Wednesday, March 4, 2015

When This Gulfie Took A Selfie...Joun Fayez Al Saeed

When you are the hottest music producer, singer and composer in the Gulf region and when your bank account is so large, you set out to take on fun projects. Fayez Al Saeed has artists lining outside his door to work with him, he choses the hot ones, the ones he likes and the few he respects and it shows.

But he is also his own singer so he strives to wear the cool hat and live his life like a guy without a care in the world. And this explains his 2014 single #Selfie that is filled with cool items, awesome wardrobe and plenty of women of the work who work in Dubai.

Sure we still like talking about selfies and make fun of them yet we cannot stop taking them. Fayez Al Saeed shaved ten years of his age for this music video as he looks like he is in his twenties here. The song is about taking a selfie with anything and everything. There are some creative shots and images here and it shows a sense of adventure.

There are some serious money burnt for this music video and Fayez Al Saeed owns it here and the people who appear in the clip seem to be among his biggest fans. I salute Fayez for doing something fresh and not mocking the selfie but embracing it. The song suggests for the person to lean in and smile for the selfie to be a better one. It's a love song for the masses and for this time, it ends with a surprise challenge 
فايز السعيد - سلفي (فيديوكليب) حصرياً | 2014


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