Thursday, August 7, 2014

Palestinian Rapper Raffoul Is Flawless In SCARS OF #GAZA (Official Music Video) @raffoulofficial

Raffoul is a Palestinian rapper and human rights activist from Jerusalem. His music is inspired by the agony of suffering and human loss. At a young age, he made a vow to not allow violent attacks & race-based discrimination to block his musical and educational dreams. During these dark moments living under occupation, Raffoul would build his emotionally aggressive tone and begin composing deeply meaningful lyrics meant to bring his listener into a journey of pain.

I know rappers are about rage, this time there is enough rage (from watching Gaza) to explode. So this is his song about that, he released a music video in concert with a number of activist all around the world. He went out of his way to make his point about the madness he and the entire world sees in Gaza. Sure, they see it but they may not want to speak up.

Raffoul does not have time to play games, so he calls spade a spade. His style is smooth, and his flow is pretty slick. I love the Arabic and English combo, the footage also tell a story that breaks one's heart. For a minute, I thought I was looking at an Palestinian Eminem, and the influence shows.

I know many rap songs often feel cheap, but not this one. I know many patriotic songs feel forced, not this once. I can tell that Raffoul is genuine here and his rage is real. I am glad he chose rap as a way to channel his emotions.      

RAFFOUL - SCARS OF GAZA (Official Music Video)


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