Sunday, November 9, 2014

The Most Exciting Egyptian Diva! Dina El Wedidi @ElwedidiDina

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Dina El Wedidi became known name in the indie music scene only three years ago. The Egyptian singer, composer, guitarist, Daf player, actress, and storyteller finally gets an album out. The title is "Turning Back", something the entire country of Egypt is experiencing at the moment. Dina has been known as the lead performer of an ensemble of musicians who have performed extensively in the past 2 years, fusing local and global styles of music.

Dina's best talent is in her ability to convey complicated messages and detailed stories in a very simple manner. I like her music, she puts my soul at ease. Her style of choice is something of a novelty in the music scene. I enjoy the intimate musical experience this album offers. Each of the eleven tracks tackle a different subject. You will not help but revisit many of the songs, it's not an album one listens to and forgets/ditches.

Wait a minute is that Gilberto Gil that we hear in the third track? Wow for all these young women dressed in short skirts trying to sell records, Dina pulls a stunning upset with an album so good, it makes you think this is not an Arabic album. "Turning Back" does not fall into the same trap, most indie album fall into, it's not boring and it's certainly upbeat and fresh.

The album takes you in a journey that defies time and borders. It feels like one of those lesser known artists form the fifties. To my ears the orchestra makes me think I am watching a live Simon Shaheen concert. As a new father, I want Zayna to grow up and do many things, I would not have a problem with her doing with Dina has just done.  

01 - Dawayer
02 - El Haram
03 - El Liel
04 - Fi Belad El Agayeb
05 - Hozn El Ganoub
06 - Kotr El Wagaa
07 - Soukoun
08 - Tedawar W Tergaa
09 - Ya Belad
10 - Yohadithoni El Shagar
11 - El Sira

دينا الوديدي تتألق بـ "تدور وترجع" في حفل إطلاق ألبومها الأول


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