Friday, March 20, 2015

Haitham Shomali Charms His Way By Playing Keybaord And Darbuka (Video)

Real musicians hate it when pop stars try to pretend to play musical instruments. Truth remains, very few Arab singer are musicians or at least play a musical instrument One of the young and charming Palestinian talents  is Haitham Shomali who has been known to play some live music for his concert attendees.

I like that, this is common in the West, and hope Haitham can start something great....I know Amr Diab sometimes does it, but when you do it live it makes the con cert so much fun and makes the artist seem legit.

In the video below, you will find the Palestinian-American artist play the keyboard and then the drum...he is great at both. This is how you made a good concert, not just sing and loud music, by interacting with the audience and exceeding their expectations.

.. Haitham Shomali plays keybaord;darbuka Concert 2013 هيثم الشوملي يعزف على الآلات.


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