Friday, March 13, 2015

Samira Said Goes Back To Her Roots, New Release From An Old/Young Diva #Mazloom @SamiraSaid

Last year Saudi company Rotana surprised many of us by signing Moroccan diva Samira Said. They do not care all that much for names that have historical depth, the company goes after what sells, not a name whose name was big in the 80s, and 90s of the last millennium.

But Samira is a survival, she nailed the details of how to be a pop star in the throwaway age. She broke the records last year with her catchy single and futuristic music video. Plus, she keeps updating her looks and not speaking on everything. So her fans are forced to check in with her with every release.

Samira is going back to her roots it seems, making happy and fast Moroccan songs that are seeing a surge right now. This is what she did early on her career before she moved to Egypt. 30 years later she found her comfort zone. And it seems to be working. The album is forthcoming, but here's a single from it "Mazloom" or wronged. Maybe it was her career that was wronged for the past ten years.    
Samira Said ... Mazloom | سميرة سعيد ... مظلوم


  1. Her last 2 albums, "Aweeny Beek" & especially "Ayam Hayati" are great! "Ayam Hayati" is a timeless classic, definitely one of the best Arabic albums of the past 10 years IF not the best one!