Tuesday, September 15, 2015

The Most Bizarre Entertainer in #Lebanon (Video)

No he is not a singer--at least that's not what we know him best for. He is a Lebanese hairdresser who spends his greatest time styling hair for celebrities, models and wealthy individuals around the Middle East. He is considered one of the top ten stylists in Lebanon by some magazine--it seems important to him.
We have loved him for years, but when he started singing and moving in a retro style on stage, people started cracking jokes as he was such an act. Audience were laughing at him and not sure how to deal with a guy who shakes it better than any female ever could. So far he was one song under his belt, but not enough jokes in the world can stop him from releasing few more. Hear him out talk about his latest songs, defending his choices and see a preview of that instant song that became famous for all the wrong reasons.

جو رعد: اللي إختشوا ماتوا!


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