Monday, November 17, 2014

Watch Nahwa Making Folk Songs Hotter ... Lahfor Esmak @NahwaOfficial

Dude, did I miss the sight of Nahwa. She is back and her new music video has the touches of Lebanon's busiest director Fady Haddad. Nahwa blew me away two years ago with her retro songs. She is doing Bedouin tracks like they did in the desert for centuries. Not clear where she found this style, but it really works for her. Her voice delivers them like my grandma would have sang them at her prime.

Nahwa makes good music and now we get to see how she looks in a modern and chic look. This is a style that both the Gulf and the Levant can agree on. A style that makes the West side of Arabia joyful. The music video is about that burning love...a song by a woman for a man...a mature song that my grandparents would be proud to find it a style that I can still enjoy.

Nahwa is the fame name, Not sure where she comes from, but I know she is going places and I am just in love with Rotana produced song and album. The folk world may not be able to agree on a definition of folk music, so people resolve the question in their own way. If you recognize a song as part of your culture, maybe you’ve heard your parents sing it or you’ve heard it performed in folk clubs, then it’s folk music. And if we were to ask why did people nominate these particular songs, in many cases the answer’s probably as simple as this.

Nahwa knows this and she and her team understand that before the advent of studios, the defining feature of traditional music was that it wasn’t committed to paper for people to learn and play. The music was rooted in local areas, made use of both real and improvised instruments, and was passed on through oral tradition. The world has changed, and oral tradition will never be of such primary importance again in the future. But folk music has survived, and it’s done so mainly thanks to the efforts of many many people who’ve sought to preserve and revive what’s valuable from traditional forms of music. For the young, hip and with an old soul will enjoy this song of Nahwa's

Nahwa ... Lahfor Esmak - Video Clip | نهوي ... لحفر إسمك - فيديو كليب


  1. nahwa is the best
    she is from lebanon
    amazing voice and very beautiful face and character
    check her facebook page