Sunday, August 31, 2014

Myriam Fares Just Got Married #Honeymoon Surprise Wedding (Picture)

The bade of Lebanese pop Myriam Fares just got married if her Facebook posting  are to be believed. The hit-maker made a surprise announcement on her Facebook that she is on a honeymoon....and you can see a huge ring and a hand of some guy who seems to be her partner and husband. This was a reported civil marriage not a Church one--Myriam is a big proponent of civil marriage in Lebanon.

We are now hearing, the lucky guy is the American Lebanese guy Dany Dimitri but this has yet to be confirmed.
This is a true surprise that no one saw coming. The fans were caught in the blind spot and some are happy, some are surprised....but we want more details. Late last year in October she said that she was ready to build a family. Reports from the Beirut Daily News yesterday (August 30, 2014), suggest the singer best known for her album Bet'oul Eh has secretly got hitched to her long-term relationship.

Private ceremony with family and friends There had already been speculation that the loved-up pair were set to announce their engagement but it sounds like they might have just jumped straight to wedded bliss! The paper says the singer has been spotted wearing a new wedding ring earlier this week. The honeymoon is taken place in Europe--I respect her privacy.

Related Myriam Fares Sparks Engagement Rumor The couple is said to have exchanged vows in an private morning ceremony at a secret location, before few close friends and family members. Was there a secret wedding? That remains a mystery for now, as the singer’s rep hasn't commented, nor the couple released an official statement yet.

Myriam Fares - Eih Elly Byehsal / ميريام فارس - إية اللى بيحصل

Hot And Upeat! Carole Samaha - Sahranine Video Clip / كارول سماحة - فيديوكليب سهرانين @CAROLE_SAMAHA

Carole Samah has traveled the world in search of talents to work with and this hit-maker knows how to make a good song even better. Her music videos are classy and bring out the funk. She has never repeated herself in songs or music videos.

With Sahranine she wrote the song's lyrics and it's a rocking track. This is a perfect club song, the nicest party track, and boy does Carole dance? She does and she leads a pack of equally dazzling dancers. Carole, you are so cool and your energy is hard to match. To pay for all that, a hair care company gets their product placed.

Seriously, this is  Carole like we have no seen in a while.....She is a gifted dancer who does not try to be over the top obsessed about her body. She came from a theater background and she owns every second of this music videos. She sets the standards and always she is doing something exciting and worth talking about it.

Composed by the lovable Egyptian composer Mohamed Raheem--one of his better work. Lyrics by: Carole Samaha Arranged by: Sleiman Damien Mixed by: Edward Meunier. And no one directs Carole Samaha better than her friend and business partner Thierry Vergnes

 Carole Samaha - Sahranine Video Clip / كارول سماحة - فيديوكليب سهرانين

Saturday, August 30, 2014

The Many Faces of The Lovable Balqees Ahmed Fathi

I do not know this, but I feel when Balqees Ahmed Fathi was growing up in Yemen as a little girl she had never she thought would be the number one selling artist in the entire Gulf region. The daughter of a respected lute-player and composer Ahmed Fathi sits on the throne of Gulf music and has so many passionate fans (and haters) all around the area.

I credit her for making Gulf music simple, accessible and hip. She makes self-deprecating music videos and engages her fans and often makes news for her social media interactions. Naturally, she sells well and the young ones love her and her many characters.

Balqees Ahmed Fathi can be often seen in large music festivals around Dubia, Qatar, Bahrain, Oman and in private events and wedding sin Saudi Arabia and Yemen. I love how unlike many of her peers in the Gulf region she is never afraid to have fun and to mock certain things. this is how you maintain your relevant being you, being goofy and all over the space. She is also known for her sport fandom and her commentary on spots and athletes.

بلقيس - الـ دي جي

Friday, August 29, 2014

WATCH: شيرين - ومين إختار | Sherine Stuning Transformation In "We Meen Ekhtar"

Egyptian vocalist Sherine might have a combative personality and not get a long with too many people, but her music luckily for us agrees with more of us. Her talent is something we all agree on that she is a true force in delightful Arabic pop music.

She has the voice that allows her to do pretty much any song she chooses to do. We are lucky to have her be a hard working entertainer who makes a lot of good music, she is an active diva. Just watch her transformation for this music video where the club meets fancy hotel rooms. Keep on mind she is a mother for two and still has that breath-taking stunning look. I love her in the music video where class meets go girl.

Her voice is so good here and this is the right style of her voice, she had some these kind of songs in the past and we loved them, now she gets to act out what she has not been able to pull in a long time. We get to see some serious action here and some dazzling art direction. She seems to get along with her co-worker aka model. I love the light show--it reminds me of Western music videos but there is so much value in this music video. There are at least half a dozen looks here and they are all well for Sherine.

Finally here's a really good club song that works well for pretty much all people.

شيرين - ومين إختار | Sherine - We Meen Ekhtar | Official Music Video

Listen to "‪#‎Jana‬" sample, new song from ‪#‎AmrDIab‬'s new album (‪#‎Shoft_ElAyam‬ 2014) by Rotana

The Iconic Egyptian hit-maker Amr Diab promised to deliver his new and latest album next month. He has already delivered the masters to the producer Rotana. Rotana has to do few things, get the marketing ready, get the clearance from the Egyptian music commission and print/deliver copies to all their stores.

The album will have 11 tracks and the usual Amr Diab collaborators have already put their seal. I would love to see what Islam Zaki is doing with these many songs he is composing music for. Amr Diab is also composing the music for a track. Tamer Hussein got to write lyrics for eight of the songs--this is risky. The music production are split between two talents Adel Haki and Osama Al Hindi.

We do have a sample from Jana, a track that will be on the album....Amr Diab wrote the music here. The title of the song is about Amr Diab's daughter. Clever for a father to do that. Seriously, did we even miss Amr Diab? He had an album last year and the year before. Every year album is never a good sign to me. But when you sing a multi-million dollar contract, you have to produce for them.

Amr Diab - Jana (Sample عمرو دياب - چانا (برومو

حصرياً، التفاصيل الكاملة لألبوم الفنان #عمرو_دياب الجديد#شفت_الأيام:
سلم الفنان عمرو دياب لشركة روتانا ماستر ألبومه الجديد ٢٠١٤ "شُفت الأيام" المقرر طرحه خلال شهر سبتمبر القادم، ويتضمن الألبوم ١١ أغنية :

