Sunday, March 1, 2015

Iraqi Singer Habib Ali Loses Me With His Meh 2015 Album

Iraqi vocalists are a dime a dozen, many of them are great, the few lucky ones get out and make a name for themselves away from the motherland without all the tragedies. Habib Ali seems to be one of the names who made a home in Dubai where he records new songs and releases singles and albums.

I do not know his history, he may have had many great hits in the past, but this new album of 2015 does not excite me. Platinum Records is pushing this album out and asking people to purchase a copy. Sure 30 seconds are not enough to formulate an educated opinion, but if you do not put your hottest bits from your albums in these 30 seconds, why bother? I did not hear anything I have not already heard five years ago.
البوم حبيب علي 2015 - حالياً في الأسواق | Habib Ali 2015


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