Thursday, August 7, 2014

WATCH: Latifa - Baha Baha @latisol #Gorgeous #Tunis لطيفة - بحة بحة

Tunisian diva Latifa lives by her own rules, she staged a comeback this year, and it seems she is going to stick with that. She is a voice respected across the board in the Arab world. She has sang in many Arab dialects and many shades. She is from the West side, but the East adores her, and Egypt is where she works and where she has bloomed. Then in Lebanon she works with the finest talents.

She returns with a new song Tunisian, she is making a catch phrase popular---recall Barsha Barsha, now comes Baha Baha....She sings for the motherland, she has not been there for some time. Baha Baha means done with, khals finished. I like the style it reminds me of these songs form the 80s that were popular--perhaps a bit calmer than this one

There is so much energy on the set, not sure where Che plays a role, but I think it might be the Cuban connection with the music style the band you see here. Latifa does the smart thing here, she reinvests in herself and re-invents herself once again. Age is nothing but a number and she dances, moves, and plays along.

Latifa - Baha Baha [Official Video] / لطيفة - بحة بحة


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