:۱­ شُفت الأيام
كلمات: تامر حسين، ألحان: شادي حسن، توزيع: عادل حقي

:۲­ جماله
كلمات: تامر حسين، ألحان: شادي حسن، توزيع أسامة الهندي

:۳­ وحتبتدي الحكايات
كلمات: تامر حسين، ألحان: تامر علي، توزيع: عادل حقي

:٤­ أنا مش أناني
كلمات: تامر حسين، ألحان: أسلام ذكي، توزيع: أسامة الهندي

:٥­ ونعيش
كلمات: تامر حسين، ألحان: أحمد حسين، توزيع: عادل حقي

:٦­ مش جديد
كلمات: مجدي النجار، ألحان: خليل مصطفي، توزيع: أسامة الهندي

:۷­ ساعة الفراق
كلمات: تامر حسين، ألحان: أسلام ذكي، توزيع: عادل حقي

:۸­ چانا
كلمات: تامر حسين، ألحان: عمرو دياب، توزيع: أسامة الهندي

:۹­ كان كل حاجة
كلمات: أحمد شتا، ألحان: أحمد الناصر، توزيع: أسامة الهندي

:۱۰­ أيوه أتغيرت
كلمات: تامر حسين، ألحان: أسلام ذكي، توزيع عادل حقي

:۱۱­ أهو ليل وعدي
كلمات: مجدي النجار، ألحان: خليل مصطفي، توزيع: عادل حقي

Listen: .. Rawad Saab - Majbour Safer 2014 / رواد صعب - مجبور سافر @RawadSaabSinger

Lebanese old soul singer Rawad Saab fresh off his tour in Australia released a new track about being forced to travel away form the motherland. It's a song that sits will most of Arab expats living around the glob in literary every corner.
The song curses poverty as it's the one number drive behind forcing someone to depart away with his other loved ones. This is a good song, but a great performance from charming Rawad who is making a bigger name for himself.  
The music feels tired, the lyrics are great, but also dated...however this song get a good release due to the madness we see in Arabia and the people becoming refugees due to Israel and radical and mysteriously funded religious factions. 
 .. Rawad Saab - Majbour Safer 2014 / رواد صعب - مجبور سافر

Thursday, August 28, 2014

Sandy And The Spoiled / Entitled Teen Who Love Her

If you are a teenager and have a shitty taste of music, then you need to be listening to Sandy. Sandy from Egypt is pushing hard the release of her new album which was actually good. But then she goes to be with fans, only to be surrounded by bodyguards....I do not blame her, the more of you guys out there, the less of her you would see.

Checkout this footage from his album signing at Virgin Mega Store and do a media event and a tiny song or two. I do not think she really likes the fans, she just wants them to buy her album to allow her to go on a longer vacation. She made a good album, and now she is here to help sell it. Virgin offers that kind of place.

So to sum, if you are a spoiled teen with a lot of money that you did not work hard for, then join the lines and buy the new album.

Sandy Rock's Virgin Megastore - ساندي - حفل توقيع البوم حلوه جدا

Slum Singer Sa'd El Soghayar - Agmal Bent Fi Masr Album سعد الصغير - أحلي بنت فى مصر

I love the cover art for the album Saad, you are going for that Majid El Mohandis look and style. The Egyptian slum singer and favorite go to guy for wedding parties is back with a full-scale album. 13 tracks of loud music and street language. He is that street smart entertainer who looks like your Makwajy the guy who irons your clothes is a full blown party guy.

Now to be fair, Sa'd is a big deal in Egypt, he is a cultural icon no doubt. He has a good voice, it's just his style that doesn't agree with me. He has also been hanging out with a lot of these belly dancers they appear in his movies and music videos. I think his character is damaged, but he also does his friends and family well. He makes it rain.

Saad has already appeared in half a dozen films and his movies tend to be low cost and big yield. Always he is the cool nice guy who is really trying to live right, he keeps the company of stoners and drug users who run into trouble with local street thugs--there is always a girl that he wants to marry.

As for the album, there are those sleeper hits and there are those musical guests to look forward to. But in general, this is cool album if you want some street cred with the local folks.

Link track

01. Adet Asad
02. Agmal Bent Fi Masr
03. Alheml Ba'a Te'el Alya
04. Ana Men Yom Mareftk
05. Ayez Atgwez ***'a
06. Dalah Al Banat
07. Marafosh
08. Mesh Hatbtl Aflam
09. Mraty Khan'any
10. Shokran Ya Aam
11. Tebt Men Al Bashar
12. Wala Yom Men Ayamoh
13. Wela'a

Sa'd El Soghayar - Agmal Bent Fi Masr - Samples | سعد الصغير - أحلي بنت فى مصر

Wednesday, August 27, 2014

Leaked! New Song By Elissa And Marwan Khoury (Audio) "Ta3bani Mennak"

Ta'aban Meenak was suppose to be one more song on Elissa's latest album released last month, but it was not included because the composer Marwan Khoury had a disagreement with Rotana and asked them not to include the song on Elissa's album. The two remain friends. It remains unclear who leaked the song or for what purpose. I imagine, Elissa and Marwan both have copies, the studio has one and perhaps Rotana....who has some to gain and a lot to lose is yet to be determined.

Marwan Khoury is a hit-maker and as they dub him, the complete artist who sing and compose and write lyrics. He needs no fame more than he already has. This is a great song, and had it been on Elissa's album it would have been one of the three good songs on it.

Elissa did a good job being less Elissa and more capable vocalist. This is Elissa like you have never heard her before. She sounds like a vocalist made for Tarab songs, a real talent and not a one trick pony like Elissa is becoming more like. This is a great song to hear live as it requires acting out what one is singing. I hope some other artist picks this song and do it justice.

 Elissa - Ta3bani Mennak اليسا - تعبانة منك

The Hottest Ice Bucket Challenge By Maria Nalbandian #IceBucketChallenge

Maria had a concert in Lebanon and she wore some interesting outfit, by both being revealing but all covered. Hear the audience roar as she talks to them about what she is about to do. The Armenian from Lebanon artist took the challenge and the internet is not ready to quit her.

I do not know if she needed these screaming fans....but to her credit she wore protective clothes to avoid being covered with cold water. Maria Nalbandian has not aged like you would think she would. she shot to fame ten years ago, faded away for some time, walked on cake for a bit, got in trouble then she came up once more.

Maria Nalbandian #IceBucketChallenge in live concert Beirut Lebanon

Rabih El Zein Wins Mr. Lebanon. Boy Toy!

Lebanon may not have a president, but sure thing she has its Mr. Lebanon ready to go. He is a good looking fellow. And he seems to be happy about being the prettiest boy in the room. He says it took him two months to prepare for that thing. He thinks Mr. Lebanon is only the beginning.

Rabih El Zein took home the title, I am so happy to see not only the women of Lebanon are asked to show off their hood looks. His next thing is taking part of a contest in Turkey. Rabih is good guy he is well spoken and I think he has future on TV.

Double major in theater and media, he likes to have a good time, but he also likes basketball.
ملك جمال لبنان ربيع الزين لإيلاف: اللقب ما هو إلّا البداية

Tuesday, August 26, 2014

Those Brown-Nosing Egyptian Entertainers Deserve To Live Under Dictatorship!

See the A list entertainers from Egypt pose with the army

Just watch them release one song after another praising the army and it's lovely army leader General Sisi, who has never met a a massacre he did not like. Now, the entertainers all falling in line behind him singing hims praises. They sing for the second revolution but not the first one. Le'ts be clear, the main artists in Egyptian music did not sing for the Jan 25th revolution, But they all came swinging for the second revolution (aka coup)

They are singing about their history and past glories, but have no idea that the future is what matters, and they just have ruined it for everyone else. I love how this song, calls the brotherhood a minority--forgetting off course that minorities have won the past six fair elections that took place in Egypt. The issues with such thinking, is that they fall in love with persons, not the process. Meaning democracy is a process and it's hard to like, but when a charming and soft spoken dictator raises, the people of Egypt cheer him on. and remember 30 years later their original sin. 

