Wednesday, August 27, 2014

Rabih El Zein Wins Mr. Lebanon. Boy Toy!

Lebanon may not have a president, but sure thing she has its Mr. Lebanon ready to go. He is a good looking fellow. And he seems to be happy about being the prettiest boy in the room. He says it took him two months to prepare for that thing. He thinks Mr. Lebanon is only the beginning.

Rabih El Zein took home the title, I am so happy to see not only the women of Lebanon are asked to show off their hood looks. His next thing is taking part of a contest in Turkey. Rabih is good guy he is well spoken and I think he has future on TV.

Double major in theater and media, he likes to have a good time, but he also likes basketball.
ملك جمال لبنان ربيع الزين لإيلاف: اللقب ما هو إلّا البداية


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