Monday, August 4, 2014

Yousef Arafat - Fakrein "The Good Old Day"

The Arab Idol runner up Yousef Arafat wants to turn the page and reboot his career...he took a break. And now he is back with a new track. For the Eid, not a happy eid and not many songs came out, but I feel as a Jordanian who comes from a Palestinians heritage, he has a big responsibility.

He is singing in Egyptian and it does not serve his voice like the Lebanese dialect. This is a retro song about the past when we used to be happy and one--a long time ago. It's about unity, something that seems like a foreign concept right now. I could not tell you what the topic of the song, just longing to the good old times, like "do you remember when we used to sit and laugh together?"

Toward the middle the young vocalist tries to show some vocal muscles. This is not a terrible one, but not a great one exactly. It's one of the very few songs that came in this month. Yousef took tons of pictures for this single. The guy who lives in Kuwait and feels he has to play up his Jordanian citizenship.

Yousef Arafat - Fakrein \ يوسف عرفات - فاكرين


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