I thought entertainers like Medhat Saleh and Rihm Abd El Hakeem were all for freedom of speech, but they were among the first to usher a new ear of intimidation and repression. Of course those practices come wrapped in the flag of nationalism and Arab Unity. I love how they sing for Arab unity, but the new government is choking the Gaza Strip, jailing Palestinians, Syrians and Yemenis for no crime they have committed.

The humor in all this, the army targeted the brotherhood first, second they gutted the liberals, and now they are going after the Al-Azhar and the other parties that does not endorse the arm's practices.

I remind you, most of those singers who are praising the army were the same ones who sucked up to Mubrak, and now they are coming back for the encore.
مصر بتحلم - مدحت صالح وريهام عبد الحكيم

The First Arabic Music Video With Lesbians--Thank you Rabih Gemayel (Video)

Here's a guy who comes from a political dynasty in Lebanon, but politics drives people apart. Rabih Gemayel wanted to bring them together so he chose music instead. I have taken notice of this new comer few months ago with the release of this moving dude song, a song about bros code.....a song about his past love who is now in a serious relationship with his best pal. The song is about the dilemma of what to do in this situation.

You are in love one day playing bowling and in few, love goes sour, and things go south. Rabih found this song  with Faris Iskander....and he seems to find luck with this young hit-maker. Then your buddies swings by, and shows you a photo of his gal, then you see she is none but your ex. I do not know if this is stupid concept for a music video. The only real problem here is that people are forced to conceal their identities, not that they have same gender attraction. I give the people behind the music video credit for brining out this issue to the spotlight.

Goes this song from Rabih Gemayel. Not sure why all the women are dressed like teenage cheerleaders, not real women. I give it to this artist he has gone under a makeover that fits his style. Watch for the minute he meets his ex pretending not to know her. I guess this is about Lesbian love as well. This is bold dude, perhaps the first hip song to tackle the issue of you same gender attraction in the female population.

Rabih Gemayel - Sadmit Omri / ربيع الجميل - صدمة عمري

The Assyrian Australian Sexy Actor / Model Ramis Issac Corny Song @RamisIssac

Here's a good looking guy left the Middle East to live in peace in Australia, but since he is good looking he is now an actor, a model and now a singer. Ramis Issac is dubbed "the first Assyrian/Babylonian Model." and you know I asked my wife, she agrees he is a good looking dude.

When it comes to music, if this is his first song ever, it's OK. But if his music career to hold, he needs to do better. The lyrics are corny and his vocal performance is not yet Western. His approach to music is similar to that of Arabic and Assyrian songs.

I thank Ramis for doing more, and I am happy he has found safety in a place that gives him a room to be creative and good looking.    
Ramis Issac - With Only You

Monday, August 25, 2014

I'm Begining To Think Elissa Needs Therapist

Elissa is still looking for a guy, she is pushing forty and still looking for her guy. But she is not searching in silence, we all have to suffer for hr journey. Watch this song and images from a Rotana produced TV drama, and since Elissa is one of their top artist, this song makes sense.

An innocent human, an innocent lady, a song about doing everything right yet getting not anything right. I must say, this song is pretty good, but I might be not be able to be just to Elissa, I may have outgrown her. Some of her songs are now sounding like she needs to talk to a physical therapist, and not sing. Drama is everywhere, and Elissa knows it very well.

This is not dissing a talented artist, this is dissing artists who are unable to tell a different story or a different style.    

اليسا - انسانه بريئه

Algeria's Djemila Festival 2014 Offers #Gaza Support And Funds #Algeria

Algeria had plans for the huge music festival in the city of Dejmila. Dejamila Festival lasts for ten days of various musical performances. It's one of the country's largest music festival. This year;s festival income was dedicated for Gaza, Palestine. People wanted to help, and the local government wanted the event to go on. Algeria has stood by the side of Palestine for a long time. My wife was born there, and she attests to that.

Algerian more so than other Arabs are more passionate about rallying support for Palestine. And Palestine loves them back--even if it was for a soccer game. Just see their national team, they donated some of their earnings to Gaza. I think the president of the republic waned to send a message and allow his people to come to the support of people of Gaza. See how the stars speak out.

Najwa Karam - Djemila Festival 2014 نجوى كرم - مهرجان جميلة

Sunday, August 24, 2014

Download: Tamer Hosny 2014 Album 180 Degrees البوم تامر حسنى - 180 درجة 2014

The last summer album gets released. Tamer Hosny's latest album titled 180 Degrees sees the date light and few days remain in the summer of 2014. The good news, the album is his first collaboration with Rotana and it's huge marketing arm that reaches everywhere. Tamer had his best run with Free Music at the Mahrous household where he had a lot more hits. He is still able to make more music, like he did with Mazzika for few years, but the hits were not as frequent. Enters Rotana that snagged him earlier this year.

This is an album with exactly a dozen songs done in Tamer Hosny fashion. This is exciting, this is fresh and this is Tamer Hosny's third album since 2011's famous meltdown. He has already released a dozen singles since 2011, and has already starred in three TV dramas, and one film. Will he redeem himself? It does not matter, the guy is back with force and he refuses to take a backseat. He really invests in himself and tries to pay his way to fame.

He composed the music for few of the songs, Tamer likes to wear a number of hats. Some of the songs are his lyrics. He still finds clever ways to say "you are a pretty lady". The thing about Tamer is pretty interesting no other artist has bigger fan base than he does, but also no other artists has bigger haters base than he does. His fans are by the millions, but his haters are not exactly quiet. They argue he manufactures this fan base and pays people to do stuff that makes him look like an idol.

Love him or hate him, he is back with force, and he is not going anywhere...this album is more Tamer Hosny than anything in the past. Rotana told him to do what it takes to bring out a good album--his last year's album was pretty good to me. Please buy your copy, the original copy is the right way to go.


01. Mean Momken, music and lyrics the creations of Tamer Hosny
02. Dana Baba, music and lyrics the creations of Tamer Hosny
03. Kol Dah Ala Aieh, Smooth Amir Taimah wrote the lyrics and Sherif Bader composed
04. 180 Darga, Mohammad Atef's lyrics and Ramy Gamal music
05. Zai Al Nile, music and lyrics the creations of Tamer Hosny
06. Al Ouada Etfakit, Sabir Kamal wrote the lyrics, music are the work of Sherif Bader
07. Nergaa Tani, Al sayd Ali's lyrics and music of Ahmed Yosef
08. Welcome to the Life (feat. Akon), Tamer Hosny and Akon wrote the lyrcis, music by Tamer.
09. Etamini, Hesham Sadiq wrote the lyrics for Sherif Bader's music
10. Fi Al Haiah, Ahmed Musa's lyrics paired with music of Mohamad Abiyah
11. Matetghairy Baa, lyrics of Tamer Hosny and the music is the fruit of Ali Shabaan
12. Bahebek Bkol Al Lahagat, The hit song has been written by Tamer Hosny and Al Sayad Ali for the music of Ahmed Yousef

Welcome To The Life - Tamer Hosny FT Akon - Official Music Video HD

 ده انا بابا - تامر حسني / Da Ana Baba - Tamer Hosny

With Sabotage Bold Nadina Turns Up The Heat! @NadinaTV

Bless the hearts of those who attempt to do something fresh. Nadina has a new music video out, she is starting off with a bit of class and piano, then the full part mode breaks out. Make no mistake, this is a music media made in the Western style, and not just because of the language.

