Wednesday, September 23, 2015

Rotana Picks Iraqi Musician Anwar Dragh--He is Good!

Rotana is releasing a new music video for Anwar Dragh, a song about pomegranates. It's a nice colorful music video where nature takes center stage. This feels like a vintage song made best for Debka Dance--it sounds like something you would hear in Iraq, Palestine, Jordan, Lebanon and Syria. It's a nice dance song with vintage lyrics.

The singer is Anwar Daragh who is a composer that started to sing. And gladly he did a good job, his voice is pretty authentic and glad that Rotana picked him and released his album. He is a really good guy as I was told by a fellow Iraqi musician.

This song reminds of the pop songs that we used to get decades ago, they are not trying too hard and it sounds like an intimate song with little noise. Even the music video is relaxing.
Anwar Dragh … Fart Elroman Khedodah - Video Clip | انور دراغ … فرط الرمان خدوده - فيديو كليب


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