 - Part 1

Maher Zain Live and Kicking

Maher Zain has lived the life of any Arab Muslim immigrant in Europe until he found his zen and calling in singing Islamic themed songs and selling millions of records an dominating the Facebook fans pages. Doing well by doing good, that's what the career of rocker Maher Zain has been all about.

His concerts are a big hit and those fans keep on coming, he makes respectable music with a big deal of Islamic lyrics in his music, but not limited to Muslims. He also sets will with many human beings of his message of doing the right things.

This Lebanese Swedish songwriter, singer and producers has the sky as the limit by working with the famed Swedish Moroccan music producer Redone and then moving to New York to refine his craft=. I must say this all work has paid off, you can feel the energy and passion in Maher's music.

He is one of the few Arab singers to outgrow the Arab audiance and reach to places that has always been foreign to such singers. Malaysia, Indonesia, Turkey and US he sells concerts, that's good for a guy who tried to do well and encourage others to do the same.

Maher Zain - Simfoni Cinta - Insha Allah Feat Fadly Padi

Maher Zain - Simfoni Cinta - Hold My Hand

Soft Core Heavy Metal

In Arabic news, when the term heavy metal comes up in conversation, it will be followed by devil music, and devil worshipers, that's how the news presents this very interesting hardcore from of music.

While, there is no questions there are many cults that affiliate themselves with heavy Metal, not all the fans are into cults, I mean seriously, this is just some from of music that has dedicated fans. Some of those fans might have pieces, dress in black or some strange hair color or hair cut.

But I also know that fans of this kind of music in the Arab world--namely the Gulf, Lebanon and Jordan over do with the the color black and some antics that alienates people. May they are right doing so, maybe it is just them being real. But I have found an interesting short video with a teenager take on heavy metal.

Heavy Metal

Egyptian Despite all the Odds

This might sound like the opening for a Shakira song, there is that heavy guitar and Latin flavor, but this is an indie Egyptian song. The title is Egyptian against my will or Egyptian despite all the odds.

Rock band from Alexandria that presents social problems, As it's name implies it talks about the power imposed on the people. They mix rock, jazz and blues with an oriental touch presenting one of the most unique music in Egypt.

I am digging this new revolution, not only did it bring about political and social change, its rocking the world of Egyptian music, where synthetic pop is no longer the dominate force, there are other musical forces sweeping through that nation. A more democratic musical performance, no longer they are a one man show, it's the world of a band, just like democracy.

Massar Egbari - Bey2olly

Tuesday, May 24, 2011

21st Century Iraqi Song About Texting

So the Arab spring was brought to us by the social media, texting, tweeting and Facebook activism, no one says love in this day of age cannot be brought to us by those technologies. And that's why Iraqi singer is doing with his music video taunting phone calls and text messages between him and his loved one.

He used the English word for messages "Massijat" for messages. Of course some people were unhappy about using a foreign word, but those people need to get a life, this is just a song and the more they criticizes it the more coverage it gets. This not some Arabic novel or some important art work, it's just song.

Falak who is a composer wrote the music for this song and performed it, he is working on another song, but it won't have anything to do with technology.

كليب عبد فلك مومهم Abed Falak Mo Mohim

Mohamed Dagher is Not Gay Says Medical Report

It's official the state medical examiner in Egypt has ruled about those rumors about slain Egyptian fashion designer being homosexual. The suspend, he admitted to killing the popular fashion designer Mohamed Dagher in his Cairo apartment after Dagehr asked solicited it sex from him.

Sure, the media loves to believe those stores and rumors about the young man. This was untrue as now the medial reports has ruled out. The report also countered one more argument Dagher was not intoxicated at the time of the crime. The suspected stated that Dagher was drunk.

So I am now concluding that this young unemployed man who killed the beloved fashion designer is going to be hanged for his unspeakable crime. Needless to say the family of Dagher is relived with those news that the memory of their son is not going to be tainted with those now false allegations.

On other news, I just found out that the fashion designer had performer a song before and has a music video for it, I thank YouTube for that. See how fashion and dazzling outfits play a role in this music video.

Mohamed Dagher with mai ezz el dien

Bahaa Sultan "We Malna" Album Is Here

Summer does not officially start till June 21, of each year, but Egyptian summer is coming a bit sooner this time around, June 1, 2011 is the time the much anticipated album of Bahaa Sultan makes it to the stores. "What's To US", "Not Our Business" is the title of this album that has been three years in the making.

