Saturday, November 8, 2014

Yasmin Gamal New 2014 Album Is So Catchy! Take A Look @MazzikaGroup

She is Yasmin Gamal and she is brand new. This is her first album ever and the timing is bad. When big names are not even selling records, the new names may not even have a chance. Production companies like new artists--they are cheap and have little standards. But for this once, the company found a diamond in the rough, a lady whose style agrees with the masses

The new album has 9 tracks, a mixed track pop dance, and drama meant for girls and young boys. The lyricists and composers are all new names, no big names there. Yasmin has already shot a music video on the cheap. The album's title tells you the mindset...."The prettiest one" or "The Most Beautiful One" I wish the album and the artist well.

For a new comer, she just impressed me with how each of her songs is actually fun to listen to and the songs asks you to play them again....and I did. Yasmin, you are so cool and you made one surprise album that came from nowhere. The team must have saw something in you that allowed them to be inspired to write such dazzling songs.

Here's taste of what the new album is all about. Even the lead song is not about arrogance as you may think, but it's about confidence in knowing what you offer. Can you imagine these hit songs going to a A list pop star? Maybe, but Yasmin did the songs justice and she made them sweet when they needed to be and dancy when they work best.

Mesh Metamenalak - Full Track - Yasmin Gamal مش مطمنالك - ياسمين جمال

Nar aw Ganah Remix - Full Track - Yasmin Gamal نار او جنه ريمكس - ياسمين جمال

1 Ana Qaweya
2 Ein we Sabetna
3 Nar aw Ganah
4 Amr Waqea
5 Ahla Wahda
6 Mesh Metamenalak
7 Had Fakrak
8 Masala Montaheya
9  Nar aw Ganah Remix

Ana Qaweya - Full Track - Yasmin Gamal انا قويه - ياسمين جمال


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