Monday, August 4, 2014

See Hiba Tawaji celebrates the lebanese army beautiflly @hibatawaji @LebaneseArmy

The Lebanese army has many fans among the country's top artists--they artists agree on the army and their role they play to protect the motherland against all threats foreign and domestic. In fairness, they are a good group of well-meaning leaders and members. However, they are not allowed to have the top gear they want--Israel won't allow it.

Still, no reason to hate on them, they are actually a civil group--a minority in Lebanon may not see it the same way. But I am no Lebanese, I chose to pay the army respect. Here's Hiba Tawaji finds himself doing a song from they army. She is one of the intellect artists, not your average pop stars. Her messaging is important and she does have a brain big enough to realize they arm needs them to rally behind it.  

I was hoping she would do a song for Gaza, but I understand charity begins at home. Listen and watch her latest where the army is like the trees--deeply rooted. Well done Hiba, and keep up the good work guys.

.. Hiba Tawaji - Metl El Chajar Mazrou3in [Official Music Video] (2014) / هبه طوجي - متل الشجر مزروعين


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