Sunday, November 30, 2014

The Plastic Arab Singers Before And After Picture, Surgeries Maybe?

I Don't like the fact most of these pictures you find online for Arab celebrities tend to focus on the female ones. No one seems to think about the plastic work male entertainers do, (looking at you Assi Hallani). Looking younger/prettier is no longer exclusive for women.  

Here's Nancy Ajram when she was in high school and when she shot to fame. Some of that difference might be due to growing up. 

Najwa Karam had a transformation and it shows in a good way.

Aline Khalaf had some work done too, but do not underestimate the affects of having a good hair cut.

Color me impressed, Haifa Wehbe also has some explaining to do.
 Elissa, she is well-known for her love of constant change, the nose, the lips and some other parts.

These are many Lebanese ladies

Diana Karazon, shed hundreds of pounds and make a whole slimmer and leaner comeback.

Do not worry folks, I got this. Here's Hussien Jasmi's post surgery, he too looks leaner. 

Saturday, November 29, 2014

WATCH: Carmen Suleiman - Akhbari - Soon | كارمن سليمان - أخباري - قريباً#

I love Saudi singer turned composer Mohammad Abdo and I consider myself an admirer of the young and the dazzling Carmen Suleiman. Now, the two meet for the first time as the Saudi legend wrote music for Carmen's debut Gulf dialect song. We have a teaser, and Egyptian Carmin is looking now way older than her real age.

Dude, she is not even twenty and they want her to look all grownup. In case, you have forgeten, she is the original Arab Idol, the winner of the first season.

Carmen Suleiman - Akhbari - Soon | كارمن سليمان - أخباري - قريباً#

When The Octopus Of The Oud Sing. Here's Abadi Al Johar

Abadi Al Johar has huge backing as he is one of the lead musicians in the Gulf area. He is is known for his silk way around the lute and how gifted he is with the music he makes. He is a singer whose style is not meant for everyone. To me he is like that hookah, everybody likes to be close to it, not everyone likes to participate though.

I have tremendous respect for him and I look forward to her performance at the Egyptian house of opera where he is set to appear next to Amal Maher on a song. The neat thing about Abadi Al Johar  is his title "Abu Sarah" he is like ten professional title to his name.

Abadi likes Egypt it's where he came to fine-tune his music talent and where he first got paid to perform. He attributes that hint of sadness in his voice due to the tragic loss of his mother. An experience that he describes it very well. Not to forget that he learned to play his favorite instrument since he was 11.

سامحيني - عبادي الجوهر

Thursday, November 27, 2014

They Very Last Song of The Late Sabbouha

Lebanese actress and singer Sabah, an icon from the Arab World’s golden age of cinema, died in Beirut on Wednesday at the age of 87. The singer’s family confirmed the news in a Facebook post, reported Lebanon’s Daily Star newspaper.
In 2011, when she felt ill, she decided to record and release two new singles. She chose to air them home with the Lebanese radio network. Find her last known songs below. Keep on mind Sabah did have a wide range of styles. She did the cute girl songs which require lots of erngy, the Tarab style songs that required a lot of talent.
sabah ad ma fik صباح قد ما فيك امبسط بعمرك

صباح بدي رضاك

She first came to prominence in the fifties after coming to the attention of Egyptian film producer Asia Dagher. She went on to star in several high-profile films, including 1959’s Ataba Square and the acclaimed Egyptian comedy Soft Hands (1960).
Born Jeanette Feghali in the Lebanese town of Bdadoun, the singer became known by the name of a character she played in one of her earlier films. She was also affectionately known as “Sabbouha” by her millions of fans of across the Arab World, according to the AP.
The star became the second Arab singer after Egypt’s legendary Oum Kalthoum to perform at L’Olympia in Paris, Reuters reported. She was also the first Arab singer to perform at Carnegie Hall in New York and the Piccadilly Theatre in London. The Arab icon was a citizen of four different countries, including Egypt, Jordan, the U.S. and her native Lebanon, according to the BBC

Wednesday, November 26, 2014

Ayman Alatar Returns With A Sweet 2014 Album @Ayman_Alatar

Libya might be a mess right now, but Libyan winner of the original Super Star Ayman Alatar is back in action with a loaded new album. The album has an amazing 17 tracks, some of his finest work to date and the cover promises to much joy.

Ayman disappeared for ten years and he resurfaced last year with a solid single that made us all ask this question, who the hell is this guy? That was Ayman Alatar, the skinny guy who is back to tell us all about love. This is a good album, but the music is not what makes it great, but rather the power of its lyrics, and the balanced and just right vocal performance by Ayman. It's true, the album is meant for the folks in the Gulf. Most of the songs speaks to them though the music is all over the place--mostly mellow.

There is a verity of tracks here, most of them are if not wonderful are decent....but it depends what your taste is. You know you have the last track which what gave Ayman the spotlight again "Ya Lazez" So, wish the guy well and let him into your headphones, you has a lot to offer and he is back so much force and most importantly with better production company.

2.Hal El Awadem
3.Law Zeal
4.Faz Qalbi
5.Eladel Elzalem
6.Ya Tarakni
7.Nesit Ahes
8.Thaman Senen
9.Towne Araftaha
12.Kel Elhaki
13.Aaqeb Nafsi
14.Enta Nazr
15.Ana Aatzer
16.Haza Qadrna
17.Ya Lazez

Ayman Al Atar ... Hal Al Awadem - Video Clip | أيمن الأعتر ... حال الأوادم - فيديو كليب

Rest In Peace Sabah Shahroura. Here's Her Last Music Video

She passed away, and the Arab world lost one of its biggest music and cinema talents. Sabah lived a long and eventful life. She is an iconic lady whose better songs were released decades ago. But Sabah never shied away from the spotlight and the press loved to publish stories about her. Sabah loved Egypt as a second country and she has toured the Arab world in concerts for years.

