Tuesday, September 1, 2015

Egyptian Singer Loai Cannot Go Back To The Top Again

As Loai releases yet another new music video for a song from his album releases earlier this year, I cannot help but think this is a talented guy who has not found a hit for more than five years. This Egyptian singer released three albums, the first was a classic pop album that saw his rise to fame. He second album was average...third album was lacking. Sure it had few songs that are decent, but nothing registered with the masses.

Not sure what is not working with this once lovable but shy artist. I did not love this song and the album while looks classy and puts Loai under a good light, it's just a song that has no soul and a music video that could not make it have one.
Wala Yenfaa Keda - Loai ولا ينفع كده - لؤى


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