Tuesday, November 4, 2014

Horsing Around With Zuhair Francis "Yantabony"

Here's another Lebanese artist with the last name Francis....This one goes by the name Zuhair Francis and he has a new single. I like the music his songs kicks off with, why does not like looking at a horse? And babe in shades?

This is a poem that takes itself too seriously...you cannot do a poem song and dress like a western cowboy (you can do better than denim) I like the lyrics, I really do....just not the music video and the watered down music. I know, there is a love story, I do not know if Zuhair is the best part about this one. His voice is actually delightful....it's the strength and the low energy. This is a love song for a horse? I do not know, most of the frames feature that horse and the singer's still riding his horse.

Zuhair Francis - Yantabony | زهير فرنسيس - ينتابني


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