The music video was released with Rotana, a tribute song by the artist about live and the moments we treasure the most. Sabah did perform the song also on Star Academy when she visited the set. See the son below and remember she leaves this world on high note. Today her fans and the entire country of Lebanon mourn--but tomorrow we sill celebrate her legacy. The song is about the four season of life and how people recycle.

Keep on mind, they had a show about her life three years ago, the TV drama starred Carole Samah. May her soul rests in peace and our thoughts and prayers are with her family

Sabah Shou Fiha El Deneh صباح - شو فيها الدنى

Breaking: Golden Girl of Music and film Sabah "Shahroura" Dead at 87

The longest survival of the golden age of Arab cinema and movies is no more. Sabah has passed away today in Lebanon. There has been multiple rumors about her death throughout her career, but today this is confirmed.

Al-Nahar newspaper said the Lebanese diva passed away on Wednesday morning at her residence at the age of 87. The Lebanese official news agency cconfirmedher death, saying she passed away in Beirut. During her more than six-decade long career, Sabah, who was born as Jeanette Gergis Al-Feghali, released over 50 albums and acted in 98 films.

Real name Janet Girgis Faghali born on November 10th, 1927 in Bdadoun, a Lebanese town in the Baabda-Aley province.

She has been active in the entertainment industry for over six decades in half a dozen Arab countries. She held Egyptian, Jordanian and US citizenship as well as Lebanese, and continued to perform and make television appearances into her 80s.

She is reportedly the first Arabic singer who performed at Olympia in Paris, Carnegie Hall in New York, and Piccadilly Theatre in London and Sydney Opera House in Sydney, according to the Beirut-based Daily Star newspaper.

She is known for her multiple marriages, tying the knot with at least nine men. She brought out her first song in 1940, while her parallel screen career began three years later in Egypt, the centre of the Arabic film industry.

Sabah was nicknamed "Shahroura", Arabic for "singing bird" and "the Sabbouha," a diminutive for "Sabah" by millions of fans across the Middle East. Born to a father who owned a barbershop and operated two taxis, she came to memorize Lebanese folklore from her uncle Saad. She attended a Jesuit school where she and her sister acted and sang. Sabah is her fame name was actually chosen by a survey of what to call this talented young woman.

Not many cared much for her in her peers, but now they are all racing to write sweet words about her and pretend to care much for her. No doubt, they love her music, but toward her later days, many did not give her the attention she deserved.

Here's one of her last songs that was released in 2008 as duets.

Sabah & Rola - Yana Yana / صباح و رولا - يانا يانا

Tuesday, November 25, 2014

Morocco's Finest Houda Saad Rocks Out In Her Latest Single

Morocco's answer to Lebanon's Najwa Karam is Houda Saad is on her way to make Morocco's pop songs the next big thing. Too bad, she is doing it all alone and from Switzerland where she has taken residence. Houda Saad began his career with performing songs, then she moved into writing and composing music, then came writing lyrics and now she has done it all.

She returns with a sweet love song mean as a treat for her fans that liked her earlier songs. It feels like a classy rock song, it's in Lebanese this once. Yes, it's a song with a lot of nostalgia, conflicted demotions and then the song picks itself up and you are drawn in, the song captivates your every sense. It's a song that has a kick and it's something you would play more than once to breath in.

I have not heard this from Houda in some time, this once she shows up with an emotional level that's more complex than Elissa's while rivaling the soft lyrics of Salim Assaf.

Houda Saad - Chou baddak fiyi ba2a - هدى سعد - شو بدّك فيي بقى

Video: محمد عساف | توقيع ألبوم عساف 360 | Mohammed Assaf | Album Launching


If you are an Arab singer in today's world, you are not making real money from selling albums. All of them are struggling, but Assaf is not. He is currently touring males and cities to talk about his new album and perform for the masses who want to purchase a copy of his album. Mohammed Assaf took on Lebanese mall at the Virgin Mega Store to meet his fans and sign copies. That's days after he did the same thing in Dubai, and Amman. It's not easy for a young Palestinian male to do well in Lebanon and have some much love--Assaf did it and he helped many young refugees from the camps in Lebanon to see themselves in him.

Assaf is a big deal for the music industry. Even though he has been in the spotlight in less than two years, he has outdone the stars who have been singing for decades. See the fans rage as they meat the idol who was happy to be out with Platinum Records. He is a smart guy, and he seems humble enough. However, he is also a Palestinian with a mission. He talked about where he wants to be, he also had a message for his native land.

In other news, he won an award for best Arab/African/Middle Eastern/India artist. He knows he is now not just limited to his fans in Palestine. He got a lot of support from his fans and more. The guy has ambitions, and big plans. I just hope it does not get into his head. He does credit God and his parents for a lot of his success.  

محمد عساف | توقيع ألبوم عساف 360 | Mohammed Assaf | Album Launching

The Best-Looking Arab Singer Has A New Music Video And You Need To See It

I call him the best-looking man in the show business and he knows his affect on people. He is Saad Ramadan, the skinny kid who rocks out. And you will begin to understand what I am talking about when you see his brand new music video which serves as an cool ad for Nautica. This is a brisk music video where the sea steals the show.

