Friday, September 4, 2015

The Voice Of Mohamed AlShehhi Would Make You Happy

Turkey still has a large cultural influence on Arabia, music is still an area where Turkey is making an impact. The folks in Egypt, Lebanon and the Khaleej get inspired by what is trending in Turkish pop and entertainment. I see this is true in the new song by new comer Mohamed AlShehhi who released a music videos that starts off with Turkish.

I think the music also feel Turkish, perhaps the composer came from that land? It might be a song in Arabic to a Turkish melody borrowed from Turkish pop.  Now, I would not have not loved this song had I not loved the voice of Mohamed AlShehhi who has the warmth and the heart that makes him sound genuine. Sure he is very sweet as he confessed how much she meant to him--what a luck lady. No clue where this artist comes from, but he has a fan in me. I had little luck finding him on the social media...but I hope this is not just a one hit wonder....
تقابلنا ( كليب ) - محمد الشحي | Tgablna ( Clip ) - Mohamed AlShehhi


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