Wednesday, August 20, 2014

The Big Dog is Back! Wahashtony - Hesham Abbas وحشتونى - هشام عباس

The charming pop star with a sense of humor is back. Hesham Abbas is the voice and entertainer whom you, your mother, and your sister equally enjoy. He has not released an album since 2009, so he is doing a single for all his fans to say that he misses every single one of them. Mr. Abbas is trying to make nice with his fans all over the globe. This is a slow song, not a party track.

It's a celver song, he is actually telling them that he misses being with them, he is singing to the fans--the song is universal it can be applicable in a number of he is back with a new trick. I like Hesham Abbas and love seeing him perform. He is the cool guy that we all wanted to be when we grew up. He has not done well in the internet age.

Hesham Abbas does have a global fame, thanks to his global hit Nari Nari  so he remains the big dog on the block. He likes to do a lot of private events and weddings for the right payment. But few stars can pull the kind of charm he musters. Enjoy Hesham Abbas' trip down memory lane. He seems to be the only pop star in his age group that often expresses his thoughts about growing older and being away from loved ones.

Wahashtony - Hesham Abbas وحشتونى - هشام عباس


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