Friday, August 22, 2014

The 10 Most Iconic (And Memorable) Arabic Music Video Clips (See Them All)

Here are the top ten most memorable music videos for the past Arab generation, music videos or video clips as better known in the area, are many, good ones are far fewer...iconic ones, ones that we remember for decades are rare....Here are the top ten of those.
  1. Monaya - Moustafa Amar  2002 منايا - مصطفى قمر
  2. Tamally Maak - Amr Diab 2000 تملى معاك - عمرو دياب
  3. Hesham Abbas Nari Nari 2000 ارى نارين ( حبيبى ده ) - هشام عباس
  4. Hakeem Ifrad Mathlan 1996 حكيم - إفرض إني خاصمتك يوم- كليب
  5. Hesham Abbas and Hami El Shari Eiiny 1997 هشام عباس وحميد الشاعري عيني
  6. Muhammed Foad - The true love 1998 محمد فؤاد - الحب الحقيقي 
  7. Nancy Ajram - Akhasmak Ah  2003"أخاصمك آه" – نانسي عجرم
  8. Ehab Toufic Amel Amlah 2004 ايهاب توفيق - عامل عاملة
  9. Mohammed Mounir : So Ya So 2001 محمد منير - سو يا سو
  10. Saharouny El Leil - Ragheb Alama 2001 سهروني الليل - راغب علامة

Note most of these artists are Egyptians only Nancy and Ragheb are not--they are Lebanese. The artists here are still living and making more songs to date. One artist had two songs here, Hesham Abbas. Most of them are males, only Nancy Ajram makes the cut. the person who put this list is Egyptain and note that these songs, the oldest came in 1996 and the newest came in 2003. there remains planty of good songs that are not on this list....Abdel Majeed Abdallah (Raheeb, Kul #am we Inta El hoob), (Nothing from Kadem Al Saher) name few...and nothing from Angham? Sherine?

Monaya - Moustafa Amar منايا - مصطفى قمر

Tamally Maak - Amr Diab تملى معاك - عمرو دياب

‫نارى نارين ( حبيبى ده ) - هشام عباس

حكيم - إفرض إني خاصمتك يوم- كليب

HDهشام عباس وحميد الشاعري عيني

 Muhammed Foad - The true love محمد فؤاد - الحب الحقيقي

Nancy Ajram - Akhasmak Ah

Ehab Toufic Amel Amlah ايهاب توفيق - عامل عاملة

Mohammed Mounir : So Ya So محمد منير - سو يا سو

Saharouny El Leil - Ragheb Alama سهروني الليل - راغب علامة



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