Monday, September 7, 2015

Listen: Nariman's Suicidal Love Song @AhmedIbrahim_II

I like a bit of Spanish guitar mixed with some French Harmonica....this is how Nariman sees it best fit in her new single. You know when you break up, you think you are not done. Or perhaps the feeling that you are unable to move forward with your life. For those who have lived that moment, they can tune in and check out Nariman.

Good voice for a dark song that lacks hope, the song that many may play before they take their own lives. But Nariman's picture is about hope....and she looks like she has a lot of live for. The producer who should get most of the credit for this delightful track is the Cairo based arranger Ahmed Ibrahim. This song makes splash for a young artist who is trying to stand out from the pack...she does. Will it last? I hope Nariman has a lot to offer.

ناريمان - الحال ده مش نافع


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