Nadina is likable here, and she has a lot to offer in this joint. She fuses sexy with talented without coming across as someone who tried too hard. I do not usually like songs in English, but this is an attempt from some talented and bold Lebanese artist who calls Vancouver her home. She gets to dance and perhaps belly dance while boxing and kicking ass all at once.

Much of the music video is focused on Nadina's abs, but she lyrics do not matter, the music production and mastering is pretty dazzling. I love the tiny hint of Arabic beat. This is what Nadina says she wants to do, "It's an amalgamation of North American and Middle Eastern sounds. I wanted to merge classical Arabic strings/instruments and modern Western beats. I tried to bridge all of these styles so the music doesn't lean far one way or the other."  This is a good portrait of what her career can offer.    

I hope Nadina makes it outside the Arab world, these American pop stars have nothing on her--I know this music video will be a big hit in Lebanese and Arabic networks...I hope it travels farther.

Nadina - Sabotage Official Music Video | نادينا - الكليب الرسمى لأغنية سابوتاج

Saturday, August 23, 2014

How Much Do You Love Simon Hadchiti ?

The classy B list vocalist and good looking devil Simon Hadchiti has a new track out and it's about taking things easy as in solely. Simon Hadchiti is one of those artists that are well-known inside Lebanon and in Beirut night life. His fame has not travelled outside the borders of that wonderful country.

I like the beat here, the music is right, and it feels exciting--something you would drive to. His voice is always pleasant. The production is wonderful, I love his dialect it makes you think you are in the desert hearing a hit song from a dated era.

Simon Hadchiti - Bechwech 2014 / بشويش - جديد سيمون

Friday, August 22, 2014

Islam Meets Funk--Thank you Mohamed Mohy In "Al Qwafy"

Egyptian lone wolf Mohamed Mohy has not released a new song in about six years. Since the release of his 2008 album and the man has not worked on any new songs. But he is changing that just today....with the release of an interesting song. It's not easy to do something that has never been done before, but here's an attempt at creating something that have never existed. before.

So you've heard of funky songs, and you have heard of Muslim songs, Mohamed Mohy mixed the two together in a fresh Sufi fashion and he came out with something if not incredible, then intriguing. Plus, I have always liked his clean look, the guy likes to wear white and hates egos and self-promotion.

Mohamed Mohy has a n interesting voice, the sad type, he does it like no other. Now he lands in Islam's Sufi tradition and make his ban rock in the desert. The song is hip, the t-shirt is cool too...the lyrics are traditional poem but arranged musically like never before. The track is about counting the virtues of the prophet of Islam (Mohammad) I like the feel, Mohy has a wonderful thing about him. I am inclined to say this song was filmed in Jordan, but it's actually filmed in Egypt near El Ain Al Sokhna resort.

Hijab wearing wearing violinist is a plus. This is song has good direction, a great location and a fresh style. So welcome back Mohamed Mohy, more please. Note, this is not the first song to do Sufi songs, but he is making them cool again and it seems he is very respectful.

القوافي - محمد محي - Al Qwafy - Mohamed Mohy

The 10 Most Iconic (And Memorable) Arabic Music Video Clips (See Them All)

Here are the top ten most memorable music videos for the past Arab generation, music videos or video clips as better known in the area, are many, good ones are far fewer...iconic ones, ones that we remember for decades are rare....Here are the top ten of those.
  1. Monaya - Moustafa Amar  2002 منايا - مصطفى قمر
  2. Tamally Maak - Amr Diab 2000 تملى معاك - عمرو دياب
  3. Hesham Abbas Nari Nari 2000 ارى نارين ( حبيبى ده ) - هشام عباس
  4. Hakeem Ifrad Mathlan 1996 حكيم - إفرض إني خاصمتك يوم- كليب
  5. Hesham Abbas and Hami El Shari Eiiny 1997 هشام عباس وحميد الشاعري عيني
  6. Muhammed Foad - The true love 1998 محمد فؤاد - الحب الحقيقي 
  7. Nancy Ajram - Akhasmak Ah  2003"أخاصمك آه" – نانسي عجرم
  8. Ehab Toufic Amel Amlah 2004 ايهاب توفيق - عامل عاملة
  9. Mohammed Mounir : So Ya So 2001 محمد منير - سو يا سو
  10. Saharouny El Leil - Ragheb Alama 2001 سهروني الليل - راغب علامة

Note most of these artists are Egyptians only Nancy and Ragheb are not--they are Lebanese. The artists here are still living and making more songs to date. One artist had two songs here, Hesham Abbas. Most of them are males, only Nancy Ajram makes the cut. the person who put this list is Egyptain and note that these songs, the oldest came in 1996 and the newest came in 2003. there remains planty of good songs that are not on this list....Abdel Majeed Abdallah (Raheeb, Kul #am we Inta El hoob), (Nothing from Kadem Al Saher) name few...and nothing from Angham? Sherine?

Monaya - Moustafa Amar منايا - مصطفى قمر

Tamally Maak - Amr Diab تملى معاك - عمرو دياب

‫نارى نارين ( حبيبى ده ) - هشام عباس

حكيم - إفرض إني خاصمتك يوم- كليب

HDهشام عباس وحميد الشاعري عيني

 Muhammed Foad - The true love محمد فؤاد - الحب الحقيقي

Nancy Ajram - Akhasmak Ah

Ehab Toufic Amel Amlah ايهاب توفيق - عامل عاملة

Mohammed Mounir : So Ya So محمد منير - سو يا سو

Saharouny El Leil - Ragheb Alama سهروني الليل - راغب علامة


Thursday, August 21, 2014

Six Vocalist, One Amazing Song For Palestine #Gaza @LianBazlamit12

Six young Arab vocalists and stars from shows like Star Academy joined forces, put their egos aside and sang one folkloric song from the Palestinian history. The versatile Lian Bazlmit leads the pack, the accessible Yehia Swees, the bold Mohammad Rafie, the warm Lilia Bin Shikha, the dazzling Diala Oudeh, and beloved Mohammad Bash. These folks could be doing a lot more with their time yet, they chose to spend their time singing for the people of Gaza and Palestine

Brining all these young talents to do this song at this time took some work, but they came together for Gaza and Palestine. they brought their A game and stood for justice. Their voices make this song extra special....It's a breath of fresh air to hear a song we grew up listening to, get a new lease on life. This song is about dignity and freedom.

Thank you folks for this gem, it's a song that will be sticking around for a while. While most of the vocalists on this track are from Palestine--some have other connections to places like Jordan and Syria. They bleed with Palestine and they came to do what they know how to do best--sing and help people heal.

