Thursday, August 7, 2014

Check out The New Tamer Ashour Single Law Ghaly Aleik لوغالى عليك - تامر عاشور

Tamer Ashour is not your average celebrity. He is a musician who makes good songs, and makes fun music for other talents. Then he makes songs for the masses. Now his last album was released in February of 2011, and since then he has not released one.

It seems he is planning for a comeback year. The guy is a popular artist for private events. He does get to sing at upscale weddings and it does pay his bill. But deep down he is record-maker, he likes to assemble catchy songs that actually put forth something fresh. I like that about him. You would almost never see him give interviews, or do media stuff. People do not make up shit about him. He remains a private person--I do not even know if he is single or married.

The song has a western feel, a bit like these tracks for Amr Diab, or some of these songs you would hear at at Middle East nightclubs that are trying too hard to be cool. Tamer sounds good, but not the favorite shade of his voice that I have come to love. It's a catchy tune, summer song, I still need to process. I think it's a change from the more dramatic heartache songs that Tamer does so well.

However when you listen to it the second time, you enjoy it a bit more. Tamer is a toss up, which wayhe goes as he has two different styles and moods. Enjoy

Law Ghaly Aleik - Tamer Ashour لوغالى عليك - تامر عاشور


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