Monday, September 14, 2015

"The Idol" New Movie Is A Biography of Assaf (Trailer Video) @MohammedAssaf89

The world-famous Palestinian Arab Idol returns with a new song. And it's the real money where it serves as an amazing vehicle for this plenty talented young artist. This once Assaf did the song he really wanted to do, not the one the studio made him do it. Asaf gave his album and it sold like hotcakes. But now comes the time for him to do the projects that he would be allowed to do.

This song "Mahma Sar"  a song where he unleashes his vocal muscles and sing about the person and the place he misses. While the music video focuses on Gaza and the beautiful face that we seldom see. The song is about love about memories we live. The song is pretty personal and Assaf seems to do his best to be the most passionate voice within him.

The music video shows the destruction in Gaza but the people's faces who have not been broken. This is supposed to be from an upcoming movie project where the lenses of Hany Abu-Assad captured this story. I guess this is the personal history of Mohammed Assaf as a little pop who came to be. I doubt this has filmed in Gaza, it feels like it has been shot inside Lebanon where plenty of the camps fill in for Gaza. There will be images form Gaza throughout he film...
محمد عساف - مهما صار | Mohammed Assaf - Mahma Sar

Music Lyricist, Composer and Arranger: Habib Shehadeh Hanna
كلمات وألحان وتوزيع: حبيب شحادة حنا
Mahma Sar – From the movie
The Idol – طير الطاير
Directed by Hany Abu-Assad
Written by: Hany Abu-Assad with Sameh Zoabi


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