I love his music, Saad, he is a smart entertainer and he is just getting warmed up. I liked the single, and now it gets a music video and I am like dude, you are awesome. This music video is about love and little bit of glow stick dancers. He is a sharp dresser as hell, and he is having a good time with his lady.

He is a dream boat, and he owns a boat and a killer set of eyes....I loved those song because it describes when women are at loss of words when they meet some handsome guy, or they are confused by someone with those looks of Saad.

The song passes a number of filters, on speed, it's awesome rhythmic clarity is so crisp rhythmic complexity (it does ok), dynamics, modality, harmony, and brightness are all in good blalance, making the song pop.

Saad Ramadan - Yali Mdawabni [Music Video] / سعد رمضان - يللي مدوبني

Monday, November 24, 2014

The Audition For MBC The Factor (Video)

MBC is prepping for the return of the second season of the X Factor. They panel of judges may not be clear, as the show lost Wael Kfoury to Arab Idol. This was never a hit show to begin with and I know the other judges are not considering coming back to reprise their roles. The show has started the audition process and they took on two Egyptian cities, the first is Cairo and the followed by Alexandria.

Lots of people came out to show off their skills hoping to be featured on the singing competition program. This is Egypt so things are funny when they do not intend to be. Enjoy the few minutes of free entertainment including a rap song.

MBC The X Factor - الموسم الثاني - تجارب الأداء في الإسكندرية

MBC The X Factor - الموسم الثاني - تجارب الأداء في القاهرة

Half-Song Half-Supplication By Osama Al Safi

The Arabic word Dua'a, is the closest word to supplication, and it goes to describe this upbeat song by Osama Al Safi who is a Muslim munshid (sings with no music). He is native of the United Arab Emirates, an engineer by training. A graduate with a Masters degree in architecture from the University of Sydney.

He recites the Koran, and plays a number of roles in the local municipality of Dubai and he runs a center to help kids read how to recite and memorize the Koran

اللهم ادفع عنا كيد الأعداء إيقاع -Osama Al Safi Tekhayal

World Meets New Pop Sensation Mirva Faour

Mirva Faour is name for a Lebanese artist, she is an accountant by training.She did study music, but she did a number of events in Lebanon, and then she had the guts to release a single and it was a hit on Lebanese radios.By Mirva's words, the song did not leave Lebanon, she chose the song and gave it away to radios, and there was interest she says.

She did sing for the Lebanese community in Africa, she toured few countries and she had a lot of success. She is breaking into the scene, it's crowded times, but the guy who interviews her is the worse he sounds like he is reading off a list.

She self-produces and she is not willing to give away 80 percent of her earning to some greedy company. I like that, and I think she is awesome, but times are tough and music is not making money as much. Concerts are becoming a lot more scarce. This was not a comfortable interview for the artist, it seems she is not relaxed and that interviewer is not very bright.

ميرفا فاعور | Mirva Faour |مقابلة |Interview

Mirva Miyit Darbeh ميرفا مية ضربة

Sunday, November 23, 2014

You Must See Maya Diab's New Music Video - Gatifin #gatifeen @mayadiab

Maya Diab does not go away for very long and she does not let you miss her, this is why you are about to hear from her in about under three months. This time she connects with nature as she pursues loves, she goes back into a community where they like nature, goats, and open fields. Note how the song is in the delightful Bedouin dialect that is understood by the great majority of Arabs.

This is really cool song from Maya, it's different than her night club loud DJ and house songs she has been doing. This song required talent and Maya took the challenge on. The song is about picking fruits, grapes and apples, dates, and pomegranates. She is all energy and going for the natural look.

This looks like hippie/gypsy community and the song has a foreign beat to it, but a likable one. This is a trendy outfit feast. Happy is what this album spills, then that funky groups hit the city with their chicken and the city of Beirut plays along and breaks loose. This is a new milestone for Maya, this is the finest song and coolest pop track from her in the past two years.

If you like Maya Diab, you will love this song and if you hate her, you would consider changing your mind. Maya has came a long way and for the past three years she has shown that she is worthy of being a top pop diva and a socially responsible entertainer.  

Maya Diab - Gatifin [Official Music Video] (2014) / مايا دياب - قاطفين

Directed by: Samir Seryani
Lyrics by: Haytham Tarchich
Composed by: Adel Al Iraqi
Arranged by: Hadi Charara
Mixed and Mastered by: Elie Barbar
Studio Hadi Charara

Saturday, November 22, 2014

WATCH: #زياد_خوري - خلينا نتكتك | Ziad Khoury - Khalina Ntaktik

Ziad Khoury, the Lebanese heartthrob and just nice guy and Arab Idol runner-up is back with a really cool song that shows off why he is famous in the first  place. Ziad has toured the world with his friend and fellow Arab Idol Mohamed Assaf. They duo seem to be the best of friends. And this is not something you see every passing day.

However, this once Ziad Khoury is all on his own, a song with a clever title, gadgets, sweet ride and friends on the road. The song glows happy, but it does not swing in full-speed until Ziad shows us his Mawal skills. He is way good for his age and this is something Lebanese and others appreciate. This is a love song but for those who like fun and games. Ziad deserves to be where he is, I like his style. I did meet him and felt he was genuine and warm. Now he is doing the Debka thing, but not until he won your mind.

Wissam Al Amir the colorful Lebanese singer and composer wrote this song to his buddy and home boy Zaid. I like the sense of party and the dance moves Ziad busts. Well-done team Ziad Khoury. This song allows Ziad to be pretty much anything he wants to be. He won over all demographics with one single--not an easy job.