يما مويل الهوى 2014


This Song From El Ashahs Will Give You Seizure العصابة - الأشاش

El Ashahs is a new Egyptian movie about a thug or what is been called "El Baltaji" it's hardly the first movie on this subject--they made one just last year. It's one of these movies where they stitch a number of tiny stories as they tell the story of one street thug who terrorize people and sleep around.

Most people are indifferent about this film, some even hate the kind of topic or the style of the producers who seem to prey on the weak and poor people by telling stories about them being sex-crazed, abusive people who like to dink do drugs and dance like strippers.

Now, we have the song which is meant to market the film, a wedding meets a block party--lots of dudes, guns, dancing ladies, and something of a rave party. Egypt is really not like this, this seems to have been filmed by someone high, and frankly the way it's filmed it might even give you seizure and panic attack. This is the techno version of auto-tine lame song with lots of slang. The thing these people who act in these movies do not live anywhere near where these stories are supposed to take place--and these people drive fancy rids and have bodyguards.

El Essabsa - Al Ashash / العصابة - الأشاش

The Politics and Music of Lebanses Pascale Sakr

This is a sophisticated song about a critical topic--poverty and injustice. Pascale Sakr picks a worthy cause to highlight with her classical style. Pascale likes to celebrate Lebanon like she did in her album released a while back, she is about that country, its people and the love stories that people live.

The artists joins half a dozen divas who focus on similar themes. she looks so much like her sister Carol. Pascale is also the daughter of Lebanese nationalist Etienne Sakr, a former member of the Lebanese Forces and Leader of the Far-Right Guardians of the Cedars and to Alexandra Sakr. She is the oldest of 3 children and her younger sister is also a Lebanese pop star Karol Sakr. She started singing at a very young age. Her repertoire includes many languages including Lebanese Arabic, French, and English.

 pascale sakr بالشوارع

Wednesday, August 20, 2014

All About Sabotage By Nadine Zarifeh | @NadinaTV نادينا - سابوتاج

Nadine ZarifehIn 1986, Nadina became the first child from Lebanon and the Arab world to ever participate at the Zecchino D'oro UNICEF festival in Italy. This Vancouver based entertainer is making a run for the Arab music scene but on her own merits. This Singer/songwriter/producer. Signed with @NettwerkMusic.  Married to Olympic Medalist @bhayden2012

Delivering a powerful rendition of "Vola, Palombella" [Fly Bird of Peace] to a television audience of over 25 million worldwide, judges awarded the young singer a gold medal, and the song became something of an international phenomenon. Instantly, her voice stood out, and she swiftly embraced the stage at charity concerts and functions across her native Lebanon and Internationally. Now comes the serious phase with the release of Sabotage teaser.

Watch the interview that explains where this song came from and how it came together....there will be names named.

Nadina - Sabotage Teaser | نادينا - سابوتاج

Nadina: "Sabotage" - The Story

The Big Dog is Back! Wahashtony - Hesham Abbas وحشتونى - هشام عباس

The charming pop star with a sense of humor is back. Hesham Abbas is the voice and entertainer whom you, your mother, and your sister equally enjoy. He has not released an album since 2009, so he is doing a single for all his fans to say that he misses every single one of them. Mr. Abbas is trying to make nice with his fans all over the globe. This is a slow song, not a party track.

It's a celver song, he is actually telling them that he misses being with them, he is singing to the fans--the song is universal it can be applicable in a number of he is back with a new trick. I like Hesham Abbas and love seeing him perform. He is the cool guy that we all wanted to be when we grew up. He has not done well in the internet age.

Hesham Abbas does have a global fame, thanks to his global hit Nari Nari  so he remains the big dog on the block. He likes to do a lot of private events and weddings for the right payment. But few stars can pull the kind of charm he musters. Enjoy Hesham Abbas' trip down memory lane. He seems to be the only pop star in his age group that often expresses his thoughts about growing older and being away from loved ones.

Wahashtony - Hesham Abbas وحشتونى - هشام عباس

Tuesday, August 19, 2014

Salma Rachid Finds Her Inner Palestinian As She Sings for #Gaza @SalmaRach

She is a young and promising Moroccan star who did very well on that show Arab Idol--she was best friend with Mohammed Assaf, the kid from Gaza, Palestine who ended up wining the show. It only makes sense for Salma to sing for Gaza as billions of us saw the crimes and atrocities carried out by the democratically violent army of Israel.

Salama worked with a team of young Palestine talents to tell a story, she knows she is a big draw inside Palestine as she was a choice of many. Now she has her heart and mind set on Gaza and the little kids. Lyrics of this song are for Rami Shabana, the music is for Khalid Khaseeb and the musical arrangement is for Rachid Mohammad Ali. She also worked with a Palestinian production company that helped bring this project together. Remember Salma has already performed in Ramallah and toured the holy land.

The song is not out yet, but the teaser is promising. The young artists shared it and said, as an artist we cannot fight with weapons, but we do with our means.

سلمى رشيد اعيدوا لي - Salma Rachid Aedo le

In Defense of Elissa Bikini Beach Picture @elissakh

I mean she is a grown woman who likes to go to the beach and wears what's best fitting. We all know that bikinis are what you would expect at the beach. It's not a big deal. For Elissa she has never shown much skin--cleavage is a different thing. But it seems she does not care as much and she decided to share a photo of hers on the beach. She has shared many photos of hers having a good time on the beach (here and here)

This time, the picture was a bit more real than people like, she wore a bikini.....let's be frank why this is not a big deal...

  1. She is on a private beach.
  2. Showing only her backside
  3. She is a Christian, so no need to preach to her the teaching of Islam.
  4. She is a gown woman and to each is own
  5. She never asked to be a role model, you made her into one.
So take it easy, the world has not ended, there will be tomorrow and take it easy. No need for you to go on social media insulting her left and right. Just rise above it, if you do not like's your right not to like it, but she is also a free soul.

Since she shared this photo, people have either been attacking her or defending her. It's natural....keep on mind the company that produces her work is Saudi, but the company has no religion it only wants business. In other news, Elissa will be heading to Egypt next week for a concert. Her first concert in that country in two years.

Elissa - Aa Bali Habibi (Official Clip) / إليسا - ع بالي حبيبي

Celebrities React To The Death of Media Personality Mazen Diab @mazendiab83

Beloved Lebanese media personality Mazen Diab was found dead in Jordan at his residence in Amman. Diab, 30 years old, had already suffered from lung cancer and underwent surgery almost a year ago to remove part of his lung.

He used to work as an anchorman at Sawt al-Ghad radio station in Jordan as he also appeared in a movie dubbed "It's my turn now" [Eja Dawri] to raise awareness on cancer. Jordanian websites reported that Diab was found dead tied with ropes inside his apartment, located on Mecca Street in Amman. While other reports quoted primary investigations as saying that he was repeatedly stabbed, or strangled with a rope to death following a rift between the slain and thieves who stormed his house.

Jordanian authorities said Saturday that they had arrested four people who confessed to beating and killing Lebanese media personality Mazen Diab in his Amman home over personal issues. In a statement, Jordan's General Security said the coronary’s report indicated that the cause of Diab’s death was an internal bleeding after the victim was hit with a sharp object.

