Friday, September 11, 2015

Melhem Zein (The Guy Who Doesn't Want To Sing) Releases A New Song

Melhem Zein is a cool vocalist with a huge fan base. The charming Lebanese artist who seems to be liked by everyone speaks about being bored with the music scene often. It seems to me he is slowly transitioning into the business world.

Abu Ali is his other name and the down to earth star release a new song. A mellow track which is a departure for his loud and party dance songs he has been doing. Melhem has done a number of Iraqi songs that were well-received.

This is a new song from Melhem talking about what could have been, it's a dark song about sour love stories. I guess the music is cool, the piano gives the new track a classy feel and Melhem is good for that style. This song is a tear-jerker for those novices to love.
Melhem Zein - Lamma L Haki [Audio] / ملحم زين - لما الحكي


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