01.Taa'la, romance is made easy by Bahaa's signature vocals, it does have a dark twist, but the music sounds good, becasue original pop is still possible.
02.Ana Mosamem, this is the song that was made available by samples, and it got me to think this album will be a treat. This one is about the vocals, the music is in a supporting role. It tells a story and the dark moments of the lost and feeling helpless, but need to make a move that you may not like it now.
03.El Warda, likening the one you love to a flower is a noble line, this is about a helpless romantic who unsure about all the pain of love he has been through. Again a sweet song with varying themes along with some fine music
04.Albi Anany, a song about a selfish heart that will be embraced by the jealous lovers among us, great beat, you can dance to it too. the lyrics are energizing, but only made possible by this unique voice.
05.Khaltni Akhaf, the song is about fear, no one has bigger fans for this topic than Bahaa does. His career was launched with songs of this nature. Life wisdom comes to him naturally and the Egyptians and young guys appreciate those kind of songs.
06.Bosaa, dance away, for a song titled "Kiss" this is a happy song about love and flirting with the one you like, just go a head and make move to seal the deal. A very proper song for this summer of happiness.
07.Ana, a darker song again about doubt and feeling in a limbo not knowing what one wants, sort of a prayer too. Great musical arrangement, the song might be great for a soundtrack when someone goes to jail on charges he/she did not commit.
08.100/100, some more awesome pop from Bahaa who makes it so easy, it's not it takes him and his crew three years to make some exciting pop about love and flirtation. Love the beat.
09.Zai Ma Ehna, it sounds like a classical European song, then it goes into an Arabic goldie oldie song, then lands in Sultan land who nails this one about life unchanged by the gossips and the people who want to do them harm
10.Tebaa'a Enta Elly Leyaa, another sweet song, bittersweet song about backstabbing by the one you love who lies to you. This is trouble, again Sultan is on his finest moment here about the past and the change of heart.
11.We Malnaa, you know this one is great becasue it was the promo song, and the song filmed and released to help market the album. Fresh pop and a great subject that fits in the new Egypt and for new love relationship.

فيديو كليب بهاء سلطان ومالنا Bahaa Sultan 2011 We Malna

BBC Censors Mic Righteous's "Palestine"

Palestine and Rap go hand in hand, they feed off each other, one sounds better in rage and the other has all the rage you want. So when rapper appears on a BBC show and takes his rap about "Free Palestine" and other things, everything he said makes it out, but not the part of Free Palestine that was censored by the gutless at BBC. What do you expect, bet if he was the rapper to talk about any other controversial topic, he/she would be let free to say what he she likes to say.

A BBC spokesperson said a late night music show was not considered an appropriate forum for political controversy. The Palestine Solidarity Campaign on Wednesday posted a statement on its website urging listeners to write to the BBC and the Radio Times to complain, and to post their views on Sloth's 1Xtra home page.

Describing the edit as an "extraordinary act of censorship", the campaign asked why the BBC did not ban the song "Free Nelson Mandela" when it was released in 1984. At the time, Mandela was still considered a terrorist by many western governments.

The corporation explained its decision in a statement: "All BBC programmes have a responsibility to be impartial when dealing with controversial subjects and an edit was made to Mic Righteous' freestyle to ensure that impartiality was maintained."

Impartial is so lame in this case, this is like watching someone get raped and doing nothing--I did not want to offend the rapist...that's what BBC apology sounds like to me.

Not to forget that this young rapper is quite good, he is a fast talker who feels the beat and injects as much energy into his lyrics.

Mic Righteous - Fire In The Booth

Hassan Al Ahmad - Khatawat El Hayya Soon

When it comes to entertainment the State of Qatar has Aljazeera and singer Hassan Al Ahmed who is getting ready to release anew album with the mega music production company platinum records who is only distributing this album. Whenever an artist in the Gulf puts an Album the bar is higher for many reasons.
  1. There are plenty of resources to make the album a work of art.
  2. When it comes to poetry, there is no shortage of amazing lyricists in that part of the world
So anyalbum has to be good or entertaining at least. The album is titled "Steps of Life" I see a range of musical notes it's safely an all Gulf album, the artsit is not trying to branch out to Egyptian and Lebanese.

حسن الأحمد - خطوات الحيا - قريبا | Hassan Al Ahmad - Khatawat El Hayya

Monday, May 23, 2011

Mohamed Kelany Interview and Jam

Unfortunately, few Arab stars had the trouble Mohamed Kelany had, when he got all his ducks in order and was able to work hard on an album, got his fans excited and ready for his debut album, Egypt will change for ever....his album was released weeks before the sweeping revolution of Egypt took over the entire country...

Needless to say sales for his album bombed, but it was a worthy album did not go well, but so many things went wrong all over Egypt, many lost their lives...so to have a problem with sales is not the end of the world. Mohamed Kelany can sing, Roa and I actually enjoy his album and his various range of melodies and refined set of vocals. So, I am not surprised if he has many concerns this summer season.