#زياد_خوري - خلينا نتكتك | Ziad Khoury - Khalina Ntaktik

Friday, November 21, 2014

Elissa Unleashes Her Inner Bunny In "Hob Kol Hayati" @elissakh

Elissa is being pimped out by Rotana, and they picked a very cold season to air our her summer song on the beach. A love song that feels breezy and has a kick...filmed in a private beach where parties are a sure thing. For the first time, you see other women sharing the screen with Elissa the bunny. There has always been cute guys with her...but this time Elissa feels comfortable bring other good looking friends for the party.

As all her music videos, she pulls the girl in love look, lots of cellphones and selfies, but also a pool and wet clothes going for sexy. Elissa shows off some serious skin and some lean figure here and not to be forgotten the fancy phone that paid for this song. The song is about love, when it's disconnected from Elissa's personal reality.

I think this is the first song by Elissa where there are other people who get screen time other than her and her boy toy. That roller coaster is pretty rad, how about some cotton candy from the fair? Why not since you are 12 years old. I have not clue what she seeks to accomplish with those bunny ears, she had them on her album cover, she had them in the first music video and they make an appearance in the second music video.

This is a good song, entertaining and it does what Elissa does sell fantasies of dreams and hot men. But then she never have been in a relationship before. The only relationship she has is with her bank account and her phone. I think one thing is true, people are getting old for her songs, and she is winning some newer demographic, but not as fast as she is losing them. Rotana has been good to her and she has been a consistent hit-maker and a concert magnet.

Elissa ... Hob Kol Hayati - Video Clip | إليسا ... حب كل حياتي - فيديو كليب

Diana Karazon Covers A Egypt Love Song By Aida el Ayoubi

Aida Ayoub had a hit song in the early nineties. A song about love for country and people form that land. It's a love story one has for people form their own countries. It was a sweet song for Egypt, its people and a cry for attention, do not abandon your country--she needs you. The song is now a classic, even though the artist who sang it first is semi retried.

Luckily Diana Karazon did a cover of this song and dedicated to the people of Egypt. This cover reminds us of the early days of Diana's career on Super Star when she was a sweet, innocent average girl with a golden Fayrouz like voice. A lot has changed since those days of 2002, but Diana found a comfortable spot and reminded us of one a great song and two of her buried talent.

I am glad this song will remind us of two great ladies. the first one Aida Ayoub and the second Diana Karazon 1.0. I like the cover. Random, did you know that Aida does actually have a German heritage? makes sense why she would love Egypt more than few would understand.

ديانا كرزون-على بالي Diana Karazon-3la Bali 2014

The First Lady of Syria Mayada El Hennawy Back With A New Song

Syria has two first ladies--one we can all agree on. Mayada El Hennawy is her and her voice is golden. She is one of the last standing artists form a beautiful time, an age of glory when Arabic music used to capture your soul, win your heart and address your mind. Luckily, she has a new song out now.

She has not performed any new works for a decade now, but her returns makes up for that. She new single has been airing on Syrian radios for almost a week now, but it has just been picked by media outside that country that's facing a troubled and troubling times. The song is about the eye and it's only meant to see the one you love.

This is a fancy music driven song with honey sweet poetry all over the span of the 7 minutes. The song is about even when those in love close their eyes, they still see the loved one, and hearing them even if they were not intending to. The talent behind this song are new to me. Shwqi Hijab wrote the song, and Algerian composer Nibly Fadel orchestrated the soothing music. But his music has been around for generations and he is all about keeping Arabic music Eastern.

عيني ** ميادة الحناوي ** جديدهاا ** حصري

The Indie Goddess Strikes Again @FayrouzKarawya In Rehet Haneen

Fayrouz Karawya has an ambitious plan which is to release her new songs as singles within 50 days. Each of those releases will be available on iTunes for purchase. So this indie hit-maker is trying to beat the pirates with a new release strategy.

The unique thing about Karawya and her team is that they make music because they really love the process and love being together locked in a space working on a song until it's perfected. One song of hers has more talents and more names attached to it than all your mainstream big ticket artists who hate to give credit to anyone beyond themselves.

I like that when you hear Fayrouz Karawya voice you feel obligated to guess if she is smiling or smirking while she is singing. She really tackles the issue of boredom like no other Arab singer has. She sings things that are often stuck in our minds. These silly thoughts we all have and never verbalize, she and her collaborators capture them so well.

This is the first of the releases, and I am already excited, this is a song that you would want to play again and again to get all the little quirks.   

Lyrics: Momen Elmohammady
Music: Karim Hossam
Recording& mix. : Taher Saleh
Drums: Mohamed Raafat
Violin: Youssef Elsayed
Guitar& Bass guitar: Karim Hossam
Recording @ ViBe Studio
Poster: Hamdy Hassan
Logo: Sameh Ismail
Artistic producer: Fayrouz Karawya- Taher Saleh
Producer: Fayrouz Karawya
Video by : Seif Hazem

فيروز كراوية - ريحة حنين | Fayrouz Karawya - Rehet Hanee

Thursday, November 20, 2014

Allow The New @Amal_Maher To Brighten Your Day #AmalMaher

My favorite female hit-maker Amal Maher is about to release her big album. I know I missed her since she blew my world away in 20111 with that amazing album of hers that came with a new image makeover. All along we knew she has the voice and the talent, but that album made her cool and exciting. Mazzika struck gold with Amal whose name is something most Arabs come to know and value.

This year, she has to match that with her soon to be released album where the biggest name in Egyptian pop are included. Amal is a star from a different breed, she is gracious and powerful without alienating or losing anyone. The album has 12 amazing tracks. The lead song is "We Live in The Today", a catchy song and worthy to be released ahead of the album to create the buzz. The song will be sang on Star Academy stage on Amal's appearance.

