Wednesday, September 2, 2015

Arab Singers "Holier Than Thou" Bullshit

In my mind, most of these artists pose as decent family people--some of them are really good and average run of the mill human being. For the rest they are nothing but a group of jerks with little moral character. The man and the women of the entertainment industry are a bunch of whores. Now, in public they put on a face, and pretend to be decent but in private all best are off. Now I say this because one artists is holding a launch party for a controversial song. See how they attack one another and get into one's business.

In her song, Chams tries to shame folks into holding into a false religion. The song is an attack into religion and people who believe. Fella was playing some new character, I do not see any real voices on the scene....she does not see any talent. She only had good words for Najwa Karam. Then she talks her self up. Then she talks about how she does not pay for her songs, because she gives a diamond voice. So the song is about attacking people who say one thing and do another, but Fella had no qualm attending an event with her peers, but a the same time, she does not seem them talented. And yes, Fella had her plastic surgeon at the party.

Fella has a great voice, but she is full of herself, way too much. She even rings her own voice....I do not know what to say.

Fella Interview In Chams Event فلة الجزائرية في حفل اطلاق أغنية الفنانة شمس دين أبوكم اسمه ايه


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