Mohamed Kelany Sings to FilFan.com - 2011

Americans With Some Belly Dance Moves

the thing about many people in America, is the can do attitude, if they feel like doing it, they go for it. Watch this video shot at the suburbs of Washington DC, the nation's capital where a mob of young men who are into belly dancing take their moves public and showcase it near a metro station.

Yes, I know if you are an Arab you will say one of three things:
  1. Shout Americans are stealing our culture and ruining it
  2. Americans are cool people who celebrate other people's culture
  3. Oh man, being Arab is cool, even Americans want to be like us.
That's just too many dancers, inspiring dancers and wannabe dancers in one place, but I got it say, they did a good job.

Official Saffron Dance Flash Mob Clarendon 2011

Hamza Namira Insan is Humanly Good

Egyptian Hamza Namira has been working hard flying to Turkey to put the final touched on his new album due this month, "Insan", titled Human. The British label Awakening Record is behind this forthcoming album from this indie musicians who was indie before it was cool.

There will be 10 variety tracks on this album, the wor of mainly Egyptian lyricists and composers. He was one of those vocal artists that spoke against Mubarak and had many TV appearances, but his music talks about dreaming, at least his last album was in 2009.

I am sensing the promo for the album gives a sneak peak about the album , it will be dealing with social and political aspect of Egypt, with a hint of religion. Three hot Turkish composers will be adding their touches to the tracks making it a work of art--or so they producers hope.

Hamza Namira - Insan | حمزة نمرة - إنسان

حمزة نمرة | برومو على باب الله - من ألبوم "إنسان"

Akim Camara, the Nigerian Boy Wonder

He is the song of a Nigerian man and a German women, the boy wonder is Akim Camara, the music genius who is leading an orchestra in Germany even thought he is just 3 years of age. His concerts are filling stadiums, that;s right stadium of fans parents and little kids who want to see this phenomenal musician.

He is cute, he is funny he is what the internet is nowadays been used for. He started to take interest in music in 2004 when he was two years old, now he is much older--like 9 years old. I bet he can make some great music now and hope for a great career for this young boy.

Andre Rieu & 3 year old violinist, Akim Camara 2005

Mawazine Festival 2011: The Arab Motherland and Legal Courts

When you are Asma Lmnawar and you are at home with your fans, there is little you cannot do, so you know you have the moment and you got to make the best of it. And When you are the Czar of Arabic music and the world is your stage, there is little worry for you.

Combine those two accomplished artists and you get fireworks...while Kathim Al saher took an intrest in Asma's career early one and shared the stage with her with a duet in 2007. Then they did it again in 2009 with Al Mahkma, Arabic for court. And now they took their show to Mawazine music Festival and they literary owned the night when they performed solo and later joined each other on the stage to perform this duet.

Kathem Essaher - Massikan Oudi كاظم الساهر - ماسكا عودي

Mawazine Festival 2011 - أسما لمنور & كاظم الساهر-المحكمة

Zaher Saleh Cannot Get You Out

Not sure about the music, but his concert seems really rad. Zaher Saleh, the young Palestinian American singer is releasing a new album and he is doing so in English. There are too many Arabic albums out there and listening to songs in English is hot again.

Check out this footage from a Lebanon concert by Zaher Saleh who lives in the United States but comes from Palestinian origins. that solves one problem the weak English with the Fresh of the boat vocabulary, Zaher needs not to worry about that. here is bit bio as reported on his facebook page

Zaher Saleh is from Palestine, he was born on March 27, 1987 in Saida, Lebanon.
He lived in Saida with his parents and 3 older brothers until he moved to USA to continue his education in advertisement arts. Photography and Music have been always his passion. He worked as a host for two shows in ART America. In 2008, Zaher joined Star Academy. In November 2008, he released his first single "Nedman". In 2009, Zaher released his second single "Yama".

Zaher Saleh - Can't get you out release party \ زاهر صالح

Satire Song From Palestine

This is one of those rare songs in the tradition of Weird Al write a song with enough pizazz and a great deal of humor. This song goes as come on all of you hungry all the way from Chile to China, come get some in Palestine and feel satisfied.

The some the singer here offers is bombs, bullets, rickets and tear gas bombs, there's plenty of those items that will make you feel satisfied. This is satire angry song about the sad political reality of the land that has been placed under military occupation for decades.

This is a well made music video with some serious music, not just a simple demo, so you know there has been some serious thinking and production value is actually professional grade. Love the singer and his expressions, he brings the words to life with his facial expression and energy.