Tamer Ashour is also there, Waleed Saad and Amr Mostafa are all in there for the music portion. As for the lyrcis, please find Nader Abdallah, Amr Yehia, Khalid Tag El Deen and Ayman Bahgat Amar is also there. I cannot think of a missing name, all of the good ones have put their golden touches with Amal. Cannot wait to see what she has in store for the fans.

The song is about forgetting the bitter past and moving forward on a love adventure. This is a makeup song, I love it and it allows Amal Maher to tab into her sweet emotional reserve. I know the album will be a treat for those who like good pop album that speaks to each of us on different levels.

Welad El Naharda - Amal Maher ولاد النهاردة - امال ماهر

"سكة السلامة": كلمات أيمن بهجت قمر، وألحان وليد سعد، وتوزيع توما.
"احنا ولاد النهادرة": كلمات نادر عبد الله، وألحان وليد سعد، وتوزيع تميم.
"أيام ما تتعوضش": كلمات نادر عبد الله، وألحان وليد سعد، وتوزيع تميم.
"أنا حبيتك": كلمات عمرو يحيى، وألحان تامر عاشور، وتوزيع أحمد عبد السلام.
"بحبك": كلمات أيمن بهجت قمر، وألحان وليد سعد، وتوزيع توما.
"إزاي فاتتني": كلمات نادر عبد الله، وألحان وليد سعد، وتوزيع وليد شراقي.
"ظروفي صعبة": كلمات نادر عبد الله، وألحان وليد سعد، وتوزيع طارق عبد الجابر.
"غلطت أنا" كلمات نادر عبد الله، ألحان وليد سعد، توزيع طارق عبد الجابر.
"ما هونتش عليا": كلمات أحمد الجندي، وألحان مدين، وتوزيع أحمد عبد السلام.
"يلا": كلمات خالد تاج الدين، وألحان عمرو مصطفى، وتوزيع توما.
"مافيهاش بعدين": كلمات نادر عبد الله، وألحان تامر عاشور، وتوزيع تميم.
"ذكرياتنا": كلمات خالد تاج الدين، وألحان وليد سعد، وتوزيع أحمد إبراهيم. 

The Sweet Pop Prince Nawal El Zoghby Has A New Song "Wala Bahebak"

The sky is falling, and Nawal Al Zoghbi has figured out the fountain of youth. She is looking as good as she did 25 years ago when she started singing. Here's her new hit song, her comeback that has been in the work since 2011 when she released he last album.

Not only is this a catchy song with an awesome beat, the music is the work of Ramy Sabry the musician turned singer. This song marks her return to work with the Egyptian music producers at Mazzika. I now think Nawal is still the hot entertainer she was, and she is a formidable voice that knows what works and she has more reasons to celebrate.

Wala Bahebak - Nawal El Zoghby ولا بحبك - نوال الزغبى

The Shady Egyptian Government Banned This Brilliant Egyptian Musician

There was a note from the head of the State Broadcasting Agency in Egypt that they shall no longer air any of the songs of Hamza Namira. Hamza is an indie musician who was an early supporter of the youth 2011 movement. So far Hamza has not said or done much since the coup, he has not tried to tackle the army regime or anything. I have not heard any comments from Hamza Namira on this, but something tells me he and his fans.

He added that any performer who criticises the authorities should not be on the airwaves.
Namira is the second cultural figure to get into political trouble in recent days.
But that did not stop the ruthless regime from blacklisting the brilliant and socially responsible artist. While they ban him, they allow belly dancers to have their own shows. Sad state of art Egypt is going through. Not only are they persecuting Islamists and anyone with a beard, they are going after the indie artists who refuse to play along and sign a seal of approval.

The charismatic musician Amir Eid from Cairokee has already offered his support to his fellow musician.   

Hamza Namira - The Swing | حمزة نمرة - مرجيحة | Official Audio

Wednesday, November 19, 2014

Download: Wael Kfoury 2014 Album ألبوم وائل كافوري - الغرام المستحيل El Gharam l Motsahil

Are you ready to fall head over heels with the best love songs album of all time? Cupid has you in his sights, people. This is Wael Kfoury everyone and he is here to spread love and romance.

It's few months away from Valentine and this is the best chance this holiday has This is an album made up of a group of starry-eyed, incurable romantics would do: Wael Kfoury's answer was right and all the hundreds of other love songs are good, but do not lat the test of time.

With this album--or others of course, there were no wrong answers. If you find a song romantic, then it is romantic. And lucky you if your significant other finds the same song romantic. Of such things are long relationships made. Wael wins every time and he has figured the winning formula more than 20 years ago.

Wael Kfoury is the guy whose name is on a list of the dozens of great, and sometimes unexpected, romantic songs. Now he is out with a new album and it's about all things love. The timing of the release is set for the holidays to make sure Wael gets a fair shake of the concert season for the new year. In fairness he has always been a hit.

01- Sar El 7aki
02- Kel Chi 7awalayi
03- Damirak Merta7
04- Elgharam El mousta7il
05- Ma Fe Law
06- 3ala Fekra
07- Yabkoun
08- Kifik ya waj3y

Wael kfoury elgharam elmostahil*2015/*وائل كفوري الغرام المستحيل

People Liked This Elissa Cover On Arab Idol

She is a babe of romantic songs, and has been in exactly the same spot for close to 14 years. An impressive act. A lot has chanced since then, but not her fame and not her status on top of the food chain. This is why Arab Idol had one of its highest ratings when she graced the program to sing for them and look so good that it makes her haters want to hang themselves.

