Sunday, March 22, 2015

Listen To This Love Song "Bahebak" By Amal Maher بحبك - امال ماهر

I love it when vocalists with legendary talents do pop songs. Why? Because it's so easy for them to pull a great song effortlessly, so a pop song is a no brainier. So Amal Maher is about to release her big album and the music market is watching closely.

She gives us a second song from this upcoming album. Earlier this year, she shared a song with us and it already killed on iTunes. Now comes a sweet love song where she shy yet admits to her love in the best possible way. It's an Egyptian love songs like your love them.

It certainly takes more than a great voice to be a popular singer in any region. One has to be cool, and enjoy a warm persona. Good looks are a plus, and Amal Maher manged to make the transformation in 2011 with a hip album--after years of singing classical songs. In 2015, she wants to do it again.

Bahebak - Amal Maher بحبك - امال ماهر