Monday, March 9, 2015

Naji Osta Gives Mama's Boys The Song They Need @OstaNaji @FaresIskandar

I like songs that honor mothers, I mean that. There's nothing with songs that celebrate motherhood and the sacrifices they make for all of us. None of us would have been here had it not been for a mother or mother figure delivering us and caring for us. This is the truth. So March is upon us, the month that has a day when Arabs honor their moms.

So expect to hear few more new mother's day songs. This is why Naji Osta, one of my favorite hot voices from Lebanon released his new single. I love it, and think it's a great song from a guy whose voice deserves great things. He is a loving voice that melts' one's heart. His new single is the lyrics of Fares Iskandar, another hot commodity in Lebanese pop. The two made a wonderful song that celebrates moms of the world.

Now, I do take issue with the songs pitting two ladies against one another. The showdown of mothers vs. daughter in laws. While the song does mothers justice, I feel it's unfair to spouses. Not all spouses do not get along with their mothers' in law. There's no need to compare the two relationships. I know the song is trying to put mothers in a high place, but this should not be at the expenses of putting down's one's spouse. I like the song, I do not appreciate how Naji sounds like he is issuing a threat to his wife, I will erase you from the existence if you picker with my mother. Not nice, and mean.

Aside from that I love the song, it's sincere, passionate and easy on the soul.    

Naji Osta- Eh Na3am - (Lyric Video) / ناجي اسطا - إيه نعم
Lyrics & Composer : Fares Iskandar
Arranger : Omar Sabbagh
Mix & Mastering : Mohamad Makhour
Naji Osta- Eh Na3am - (Lyric Video) / ناجي اسطا - إيه نعم


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