Wednesday, September 30, 2015

Here' Are Four New and Exciting Songs By Newbies

Here are four new songs but five different new artists from around the Arab world. the styles and dialects range, but there should be some excitement in the air for all the new comers who are working hard and doing their best for one's entertainment. You will hear voices from Khaleej, Morocco and beyond fighting for your attention.

So, let's take a quick tour and appreciate the fine voices and emotions to be found in these songs. Start off with that hit duet by Ibtissam Tiskat and TwoTone, swing by the emotionally complex track by Salwa Omar, then take a quick break by hearing Layla Iskandar sounding like a Latin dance track and finish your tour by slowing down with Sultan AlRashed who is glowing happiness in his latest fun track.
ويلي ليا - TwoTone ( مع إبتسام تسكت ) | Weli Liya - TwoTone feat. Ibtissam Tiskat

خلاص إرتاح - سلوى عمر | Khalas Ertah - Salwa Omar

صقاره - ليلى إسكندر | Saggara - Layla Iskandar

عشرة من عشرة - سلطان الراشد | Ashra Mn Ashra - Sultan AlRashed


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