She did few songs, but one wasn't hers, it's a cover of an beloved Abdel Halim Hafiz song, "Awal Marah Tihib Ya Qalby" "First time in love" a sweet song that has outlived so many others. Elissa did the cover and included it in her album of this year.

It was a good performance and allows non fans to be curious about what other songs Elissa has done. Elissa did another beloved cover about one's country. They were good songs and Elissa did well....her own songs were just fine.

See Arab Idol judges, fans and viewers fall in for the honey trap.

Arab Idol - إليسا- أول مرّة تحب يا قلبي- الحلقات المباشرة

Meet Funny Girl Mais Hamdan, The Weird Al Yankovic Of Arabia @Mais_Hamdan

Spoofing pop songs is nothing new, the good spoofs sometimes are more popular than the original work they are satirizing. In Arabia, there's Bassem Fagali who might or might not be a transgender who does spot on funny takes of Arab celebrities, he can be too much though and his styles can be over the top. The one starlet who does it very well, is Mais Hamdan. Granted some of her impressions are not that funny, but you get to enjoy her taken one some of the most popular hits in Arabic pop.

Mais is the sister of stars like Mai Selim, and now her other sister Dana is stepping into the spotlight. In fairnes, I do not like when Mais sings, but I like when she makes fun of other songs, like I will show you in few clips. I will include the original song, and the spoof by Maid and her partner. See her spoof Haifa Wehbe, Nancy Ajram, Samira Said, Asalla and Elissa. Not only does she spoof the music video, but she goes for the lyrics as well.

Mais has an interesting background, Palestinian via Jordan, native to the UAE, lived in Egypt most of her adult life. So she knows what people say and how they say it in just about every corner of Arabia

Elissa - Agmal E7sas - اليسا - اجمل احساس - YouTube.flv

ميس حمدان - (أجمل احساس) #تقليد #اليسا

Nancy Ajram Ah We Noss نانسى عجرم آه ونص YouTube

ميس حمدان - (اه ونص) #تقليد #نانسى_عجرم

Agol Ahwak ♥ Haifa Wahbi فيديو كليب

ميس حمدان - (اقول اهواك) #تقليد #هيفاء

Assala - Mab'ash Ana / أصالة - مابقاش أنا

ميس حمدان - (مابقاش أنا) #تقليد #أصالة


@HotArabicMusic Presents @ReemaMajor, The Suave Sudanese Rapper And Arabic Princess

While watching the Bling Ring movie, and for some reason watching tell the credits, Arabic Princess caught my eyes and I was like "Say What?" Then I got to learn about the song, by Reema Major who is a Sudanese-born Canadian rapper and a song writer. In 2013 her song "Gucci Bag" was featured in the motion picture The Bling Ring

The daughter of the city of Khartoum, Sudan, to parents of South Sudanese and Emirati origin. In Canada, where she was introduced to hip hop at the age of five. As you can hear, she has her own style that allows her to deliver some fresh mix tapes. If you understand Arabic, you will like this song twice as much, however, if you don't you will enjoy the exotic elements.

Fluently speaking English, Arabic, Reema channeled her experiences and cultural influences towards honing her musical craft as a rapper and songwriter—something she expressed as coming naturally. You can hear her rap in Arabic in the song "Arabic Princess" She is one major talent and I love the fact she brings her background and turns it into a unique asset.

Arabic Princess

Tuesday, November 18, 2014

The Coolest Way To Promote A New Song--Thank You @FayrouzKarawya

Indie music darling Fayrouz Karawya has something coming up pretty soon. We have no clue what are should be expecting. Is it an album? A song? A music video? It could be all of that. We get to see some top notch musicians working behind the scenes to put their personal signatures on this project. I see rock and indie singer/ activist Ramy Essam working in the studio as well.

I like Fayrouz's voice and choices, she makes fun songs that come to teach us something about people, and relationships. I wish to see Fayrouz in a large concert in Egypt, but that won't happen because only sellouts and regime backed manage to book studios and sing. Fayrouz does sell big venues around Egypt's indie music halls. But when you are as versatile as she is, you need a bigger outlet, you deserve a bigger outlet.

There are dozens of indie artists in today's Egypt, you can count the good ones on your fingers. For me Fayrouz leads this group. She has so much to give and to share, I enjoy her music, her humor and her fighting the good fight.  

Fayrouz Karawya - Soon | فيروز كراوية قريبا

Listen: The Last Truly Great Song By Pop Star Khaled Agag

Khaled Agag has the curse many pop stars who shot to fame in the late 90s faced, it's really hard for them to make the transition in the internet era. He was a hit-maker for about four years and then the lights went off and it's me and five other guys know who Khaled Agag is.

Khaled tried to revive his career in 2010, but that was overshadowed by the Arab Spring and many pop stars disappeared. He still has the same sweet voice we have come to like about him, he does the dramatic emotional songs about tears so well. He is also brilliant when it comes to choosing a happy go luck songs that gets you to shake it.

Last we have seen him was when appeared during that Punk'd like TV show during the month of Ramadan.

I happen to think the two songs of his (below) remain his finest dramatic performance. You can feel and sympathize with the singer, he comes off as a raging bull of emotions who have been wronged.

Khaled Agag " As3ab Hob " / " خالد عجاج " اصعب حب

Khaled Agag " Wala Dam3ah " / " خالد عجاج " ولأدمعة

"Find Me A Man!" A Girl Looking For A Real Man Song

"Bring Me A Man", "Find Me A Man", is how I would translate the song's title. A song about a dare to find the singer a man not to marry, but show her a real man. This is what new comer Yousra is singing about in her latest song where she is surrounded by her girlfriends.

