Wednesday, September 23, 2015

The Sweet Salah AlZadjali Knocks Another One Out Of The Park #GHANNIET

Oman's most famous musician/singer Salah AlZadjali is back with a different kind of hit. A song so sweet and a music video so innocent that it's almost criminal not to watch. A cute story is hard to capture on video without coming across as a cliche. Salah and his team brought their song to live, told a good story and gave us an entertaining music video that feels authentic.

It feels like a music video made by friends and not models and crews. Salah cranks a hit about every two years. This time he goes with the romantic type. His first hit was everywhere four years ago, two years later he had a song that was dramatic. Now comes a song that mixes romance with a hint of drama.

Salah really looks lie a nice guy who finishes last. His music video captures him in real life being in love but awkward. It's sweet dream song that shows him falling in love with the girl next door. Salah puts on his acting face and plays the part well. He also sports a number of looks that make him cool. The music video shoes how in love timing matters. Salah gets caught in that cycle and the appearance of things can be tricky. He is singing because he could not channel his emotions using an other medium of communication.    

Salah AlZadjali - GHANNIET ( Exclusive Music Video) | (صلاح الزدجالي - غنيت (فيديو كليب حصري


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