Preliminary investigation said the body of Diab, 31, was found tied with rope marks around his neck his apartment on Friday. On that night, a friend of Diab failed to reach him over the phone, prompting him to go to Diab's house and knock the door down to find him dead with several stab wounds.

The investigative committee that was formed to probe the murder listened to the testimonies of neighbors and friends of Diab and collected information on the victim to reveal the circumstances behind the incident. The committee immediately ruled out theft as the motive behind the killing. Three of Diab's cellphones and his laptop were on his desk.

Mazen had a lot of celebrity friends, he is a cancer survivor and a hero to so many.

خيمة عزاء الإعلامي مازن دياب

Monday, August 18, 2014

Must Watch! Mohammed Elsusi The #Gaza Rapper Meets Syrian Rapper From #Aleppo

Here comes Mohammed from Palestine, a young rapper and music producer from Gaza and actually lives in Gaza. Here he presents a simple work of art we have produced and renovated titled "I am calling  Palestine - Onadekom" , with the consent of the original singer of the song "Ahmed Qaabur"
In collaboration with the rapper from Syria (Aleppo) ..Al Bsmeh Al 3Rbieh

The music video was filmed in between Gaza - Aleppo, without any material support, just two artists doing their best despite death and war. It's never easy to be young, creative, unemployed and living under a war or a siege. These guys put together a good track that attracts demographics from two war zones and two varying forms of taste. There is poetry and there's rap.

Elsusi took a classic Palestinian poem and added his voice and his narrative...There is little glory left in rap activism, but I like Elsusi--he is a real Gaza soul. He is pretty smooth and makes perfect sense--glad they shared this track with us. So much energy, so much rage and so much hope all in one place.
Mohammed Elsusi
Revolution Makers Band
Respect From Palestine
Calling You ( #Palestine) (#Gaza)

اناديكم (صناع الثورة - البصمة العربية) ( Onadekom

Listen: Summer is way more fun with Sarah Farah @SarahFarahORG

Sarah Farah is not ready for the summer to end so she is giving her fans an extension with the release of her latest single. She is a rock star when she was on Star Academy, and I think she was a credit to that program, she came second. But when she sings she takes backseat to no one.

Here's a happy song from her that will make your day extra special. It's a fun song from a vocalist who seems to have fun working in the music industry. I am a fan of her strong voice and intimidating personality. This is Sarah Farah with a summer party song that feels right for the old-school divas. She works with new talents and lyricists here, but the mastering has the touches of Tony Hadad.

The guy of my dreams is a welcome splash that blends Lebanese and Syrian styles on the debka ring. Now consider yourself warned, Sarah likes the divas who seem to be closest to her style. She lists her favorite female vocalists to be Najwa Karam , Zekra , Rowaida Atiah , Nawal elkwaitiah. she has something from each on of these talents.  
Sarah Farah - fata a7lami سارة فرح - فتى أحلامي

@BestemsuOzdemir Makes @Hamaki Music Video Extra Sweet

Mohamed Hamaki joined forces with Turkish actress Bestemsu Özdemir for his latest music video. They look believable as a couple and the song is pretty touching love story. Love stories are no epic, but songs make them extra special. Hamaki is a cool guy, but in this music he seems distant, aloof...but he is well-dressed. Hamaki's face expressions are confusing or awkward at best.

For a professional singer who has been under the spotlight for more than a decade, he does not seem comfortable. Maye he did not have good direction, maybe it was not a good set. But he has always been a nice guy who seems to come with values and old school mindset. I respect him a lot and love the model/actress who comes with a heft resume. Bestemsu Özdemir.

See the couple sell a good story, I loved the song before, this is a wonderful compliment to a great guitar work.    

 حماقي - حاجة مستخبية / Haga Mestakhabeya

Sunday, August 17, 2014

Watch: My Arabic Farewell Duet ديو ماجد المهندس و رويدا عطية - الوداع

She is Syrian, and he is Iraqi, the song is Algerian, and then they cover it. A dramatic song gets a another lease on life thanks to this lively cover by two equally stunning singers who can sing and sing their lungs out. Rouida Attieh and Majid Al Monhndis know when they take these microphones to perform an oldie by the late Warda, they are attempting to swim upriver.

Watch the clip, and let me know what your thoughts are.....the farewell song, the title is about going away or living apart--many Arabs can relate to this song because they live away form home. No question, the music is perfect and maybe that's because we grew up listening to the song on radio.

ديو ماجد المهندس و رويدا عطية - الوداع

Watch Akon Singing in Arabic @Akon "Welcome to the Life" By @TamerHosny

Tamer released his last song where he sings along a global pop star. He teamed up with hit-maker Akon to show he has what it takes. It seems that  they did not film the music video in the same place. This is one giant party music video where lots of young women doing their thing on stage. Tamer looks showy here and he sings in English then breaks into a lame lyrics in Arabic

This guy who is a father for a girl has no problem being surrounded by women half his age dancing for him by the beach. I like the Arab drum bit. Not sure about the festival of color on the beach. Do not know where that was.

The surprise, Akon sings in Arabic--nice.....Growing up in Senegal this artist is familiar with Arabic. Sweet Tamer Hosny does not show here, Akon is the winner here and Tamer gets credit for teaming up with Akon.

 Welcome to the Life - Tamer Hosny FT Akon - official music video Hd

Saturday, August 16, 2014

Tamer Hosny First Great Song @tamerhosny kol al lahgat #ألبوم #تامر_حسني

Tamer Hosny is yet finding creative ways to say "I Love You", he shopped around the Arab world and found clever ways to stay in the game. How could he not as he is now working for Rotana, a big move for him. Since Rotana sells big for everyone around the Arab World, this new song is actually good and I am pleased with that sweet Tamer Hosny is showing up.

Folks in the Gulf, Egypt, Levant, Maghreb will be enjoying this track. Tamer Hosny is not done and he remins a strong contender. However, now he feels the urge to work harder and not act like an entitled asshole. This is great attempt at returning to his top spot. Only Tamer can pull suck stunts and get the fans to love him--he already works harder than most. This time he has a proof and his proo comes in each of these Arab Lahgat (dialects)

Rotana is giving him their full-backing and it seems they are sparing no expense....Tamer can use their thousand of billboards sprayed with his images on the new album 180 degrees. They want a big name and a big ticket who can sell concerts---both win here.

 كل اللهجات - تامر حسني / kol al lahgat - Tamer Hosny

The Limitless Talent of Drop Dead Gorgeous Shayma Helali Comes to Life @shaymahelali

Tunisia is the land of truly sophisticated Arabs who have a great sense of style, taste and everything in between. This is why when the sing, they often sing their best, and give all what they have. But one lady she does it best. Shayma Helali released a new song with anew music video, it's a nice departure of the mediocre music videos. She goes in full dance and dazzle mode, as she shows four different looks in this Turkey filmed music video.