So they go to the club and find a dancing clown, and another one. The singer is fed up with up with pretty boys who may not be man enough for her taste. And there's a woman dressed like a man...confused yet? How about a bodybuilder?

She may be looking for love in the wrong places, I do not know where she can go to find what she is after. But it looks she was lucky enough to find her quest. The song has the same title as a popular movie that was released earlier this year 

Hatoly Ragel - Yousra هاتولى راجل - يسرا

Monday, November 17, 2014

Watch Nahwa Making Folk Songs Hotter ... Lahfor Esmak @NahwaOfficial

Dude, did I miss the sight of Nahwa. She is back and her new music video has the touches of Lebanon's busiest director Fady Haddad. Nahwa blew me away two years ago with her retro songs. She is doing Bedouin tracks like they did in the desert for centuries. Not clear where she found this style, but it really works for her. Her voice delivers them like my grandma would have sang them at her prime.

Nahwa makes good music and now we get to see how she looks in a modern and chic look. This is a style that both the Gulf and the Levant can agree on. A style that makes the West side of Arabia joyful. The music video is about that burning love...a song by a woman for a man...a mature song that my grandparents would be proud to find it a style that I can still enjoy.

Nahwa is the fame name, Not sure where she comes from, but I know she is going places and I am just in love with Rotana produced song and album. The folk world may not be able to agree on a definition of folk music, so people resolve the question in their own way. If you recognize a song as part of your culture, maybe you’ve heard your parents sing it or you’ve heard it performed in folk clubs, then it’s folk music. And if we were to ask why did people nominate these particular songs, in many cases the answer’s probably as simple as this.

Nahwa knows this and she and her team understand that before the advent of studios, the defining feature of traditional music was that it wasn’t committed to paper for people to learn and play. The music was rooted in local areas, made use of both real and improvised instruments, and was passed on through oral tradition. The world has changed, and oral tradition will never be of such primary importance again in the future. But folk music has survived, and it’s done so mainly thanks to the efforts of many many people who’ve sought to preserve and revive what’s valuable from traditional forms of music. For the young, hip and with an old soul will enjoy this song of Nahwa's

Nahwa ... Lahfor Esmak - Video Clip | نهوي ... لحفر إسمك - فيديو كليب

The Police Of Egypt New Propoganda Song With Mohamed Kelany

He has been one of my favorite new and young Egyptian pop star, but he does not do many songs...only one album and that was three years ago almost. Now something seems to have moved him as he just released a new song for the police in Egypt. I feel bad for them as they seem to be a target of some mysterious forces.

Now, the same police have killed people in Egypt, they are corrupt, bad and do violent things and arrest innocent folks. I agree with that, but I also see the little guy who has no power yet people target him or her--she just murdered ten of them in the Sinai desert. Now this is a good human song from a guy who has a heart of gold.

the repressive police force is looking for somebody to love them--now they are applying the victim card by posing as victims not corrupt oppressors who have people killed.

Mohamed Kelany - Teswa Eah / محمد كيلانى - تسوى ايه

Listen: Majed Al Mohandis ... Ya Hob Ya Hob From His Arab Idol Apperance

He did go to Arab Idol where he reveled his latest hit. This is Iraqi romance hit-maker Majed Al Monhandis. This is an artist who seems like a private person, but his music is nothing private. He is romantic song best friend. He sings where he can make money--the Gulf that has been really good to him.

This is why it's no surprise that one more single from this super talented and super well dressed musician comes in the Gulf tongue. I like what voice he has and I know he is a styling man, I am just not in love with this song. Majed does well when he does standard Arabic pops that are free of dialects.

The beat on this song is all local, it does it sound universal like he is known for. He is a man who wears his emotions on his sleeves, but he is also a singer who performs on big private weddings in the Gulf if the pay is right.

Majed Al Mohandis ... Ya Hob Ya Hob | ماجد المهندس ... يا حب يا حب

Sunday, November 16, 2014

Five Times Haifa Wehbe Was Too Much Scandal-- The Naked Dress

Haifa Wehbe makes news by showing off skin, and talking trash. The time she made news by appearing on Star Academy, but her performance was not the attraction or the talk of the media, but rather her see through dress. It was a good night for sleazy folks and haters, Haifa blamed the llightningon stage.

It was a bit much, she really let little to the imagination, and I am sure lots of folks are secretly happy. Giving that many viewers for Star Academy are females and younger folks, this might have been a poor choice, but with Haifa it's always gonna make news.

Here are five times when she said or did something that people found controversial.

She danced with every inch of her body alongside famed Egyptian belly dancer Dina to the tunes of Amr Diab who was there in the flesh. Also this was in 2013.
شاهد عمرودياب يغني ويرقص مع هيفاء وهبي ودينا

Telling viewers that her haters can kiss her ass, and she faced the camera and pointed to her butt, asking people to kiss it.

 هيفاء وهبى تشير على مؤخرتها وتقول لكارهيها :kiss my ass

That time when she was on a Ramadan prank show and she cursed, and used gutter and crass language against the TV host and crew.

برنامج رامز عنخ امون - الحلقة 9 التاسعة - هيفاء وهبي

Dirty dancing during a live concert with Shaggy, I do not mind that one as much since it was a concert and people were there on a purpose. She really danced to sexy lady...

Haifa Wehbe & Shaggy - Hey Sexy Lady

And once on a TV program she poked fun of herself to show off her sense of humor, and then she impersonated herself as seen by the impersonators.