This music video is part of a larger initiative Aka3 music, eka3 is a pan-Arab organization strategically dedicated to creating, promoting and growing this new emerging wave by pointing it out to the world, and filling in the missing links between this scene & the Arab public.

eka3 is an initiative created by a team of artists: from musicians, photographers, visual artists to film directors.. Innovators who dream of seeing their own works achieve their full potential of reach and exposure, and upon this vision eka3 shares the dreams of musicians throughout the region.

Specializing in the production, distribution, licensing, management, event management and marketing of smart Arabic music, it was founded in June 2007 in Amman, with offices in Amman, Beirut, and Cairo.

Breaking News - خبر عاجل إلى كل الجعانين من تشيلي للصين

Sunday, May 22, 2011

Gaalat Diana, Good Looks Don't Make The Song

See the most hyped music video of this year, the one by Diana Haddad and Fadi Haddad--no relation. We were told this music video will be the hottest thing, coolest concept and a great theme. They said, there will be 12 looks for Diana and there was that, some cool affect were also used, but sorry the song still sucks.

Diana got her awesome look back, she seems to have taken at least 10 years, but all those looks turned the music video into a poor fashion show that serves no purpose. Yes, they have a good budget, but those outfits are all gone to waste, in my opinion.

I guess some out there might find this music video fun, but it has nothing new, those who like it might be either blind fans of Diana Haddad whom we love or just people who do not see as many music videos. In other word, if this music video came in the 2000, it would have been sweet, but for 2011 is nothing to get excited it about.

Diana Haddad Galat Diana كليب ديانا حداد قالت ديانا

Travel Suitcase by Angham

Angham has a lot of happy songs in her career, even thought her marriage did not work too well and her own father was not on the best terms with her, but she does not stop making some of the finest Arabic music. While she is talking about her new projects, and she will be filming a new music video from her latest mini album--the funky one.

The mother of two cute boys has did well raising them so that must speaks volume of her motherhood. But this is a music blog so let's talk about one of her songs released in 1993, Shan6it Safar, travel suitcase. About her longing to the lover. She sounds broken and at loss.

If you are looking for a really sad song, or if you want to know how it feels to be left behind when your loved one is away. See why women are different than men, and how emotions take a heavy tool on them in their distance

أنغام شنطة سفر

Modern 2 Album, All The Young Guns

This is one of the best ideas of marketing music, you bring a collection of those young stars who want to release some of their songs in an album and there are so many of those nowadays. But to produce an album it costs a fortune. So the smart singers make a single and hope for the best.

This where some smart marketing comes in, you get an album franchise call is Modern1, Modern 2...etc. and put out a collection once a year. So last year they released one CD and helped give some young artists a platform, now this year they came back with version 2 with more songs and more artists.

Each of those artists get some name recognition, their picture and name is out there. There are just too many singers out there and some of those young artists may chose to pursue singing as a career or just find something else. As for sales, you can always push sales for the album in each appearance in concerts of TV, so it's a mutual benefit.

01 - T7ya Lshohda2 Ynayer (2l Magmo3a)
02 - Wh3ml A (Ahmed Gmal)
03 - 5adt 2l shar (Mohamed Abd-El Naby)
04 - Mst3'ny 3n 2lbk (Ahmed Diab)
05 - 7oby Ana (Khaled Aman)
06 - At3t 2l Klam (Abd El-Halim)
07 - Sa3b 3lya (Ahmed 7sin)
08 - Snen (Hsin Abo el S3od)
09 - 2a5rt 7oby (Nader Shams)
10 - Zay 2l Msry Mafesh (Mna 2l Fars)
11 - Mnsetsh Lieh (Hsham Abd 2l Whab)
12 - Yla Ro7 (Khaled Aman)
13 - Grab Fakar (Mohamed Abd-El Naby)
14 - Kol 2ly 3mlto (Ahmed Gmal)
15 - 1000 7aga (Yaser Asil)
16 - Shab Fel 20 (Fo2ad 3laa)

"Drunk" in Lebanese Is Pathetic

Club setting, red velvet rope and a carpet like you are about to walk into a club, a babe in a mini skirt and a hot rod shows up with a security case, then she pops out a CD, giving it to a creepy looking DJ. Then the magic starts, and strange looking nakes ladies emerge in that abandoned parking lot to party with Fuad Fares.

Drinking is one thing, getting drunk is another. We have wrote about this music video before and now it comes out with Fuad Fares acting like some kind of godfather in a club and a pimp cane. The young ladies are dancing their tails off to please this singer. It's like watching many western music videos and then joining down whatever things you liked and then toss them together.

Walid Al Massih usually makes good music videos, no one will ever find this one any good. This English song is the last thing the clubs in Lebanon need, if it's not a great song in English, please Arab stars do not worry too much, stick to Arabic..you may get played by the radio.

Fuad Fares - Drunk (Official Music Video)