Shayma Helali has released half a dozen of music videos, she never dacned, this once she is dancing till she drops. She is trying to win over her hard to please man. so she is admitting failure. The man is a blind jerk for sure for not being able to see the amazing Shayma Helali. The art direction and the cinematography win you over. This is an impressive work in all aspects. From the lyrics, to the music. Shayma's voice brings this otherwise lifeless track into anew dimension.

I am a fan of her talent, and now she shows the Gulf who's boss. She is a Tunisian who rocks in any dialect. She is a star whose sex appeal translates into many cultures. She brings out good energy, and those dance moves are something fresh. She is not trying to do sex music videos like they do nowadays. Instead she won by being her and most importantly by doing what she is comfortable with. The circus has never been better and this Goth looks , she makes it look awesome.  

Shayma Helali | شيما هلالي - حاولت أراضيك

Friday, August 15, 2014

With "Helwa" Joseph Attieh Sings in Tongues @AttiehJoseph

It ain't easy to have a hit summer song that translates well in a more than twenty countries that speak a dozen of local dialects. So Lebanese Star Academy came out with a summer song that has a pool, soccer, dance, parties, pizza, rolling skates, funky outfits, water sports...etc. and so much more. but most of all he is about singing in all dialects. This is Josef Attieh and he is all smiles, and adventures. Do not get dizzy or get a seizure from watching this interesting filming style   

Check out this song where he sings for the masses, and see him do some under the water cup too. This is a summer fun music video. I do not love the song, and I do not love his open chest--why bother whit the shirt.

Cannot speak to the quality of his dialect renditions, but it's a cool attempt. He is the second to do that....see the first. So much energy went into this song and so much more energy went into the making of the music video.   

 Joseph Attieh - Helwa (Official clip) / جوزيف عطيه - حلوة

Thursday, August 14, 2014

#Iraq Meets #Gaza: Same Blood, Different Wars (Video) @HussamAlRasaM

Gaza is not alone, at least on popular Iraqi singer showed up for that tiny strip of land and commiserated with them all the way from Iraq. The song puts these Arab leaders to shame, it's a moving song about death in Iraq and Gaza, it's one blood and one rallying cry.

The so called Arab leaders are asleep or plotting against Gaza and Iraq. Hossam Al Rassam is feeling the heat of the bloodbath so he came up with this song, it's a sweet song it shows his big heart. I was thinking Arab solidarity is dead, but Lebanon told me otherwise, now Hossam shows me again that we are not all dead in the inside.

Gaza is occupied by a war-happy Zionist gang, and Iraqi is occupied by a violent brutal gang, they both kill civilians---but the ones in Israel wear suits and speak better English. The song is about death experienced in both Arab places, and the absence of those leaders in and outside of those places. Well done Hossam.

حسام الرسام حكام العرب

Three Time The Charm With 3 Marat By The Odd Spice Mix 3

The music world is riddled with weirdness and's a new page on weird, from a group that goes with the name Spice Mix, none of them look anything but bland and in need of some spice themselves.....the voices are nothing of good news. These are young people who watch too much TV and then decided to make a song of their own.

Silly for sure, but unsure if this is where the future is headed....I like how the girls sound like a noise made by a cat stuck under a garbage can.....the guys here spend a lot more time in front of the mirror than the girls do. Both of them spend so much time on their smartphones sending each others emojis....and taking selfies. For sure, this is a high school song made for spoiled brats with no goals in live.

The good news, there's six of them in the group, the bad news there's six of them. Now, the relief comes in knowing that they have their own ultras of fans. If you recall ten years ago, the popular song Baba feen? These guys are the same guys. Their name is different, but they are the same still with the same producer.

3 marat - Spice Mix 3 مرات - سبايس مكس

Wednesday, August 13, 2014

Eye-Candy Sandy On Her Music, Her Fans And Trouble @SandySandystar

There's a song in America, that goes like this "I want candy..." in Egypt that song would be "I want Sandy" Sandy is the pop star in Egypt that's making all the waves, she has a new album and she is making the media round. Watch her answer questions from the fans about her music, the new album and her style. She rules teen music, and young adults think the world of her. She has already starred in a movie.

The kids adore her, and they even loved her song in English, she called a song "Lady Killer", not a song that she went with it. She keeps the summer alive in her busy schedule. She is happy about her 14 tracks album where seven of them were hits....

But she likes to record only good songs and release them, quality not quantity. In fairness, her album is her best to date. It shows some maturity and a good taste. She talks about how she likes her concert attendees to give her the good vibe. she likes to get out of Cairo and go to different Egyptian towns for concerts--she feels good about those ones. 

This is a detailed interview where she talks about her music and her fans, you do not see this side of her often....

ساندي: أنا بربي جيل!

Download: Julia Boutros New 2014 Album The War Track

This is a love album, a war album and everything in between from a voice that has witnessed in the first person war. Julia Boutros, I loved this diva ever since I was a little child in the UAE watching the songs she did for resistance.

Now comes her first album dedicated to the motherland, country, God and loved ones. Live orchestra rules throughout her album, but her voice is the footprint that gives this album an eternal legacy. I am in for the lyrics, but the music is treat. Her smooth voice and passion is something of a rare experience. One more thing the music is recorded as if you are a world traveler, music from all over the universe to please your heart and soul.

The album is about being separated by war, being away from one's country due to war and mayhem. Julia should tour the States, I know she will have one sold out after another. she is one of the few voices we Arabs still agree on. Her music, and her message brings us all together. Enjoy her 9 tracks, each one of them tells a much needed story.

01. Enzaa Wajhal Kazibi
02. Tall W Sharraf
03. Law Salamtak Albi
04. Ashraf Insan
05. El Afdal Nib'od
06. Al Hakou Silahi
07. Hkayet Watan
08. Kan Alli
09. Ykoun Baawnak

Download link here

الحق سلاحي جوليا بطرس

Julia Boutros - Kan Alli / جوليا بطرس - كان قلّي

Tuesday, August 12, 2014

Watch The Boldest Egyptian Song to Date On sexual harassment @ZAPtharwatAXEER @AxeerStudio

We may disagree on politics in Egypt, but all of us agree that women should not be harassed ever. This is a real problem in Egypt where cultures does not exactly help. The guy pretends to be a saint in public, but in private he is a pervert. Ladies are supposed to be saints everywhere they go, and when they dress up and get harassed some people--including women will place the blame at them.

Public transportation is where many of those prey--worse, the ones who pretend not to see it nor would they stand up and defend the victims. Menna Hussein adds her precious voice on this rap track and tells people--this is everywhere and no family is immune. Guys are jerks, we need to stand up to them and stop them. Zap Tharwat is a one man army--he tackles any issues he does not like. He is a voice od reason. He lacks no courage and his music comes form his heart. This is why this song has been sanction by the UN.

Stop it already, it's a shame!
أغنية ضد التحرش | Zap Tharwat Ft. Menna Hussein | مين السبب | @AxeerStudio

This is What's Hot In This Week Pop Music #ListenArabic

Check out this week's hot singles among Lebanese radio that ranks those hits in order. Hear the new guys and gals, and the ones who are sure hit-makers. Some dance, some drama, and some happy ones. I like that, some of these songs I have never heard of, but I know the artists.

