Wednesday, August 6, 2014

Song By @NizarFrancis1 :@JeanMarieRiachi A Hopful Note For a Better Lebanese Tomorrow

Lebanon has its ups and downs, but it's people always come on top. They may not have a functioning government, political unity, but they  pull together in time of need. Here's a song with a hopeful tone from some of the finest music talents in that country. Nizar Francis wrote these touching words,  Jean Marie Riachi wrote the music and their vision has been translated by the promising vocalist Abeer Nehme.

They promise a better tomorrow, hold on folks, Lebanon is timeless and is about love for generations. They remember that Lebanese passport which they carry with them wherever they go--and they really go far.  National pride is nothing new. Rise up people and vote your mind, not your heart. These songs do not make money, but they do lift up people.

Let's #hope for a better tomorrow!#Lebanon
Lyrics: @NizarFrancis1
Performed by Abeer Nehme

لبنان بكرا يللي جاي احلى - Lebnan Bukra Yalle Jay Ahla


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