Wednesday, September 23, 2015

Rabeh Sager Celebrates All The Saudi Freedoms!

Rabeh Sager is a proud Saudi who made time to record a new love song for his home. I respect that. He loves his home and he enjoys its wealth and riches--unlike many non Saudi stars who do such songs for a paycheck. Rabeh is fitly rich so he does not do things for money. He is one of these authentic Saudi voices, really in an other country his style won't fly. But in Saudi and the Khaleej he is king.

It's Saudi national day and there is celebration all over the land and it's Hajj season and Eid, so there are many happy occasions to commemorate. Rabeh had a good year in 2015, which saw the release of his much anticipated album of more than 20 tracks. It was his first in more than a decade.
Rabeh Sager ... Ya Wajh Al Ard | رابح صقر ... يا وجه الأرض


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