Monday, March 2, 2015

Noon Channel's Biggest Star Releases New Music Video @Mohamd_bashar @NoonKidsTV

Mohammad Bashar the cuddly vocalist from the biggest kid's channel releases a new music video and the internet along with parents rejoice. The Jordan based Noon Channel produces many programs geared toward children. Naturally, kids like the programs that have music in them. Among their many stars one singer stands tall, he is Mohammad Bashar.

Their songs is your standard kid song,\ about doing good, being kind to one's parents and teachers. I trust Bashar might be confused when he walks into a place, and the kids rush to him to greet him. Adults may not care, but he still makes a living doing what he seems to enjoy doing. Bashar is not just a singer, he is actually a trained IT professional in Amman.

During the first 48 hours of this song's release, it had more than 30 thousand views. Needless to say the channels bosses are pleased. Bashar wrote the music here and the video was filmed near Amman, Jordan.

محمد بشار- هيك الزمان | Mohammad Bashar - Hayk El Zaman


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