Tuesday, September 22, 2015

The Father Sings, So Does The Son And Now The Grandson!

Everyone in Egypt knows the iconic Sha'abi singer Ahmed Adaweya, he is a legend in singing folksy songs in simple Egyptian that made have been taboo then but now are considered classics. About ten years ago, the song Mohamed Adaweya launched his music career and he was pretty cool. In 2010 he did a song with his father that was decent and a second album. I am a fan for real.

During one of his concerts in Egypt Mohamed asked the audience to listen to his won song sing a live song for them. Ahmed Junior grabbed the microphone and fired away. The little kid is dressed just like his own father but named after his grandfather. The song of choice is a cover from his grandpa's past.

That was a fun moment and the audience and the band enjoyed it. The proud father was clapping for his son as he was delivering the song live. You have future kid!
الطفل احمد عدوية حفيد الفنان عدوية يغنى السح الدح امبو فى ساقية الصاوى حصريا


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