Tuesday, September 8, 2015

Meet "The Octopus Of The Oud" Abadi El Johar

He has the coolest titel among his Arab pears, he goes by "the octopus of the lute-oud" How cool is that? Abadi El Johar, also goes by another title "the ambassador of sorrow" because his brings a man closer to his tears. But his skills to play the oud is something not to ignore. He is a master in this and I love how cool his ouds tend to be. He owns 51 of them all at home and each of them serves a purpose.

Abadi El Johar is a Saudi and he has been singing, but he also likes to read old Arabic poetry and study the history. How did he decide to sing? A really personal story, his mom was being seein in hospitals in Egypt and since they spent a great deal of money on the visits to the hospitals, Abadi took an offer to sing in Egypt paying him a 1000 Egyptian pound. that allowed him to support himself while caring for his mother.

He wrote a dozne of songs and music for a list Arab pop stars among whom Asalah Nasri, Samira Said, Abbas Ibrahim, Aseel Omaran and not to forget the legendary Talal Maddah. Here is the man performing one of his songs live. No wonder he is a king-maker of Gulf music and his fane and respect has traveled outside the gulf where most of his focus has been.

عبادي الجوهر - شعاع الشمس


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