Friday, August 8, 2014

Sabine Perfects Her Music Career With "Barkouli Ya Banat" (Video) @sabine_fans

Sabine is still evolving. The multi-talented performer who can sing , dance and act. She was rewarded by BBC radio, Universal studio and won the Murex D'or as the best coming Star just released a new song about getting hitched and asking her girlfriends to congratulate her on her big day.

The wedding music starts off the song, then all the ladies in the world show up as they celebrate the big day. The pretty boy spends way too much time in front of the mirror. I am not sure who is the pretty one in this relationship. I like the signs held by the ladies in these hot shorts. Then the all girls band and rock star moment. I love the way the scenes change and you find yourself in a different mood. Then the little café.

I like Sabine, she takes her dancing seriously, and it shows here. Wedding on the spot idea is pretty cool, the Henna tattoos add culture to the music video. I think this is the first time Sabine, gets an opportunity to show off all of her skills and what she has to offer.

Sabine - Barkouli Ya Banat [Official Music Video] ( New 2014) / سابين - باركولي يا بنات


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