Saturday, November 29, 2014

When The Octopus Of The Oud Sing. Here's Abadi Al Johar

Abadi Al Johar has huge backing as he is one of the lead musicians in the Gulf area. He is is known for his silk way around the lute and how gifted he is with the music he makes. He is a singer whose style is not meant for everyone. To me he is like that hookah, everybody likes to be close to it, not everyone likes to participate though.

I have tremendous respect for him and I look forward to her performance at the Egyptian house of opera where he is set to appear next to Amal Maher on a song. The neat thing about Abadi Al Johar  is his title "Abu Sarah" he is like ten professional title to his name.

Abadi likes Egypt it's where he came to fine-tune his music talent and where he first got paid to perform. He attributes that hint of sadness in his voice due to the tragic loss of his mother. An experience that he describes it very well. Not to forget that he learned to play his favorite instrument since he was 11.

سامحيني - عبادي الجوهر


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