Monday, March 28, 2011

Watch This Funny Clip About Arab Revolution

Yasser Al Adama, the Syrian actor and humorist has been making fun of Arab regimes and corruption for generations. The funny man who at times sounded like a visionary at early times. Watch this clip from one of his shows. Yasser Al Adama makes so many charters and personalities and aces all of them in such a funny manner and keep them true to life.

the actor takes on the Arab leaders as they all gathered in this room in a meeting delivering fresh gems and one zinger after another. Explaining to them why the revolutions are happening in Arabia.

The actor takes on many serious issues and belittle those leaders and their corrupt agents. He even takes about Swiss bank accounts and the internet. Think of this like a lecture that Arab leaders need to hear becasue the stuff said by Yasser is real and it runs in all minds in the Arab world.

ياسر العظمة يشرح اسباب قيام الثورات العربية


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