Thursday, August 21, 2014

The Politics and Music of Lebanses Pascale Sakr

This is a sophisticated song about a critical topic--poverty and injustice. Pascale Sakr picks a worthy cause to highlight with her classical style. Pascale likes to celebrate Lebanon like she did in her album released a while back, she is about that country, its people and the love stories that people live.

The artists joins half a dozen divas who focus on similar themes. she looks so much like her sister Carol. Pascale is also the daughter of Lebanese nationalist Etienne Sakr, a former member of the Lebanese Forces and Leader of the Far-Right Guardians of the Cedars and to Alexandra Sakr. She is the oldest of 3 children and her younger sister is also a Lebanese pop star Karol Sakr. She started singing at a very young age. Her repertoire includes many languages including Lebanese Arabic, French, and English.

 pascale sakr بالشوارع


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