Tuesday, November 11, 2014

@AxeerStudio Tackles Child Labor In Egypt With Osama El Hady

Axeer Studio keeps churning out new indie artists who sing about bigger things. For Axeer Studio, artists and music are meant to be about social and vaguely political things, This once Osama El Hady brings out his guitar and sets his sight on child labor and education. Such choices many in Egypt do not have. Kids work in the streets and skip school.

This is a good song with a cool melody. This is about bring nice to the little ones and keeping on mind they have dreams and lives to live. Do not let them abuse them, have hope. I like Osama, he seems to like the subject matter and he is almost just stopped being a child himself.

This is about realizing that children can have a better future we only need to believe and let them do what's right. However, they do need financial support, this is why the song gives you some ways to help.
أسامة الهادي - ممكن | Osama El Hady - Momken | @AxeerStudio


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