Tuesday, August 5, 2014

No Other Arab Singer Can Out-Party The Lebanses @Fares__Karam

For your summer music festival that needs a wakeup call, a shot in the arm, a jolt, you will not get a bigger artists than Fares Karam whose loud voice, and personal come to life on stage. He is truly the life of the party--he has been so for the past 20 years. But more so in the past seven years.

 He only sings to get people to dance, he does not care about versatile tracks. He makes hot loud, dance tracks that gets your feet and hip racing. There are always Lebanese songs like the ones they play in little villages. He is a manly jeans-wearing artist....See him blaze the night away and get his concert attendees in the mood.

Even his band and himself get into this dancing spirit.
Fares Karam Live in Ehmej Festivals 2013 فارس كرم في مهرجانات اهمج


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