خفه دم هيفاء وهبى فى حديث البلد

Saturday, November 15, 2014

Nihal Obaid Delivers Another Great Song....Listen

Nihal Obaid does songs for films and Tv dramas, she has that naturally sad but I dance voice. She is a vocalist with a warm style that bring TV producers to her door. She did the song below for a TV drama that's having a re-run after it first aired in Ramadan. Since the show was crowded, the show did not get the ratings it deserves.

With that comes the re-discovery of her song that plays for the opening credit. I know little about her, but I am always looking forward to where she will pop up next.

تتر مسلسل "الخطيئة" بطولة شريف سلامة / غناء نهال نبيل /

Fine! A New Singing Competition Lands In #Lebanon "The Winner Is"

There are too many of them, and the more of them do we watch the lower our IQ gets, but who cares? As long as celebrities get big paychecks, advertisers get to sell their junk, and networks sees top rating, no body cares. The Winner Is dubs itself as a different and unique program--why not. Singers compete for a financial prize on the NBC version it's a million dollars.

I think the idea is good, most of the singers who participate on these shows go home with close to nothing in their pockets, the winner on this upcoming show--it will be airing on LBC is already rich when he walks out of the program, no need to chase producers for an album that would make them so.

Other than that, we know Amr Diab or at least his name has been floating around as someone who may or may not appearing on the show.

The Winner Is ينطلق مع النجوم العرب بفكرة جديدة ومختلفة

Friday, November 14, 2014

Zahi Wehbee: The Most Interesting Man In #Lebanon (Zahi Wehbi)

Media personality, celebrity, and TV host Zahi Wehbi has been making and hosting TV shows from the Lebanese capital, he is one of the most respected figures in the industry, a mature man who is really good at what he does, this is his second high-rated TV program where he hosts entertainment figures and gets them to talk with no drama. He is also a poet where people go to attend his events reading poetry.

In his interview he talked about the sad state of the Lebanese media, they took a setback due to the many networks and local nature of these programs. He believes in the Lebanese brand, and I really like to listen to what he has to say. A sober man who knows what he is talking about. He seems not to be pleased with the political situation in Lebanon and in the larger Arab world.

He is very humble, he talks about himself like a man and not like some legend. Talks about wanting to educate his kids and take them safety...he says maybe God gave me more than I do not hear that. He also talked about his latest poetry book.

Zahi Wehbi -زاهي وهبي في لقاء خاص

Go Crazy! Elissa - Hob Kol Hayaty / #hobkolhayati فيديو كليب إليسا - حب كل حياتي

It looks like Lebanese romantic singer has finally learned to break free and truly live. And it shows in her music videos as she is a new woman with a new purpose. She seems a lot more relaxed and to be candid fun to be with. She has been bust celebrating her birthday with friends.

But now Rotana released the teaser for her music video--the second from her album which released this year. It's too cold for the beach, the yachting, but Elissa is doing just that and you see her enjoying the company of the new model who shares the music video with her.

Elissa is turning back the clock and the fans are about to reward her for doing what she loves the most--making new music. In this era Elissa is a hit-maker like no other. she is a safe name and Rotana has invested so much in her and she always gives them consistent hits.

Elissa - Hob Kol Hayaty VC Teaser / إعلان فيديو كليب إليسا - حب كل حياتي

Thursday, November 13, 2014

Piano, Sorrow and Regrets With Mohammed Aref

Egypt has a million kid who can sing, but about a thousand of these are making money, the rest are in for the ride. I like to help young talents and bring some attention to their music, in the hope one day they can make it. but I like to support young talents, because it's hard for them to get noticed. I do my best

One of these young talents, is Mohammad Aref, an extremely personable and talented young singer who knows about composing his lyrics and his music. He produces for himself at home, and his thousands of young admirers keep him going. He has that soft voice that travels to your heart. He seems very comfortable doing the heartache songs. He has the blues most of the time.

This is yet a new single with nothing but piano, sorrow and regrets.

مات من القهره - محمد عارف

Taymoor Marmarchi, Will He Save Arabic Pop? @TaymoorM

Arabic music does not have much going for it right now. The political climate in most Arab countries is toxic, piracy is still a big issue and no one seems to want to tack it seriously and treat it as a crime. But one music executive has an uphill battle to make money for the industry. I mean music producers have done many things--their own networks where advertising money flows, product endorsement, live mega concerts, touring the world with their artists and few other tricks.

Enter the stage Taymoor Marmarchi, the guy who knows a lot about music, though he knew more about the international model and he is now working to revolutionize the industry. He speaks with hope and shares few details. Platinum Records which is largely owned by MBC picked him to run their music arm. There are also reports that MBC no longer controls Platinum Records.

In a big event last month in Abu Dhabi, the stars of the company were present and there was a big blitz. You really cannot make money is piracy is still legal. I am hearing him say that he wants to recruit non-Arab artists. This London native, and US bound Iraqi son has also worked in Beirut for years. Now he has a chance to lead and figure out a new model. He is talking about a new site Evolve, we do not know what it will be. It could be a platform for digital content which is where everybody is headed. I guess maybe TV without the set. It will be an inclusive for all artists not limited to the artists within the label.

Taymoor is talking about a new label that will help Arab artists produce songs in English for the Western market. I am thrilled to see them compete against Rotana and this comeptition will encourage innovation.

Here's a suggestion, take down these file sharing sites or sue them in a court of law.   

تيمور مرمرشي | مدير عام شركة بلاتينوم ريكوردس | Taymoor Marmarchi | GM Of Platinum Records