Saturday, September 5, 2015

Indie Palestinian Artist (Living In Paris) Sings For Aylan Kurdi--The Syrian Boys

Many of us are struggling to process the death of the little 3 years old Syrian boy, his mom, his brother and so many more. Sure the body washing ashore is very dark and it should bother so many of us and get us to change our ways-All of us.

For us Palestinians we feel affinity with our Syrian brethren, we get it and this is why the streets of Palest are now filled with images of this innocent boy. It was only naturally for one indie musicians from Jerusalem to release his song in honor and memory of Aylan.

Yes, Ahmed wanted to do something about this tragedy and he did the only thing he could do, sing for the little boy. It's shocking to many of us, a wake up call for all of us to keep our hearts alive and not to deny others a chance to live with dignity.

The grieving father wanted the best for his kids, but he got the worse. I hope you finds comfort with his family and friends around the world.
Yamemati. ياميمتي. إلى أرواح أطفال اللاجئين الذين قضوا في البحر. غناء هاجر وأحمد داري


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