Thursday, September 24, 2015

A Moroccan Song To Fall In Love With By @asmaabassite

At first Asma Bassite burst to fame by participating on Star Academy (2005) and singing there. Then this Moroccan vocalist took her fame to the MBC produced X Factorand there she withdraw from the program and made news. Asma blamed her withdrawal because one of the judges (Elissa) kept asking her to do songs that do not fit Asma's voice. Asma maintains that she respects Elissa but she should be the ultimate judge of what works best for her own voice.

I seems that Asma wanted to do more of Tarab songs, but the judge wanted her to do light pop songs.
Now, following in the footsteps of many of her countrymen, Asma doing a song with the Khaleej music market on mind. This is a light pop song that has a good beat--the kind that moves one's feet. I like the delightful Moroccan dialect. Asma has a candy like voice and I think she has a lot going right for her.

I detect the music style is for the Khaleej but the lyrics are meant for Morocco. I think the title is pretty clever, see and hear or just "listen!"
شوف إسمع - أسماء بسيط | Shoof Esma - Asma Bassite


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