Sabine's new title song from her 2014 album gets on the list. Carole Samaha's new dance track which she wrote the lyrics for gets the 7th. My boy Karim Mohsen makes the list with his dark track. Then Fares Karam sings for Lebanon.

Many good names, fun tracks and kudos to those who curated this list. The number one spot goes to? I won't tell, you need to find out....
ListenArabic Top 10 Arabic Songs Chart 9 August 2014

Monday, August 11, 2014

The Chick Who Rocks! Download Sabine "Stop" 2014 Album البوم سابين - ستوب @sabine_fans

I like when Sabine sings, she releases he full-throttle album, a full bang fireworks worthy album with 14 explosive tracks. Sabine is a needed voice who makes songs for women, in fact,t here are not too many female songwriters and composers in the Arab world.

Sabine attempts to cover a broad base on songs, and styles including many dialects. She even has a track that pays homage to many of her pop ladies that have reached the iconic status. This is a gillie album made for girls who like to rock---it really suits her these selections and I am happy she is manged to get this album underway. Variety is always good, especially when the production value is good. Making a million mediocre track is not too challenging, making ten great tracks takes work, talent and money.

The cover art is also fresh and relevant in this day and age. Even the ring shoe wore is cool with Lego.  Sabine already gets concert gigs on college campuses within Lebanon. She is hoping to travel more as she ventures into the Gulf dialect songs as she does here. Stop the jewel song mixes Arabic and English in a cute way.  

Download Link Here

01. Barkouli Ya Banat
02. Stop
03. Ya Khsara
04. Eid Miladou
05. Souad Hosni
06. Achhad Ana Lik
07. La Eli
08. Talleni
09. Akher Hammak
10. Baini W Bainak
11. Leish Zeelaneh
12. Oyouni Bi Hebbouk
13. Mamnoue Yezaal
14. Yoh Yoh

Sabine - Barkouli Ya Banat [Official Music Video] ( New 2014) /

Download Link Here

Rouwaida Attieh Might Be Married But She Won't Say...

Sometimes it seems that celebrities are surpass the self-centered stage and get into the sill mood. They maybe be able to get away with that. Watch the interview with Rouwaida Attieh give an interview talking about her latest--a Gulf song. I like her voice, she is the voice that meant to do guilt songs--songs where you are giving a loved one of yours a piece of your mind.

Rouwaida Attieh is talking about her trouble with her production company--she felt they locked her in and did not help her out. She wasn't happy with them, rumor had it the production company owner leaked her marriage certificate. Rouwaida Attieh is not saying if she married that Syrian Arab Idol Abel Kareem Hamdan. She is talking about the legal process. I do not care really, she is talking about her privacy.

She says the document can be fake, but she is not saying if she is. She wants to tell the news when she is ready. She is complaining that she has suffered loss of business due to this leak. Rouwaida is even quoting the Koran in her defense.
رويدا عطيّة لإيلاف: العانود معاليقي بعيدة جداً عن ربّنا وزواجي محصور بالقضاء

Beirut International Awards Festival BIAF 2014

Festivals in Lebanon are a dime a dozen, music festivals are a dime for two dozens. Here's a guy talking about Beirut International Festivals. Watch the president call parting a form of resistance with a straight face. This is a festival where awards are given out to tends of awardees from Lebanon and beyond.

Celebrities of Lebanese heritage are all over the world, so this is a homecoming for many of them. Fashion, music, dance, sports, politics and business. This is a huge event for self-promotion, tourism and business. The head of the festival seems like your clean cut Lebanese man who cares about his look and his hair. While most of the celebrities are either Lebanese or Egyptian, this is a huge gala where celebrities make sure to snag tickets to be in attendance.  

مؤسّس مهرجانات بيروت الدولية للتكريم "بياف" الدكتور ميشال ضاهر ضيف "إيلاف" اليوم للحديث عن الدورة الخامسة من المهرجان هذا العام

Sunday, August 10, 2014

Elissa Visits #BeirutVirgin / Signs Her New Album #HaletHob

To her fans, she is a goddess, a queen that sings for and about love. To her business manages, she is a goldmine, to her friends--she does not have any. Now Elissa headed to a Virgin Mega store in downtown Beirut to sign copies of her latest album. The album is pretty much reincarnation of the same old songs we loved, just with new lyrics and perhaps some new music. It's a safe choice, and doing a cover of a beloved classic from Abdel Halim is always in season.

She remains a popular entertainer, her albums sell like Eid cookies, and she knows that. Things have been toxic in many Arab countries, she remains hopeful and it seems she likes to support army men to take charge of various Arab countries. See these interviews below with the artist, and with the fans who worship her. Seriously, she is a good thing for the bodyguard, and fashion designers.

Watching this event, you would think everything is OK. Old and young, boys and girls turned out for the event to buy copies and to take a peak. In addition to buying copies of the album pink bunny ears were made available for purchase. Notice, all the guys being interviewed for this video seem to be soft, they talk like girls do. Something about Elissa making these young men get in touch with their feminine side. Even a little boy shows how much he loves his artist. She signs his head....

"حالة حبّ" بين إليسّا ومعجبيها عبر إيلاف

Elissa Signing Her New Album Halet Hob اليسا توقع البومها الجديد حالة حب

Saturday, August 9, 2014

Nancy Ajram Stars In Arabic Game of Thrones (Video)

She wanted to release a special music video for her Gulf dialect from her latest album--released ealier this year. She had lots of money for the project, so she got a Lebanese director to shoot in a Game of Thrones style music video where the knight if a pretty Arabian boy.

The outfits are beautiful, the makeup is second to none, the affects and the castle in the mountains, I have seen better. The extras and the set do a fine job in creating a believable surrounding. Lots of horses and stuff rich people like. I am not in love with this particular song. But it's a well-made music video, at least Nancy Ajram covered up a little bit this time--unlike the queen of watermelon video.

This is a fantasy meant for girls who believe in fairylands and epic romance, all great stuff. I think the fans will welcome this song from a pop artist who remains the hit-maker we have come to know thirteen years ago.

Nancy Ajram - Ma Aw'edak Ma Gheer Official Video Clip

Friday, August 8, 2014

Sabine Perfects Her Music Career With "Barkouli Ya Banat" (Video) @sabine_fans

Sabine is still evolving. The multi-talented performer who can sing , dance and act. She was rewarded by BBC radio, Universal studio and won the Murex D'or as the best coming Star just released a new song about getting hitched and asking her girlfriends to congratulate her on her big day.

The wedding music starts off the song, then all the ladies in the world show up as they celebrate the big day. The pretty boy spends way too much time in front of the mirror. I am not sure who is the pretty one in this relationship. I like the signs held by the ladies in these hot shorts. Then the all girls band and rock star moment. I love the way the scenes change and you find yourself in a different mood. Then the little café.

I like Sabine, she takes her dancing seriously, and it shows here. Wedding on the spot idea is pretty cool, the Henna tattoos add culture to the music video. I think this is the first time Sabine, gets an opportunity to show off all of her skills and what she has to offer.

Sabine - Barkouli Ya Banat [Official Music Video] ( New 2014) / سابين - باركولي يا بنات