Wednesday, November 19, 2014

Meet Funny Girl Mais Hamdan, The Weird Al Yankovic Of Arabia @Mais_Hamdan

Spoofing pop songs is nothing new, the good spoofs sometimes are more popular than the original work they are satirizing. In Arabia, there's Bassem Fagali who might or might not be a transgender who does spot on funny takes of Arab celebrities, he can be too much though and his styles can be over the top. The one starlet who does it very well, is Mais Hamdan. Granted some of her impressions are not that funny, but you get to enjoy her taken one some of the most popular hits in Arabic pop.

Mais is the sister of stars like Mai Selim, and now her other sister Dana is stepping into the spotlight. In fairnes, I do not like when Mais sings, but I like when she makes fun of other songs, like I will show you in few clips. I will include the original song, and the spoof by Maid and her partner. See her spoof Haifa Wehbe, Nancy Ajram, Samira Said, Asalla and Elissa. Not only does she spoof the music video, but she goes for the lyrics as well.

Mais has an interesting background, Palestinian via Jordan, native to the UAE, lived in Egypt most of her adult life. So she knows what people say and how they say it in just about every corner of Arabia

Elissa - Agmal E7sas - اليسا - اجمل احساس - YouTube.flv

ميس حمدان - (أجمل احساس) #تقليد #اليسا

Nancy Ajram Ah We Noss نانسى عجرم آه ونص YouTube

ميس حمدان - (اه ونص) #تقليد #نانسى_عجرم

Agol Ahwak ♥ Haifa Wahbi فيديو كليب

ميس حمدان - (اقول اهواك) #تقليد #هيفاء

Assala - Mab'ash Ana / أصالة - مابقاش أنا

ميس حمدان - (مابقاش أنا) #تقليد #أصالة



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