Thursday, March 24, 2011

Nancy Ajram, Daughter and Mother Appear

They called her the hardest working mother, the most popular mother, and some go as far as calling her the hottest celebrity mommie. It takes some courage to for a pop star to take on the stage with her little girl on TV without losing your fame or your iconic status.

Nancy Ajram brought her daughter to MTV, the Lebanese network with her cute two year old daughter who looks a lot like her. Meela, Myla or Mila is the name of the little girl. The grandmother was there too, so you get three generations of Nancy Ajram at the same time. They all look fine. See the granny is still looking youthful and shared some thoughts about raising Nancey's little girl.

Toward the middle of the clip, you get to see Nancy sing for he little girl and her mother a very cute song. It's amazing chemistry how the little girl is attached to her very busy mommy. This is a very different side of Nancy and I have to say, she aces all sides and mange to gain popularity. She seems to be on her way to have pretty much everything. the stellar career, the loving family, and the the admiration of the peers and the fans.

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